Ghost Hunters visit Pittsburgh haunted house

Ghost Hunters visit Pittsburgh haunted house

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I’m Rob Johnston for The ScareHouse and we’re at Olive or Twist in Pittsburgh where 100’s of fans have gathered to meet their favorite stars from GHOST HUNTERS. It’s great being here in Pittsburgh. We have a really good fan base here. We talked to some investigators as well as fans alike. It’s always a good time. Meeting people and exchanging ideas. “What is it that scares you?” um… probably being mugged. I’m afraid of being mugged. Plastic bags is another one. and umbrellas Bugs. Squatters. Animals. Things that bite. I don’t like spiders and I don’t like flying. I’m not a fan of haunted houses. Which is ironic considering what I do. when you’re in a haunted place, these things take a while to appear… there are signs that something is coming so you prepare yourself and you kind of know what to expect. but when you go through a haunted house? Who knows what’s going to be happening. The ScareHouse has a reputation as being one of the best haunted houses in America. it’s definitely going to have my nerves up a little bit for sure. I’ll use Tango as a shield. He’s little. and I can pick him up. I’ve heard rumors regarding a bunny… Oh my god. I hate that bunny so much. who invited the bunny? Maybe just autograph the axe and he’ll go away? I don’t think the Bunny would bite me. I signed his axe. He offered to make me carrot cake and muffins. That was awesome. It’s really not just people with painted make-up, it’s like Hollywood-style It’s awesome and this is the only haunted house that we go to. I look forward to this all year. I might have to change my opinion on haunted houses after this.


  1. Steve and Tango are SOO nice!! It was fun meeting them and everyone else. Dustin was also super nice! Really great guy and Kris and Amy were also very nice! Great people. I had alot of fun! They all made my birthday one to remember! 🙂

  2. when she took the picture, the sound effect was from "i put a spell on you" by Marilyn Manson.
    BAM! observance.

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