Ghostboy | Multi Award Winning Animated Short Film for Kids (4K Ultra HD)

Ghostboy | Multi Award Winning Animated Short Film for Kids (4K Ultra HD)

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(cheerful laugh) (playful humming) Alfie! Don’t forget to help Granny out of the car. Okayyyy Well? What do you think? Isn’t it perfect? Isn’t
it beautiful? Isn’t it just divine? No I preferred our old house Oh Alfie don’t say that Why don’t you go upstairs and pick which bedroom you want? Here! Off you pop On my own? Well you’ve got Sarah with you my darling (bubbles) Anyway Granny’s right behind you And I shall come up in a minute to see which bedroom you’ve chosen. Have fun exploring my little adventurer. (humming) La la laa la la laaa (Creaking door) (SNAP!) (door slam) ROAAARRRHHH! (door slam) (shake) AAAAHHHHH! (scream) Muuuuum! Hi Granny… Mum! Mum, we need to leave now. There’s a Ghost Boy upstairs! Oh Alfie. Mum, I’m serious. He’s up there
now! That’s just super. Now why don’t you run along and find a little ghost fish for Sarah my darling. Sarah! Hi Granny… Hello? I’m sorry I disturbed you. Listen I’m sorry I disturbed you. You can keep this bedroom. But you can’t keep my fish. Hello? Ghost boy? AAAAHHHH! (heavy breathing) Hello there little boy. You must be one of the family that are moving into the house. Welcome to your new room What is your name? Umm, I’m Alfie… I’m not really sure I like this room. And
it seems you live in here already so… Oh come, come young Alfie. There’s enough room for us to share. RUN! Who said that?! It was I. Please trust me. I’ve been trapped here for years. You must run. Oh don’t listen to that old fly. He’s always so dramatic. Believe me, there’s plenty of room for us all. Don’t be fooled by his poisoned words. Escape while you can! I’m going to take a different room. Sorry to have disturbed you! Oh Alfie… I think you should… STAY! Help! Oh wonderful. Someone let out the
Ghost Boy. You wouldn’t dare! (snip) (crash) Bravo! Please take me with you! Don’t leave me with this fiend! Left to suffer yet again. Oh shut up Fly! (Whimper) Hi Granny… Hello my little angel. How are you
finding our new home? It’s the most terrifying house ever! With the creepy staircase and the collapsing floors. Then there’s the evil doll and of course the horrific kidnapping giant spider and his hostage fly! Not to mention the house is haunted by a Ghost Boy who lives in the evil chest of darkness. Alfie you are funny! Mum. This house isn’t safe. Alfie. there is nothing wrong with this house. (Crash) (Cooker bell) Ooooh. That’ll be my cupcakes! (Bird’s chirping) Huh?! Woh! Wow! Epic! (Laugh) (Bubbles) I’m Alfie. This is Sarah. Is this your room? Well why don’t we share it? (Laughter) Ghostboy!


  1. Really rich and lush animation- I really enjoyed the backgrounds. But to be frank, the story and the characters- it just falls flat and I don't get it at all- it's not appealing. So technically everything is in place to do something great- I just think the characters and the story needs to take a u-turn( just my two cents).

  2. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to share it with my Grandkidz. 🙂 I also like the idea of using it as a teaching tool.

  3. 4:36 – 5:45 (Harry potter and the chamber of secrets ,the fly is like Ron haha !! and the big spider friend of hagred..)

  4. Wow the deserves way more likes this is awesome this is one of the most professional animations I've seen 😮😮😮😮😮 keep up the amazing work

  5. this was super cute! Reminds me of "My life as a Zucchini". As I do stop motion on my own channel, I know how hard and tedious it can be!

  6. Damn good thing I'm a very old kid! Some of the best animation is directed towards children! Some of the earliest stop-motion films that amazed me as a kid were "Gumby", Rudolf, Frosty, Suzy Snowflake, and the incomparable "Hardrock, Coco, and Joe"! Now since "Sesame Street" is apparently in the past,? Sally Cruikshank's wonderful animations on "S.S." like the previous have only the "WEB" to thank, I think?

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