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♪♪ Rent is due on the second
of each month. And I legally have
to inform you that the last tenant died
on the premises. She was totally joking.Hi, I’m Eddie.And I’m dead.Ta-da! I’m a ghost.And this is my new roommate…[blowing] –Charlie.
– Jesus! Hey, buddy.He doesn’t like me
very much.
Put some pants on.Let me back up.I think it’s time
we take our relationship to the next level. Oh, my God. Will you be my roommate?Yeah, she didn’t like that.Screw your roommate proposal! Jessica, wait. No! [choking] [moaning]Now, I’m stuck here.I didn’t die like that! I’m not a pervert!And Charlie’s the only one
who can see me.
Hey, Charlie.
How’s breakfast? Please leave.Well, him and T-Pain.You wanna be best friends? No, no, no. I’m probably gonna,
probably gonna go find Tupac. ♪♪ Where are you going?! I’m going to Heaven, dude! How come you’re able
to go and I can’t? Because you have
unfinished business.That’s why I need
Charlie’s help
to make things rightwith my girl.If you kiss her,
then I’m off to Heaven tonight. Isn’t that what you want? What I want is
to dance with her. Spooky! [blowing] ♪♪ [grunting, moaning] – Charlie?
– Eddie’s a ghost! What?! [groaning] You know what, T-Pain? You’re making this real
difficult on me, okay? Boop. ♪♪


  1. Anybody notice that on June 5th 2018 Designer Kate Spade,
    Died at the doorknob by apparently hanging herself with her Red Scarf now Ian died at the door as she closed it but it seems that it could be possible since Eddie died like that what do u think?

  2. What?! I just identified Smosh have this great movie! Ahhh…as a new fan of smosh I can't wait to start watching this movie
    LOVE Smosh's videos

  3. I watched the movie, it was great. But damn when Eddie went into Charlie’s body…I’m sorry it was just so cringe! BUT IT DOESNT MATTER CUZ THATS THE POINT WITH SMOSH, SMOSH IS LIT AND I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH🥺🥺😂😂😏😏

    P.S sorry for being 2 years late…I was poor T-T

  4. 0:21 i dont know what bothers me more, the fact he has his surface pro upside down, or the fact that he has one at all

  5. I watched it and it was awesome, i’d love if you make a sequel of it. But now that Antony and Defy Media is gone I don’t really know…

  6. This is probably the most boring, uncreative, and predictable movie I’ve ever seen. I’m not kidding.

  7. Wait, I didn't remember them making this movie, YouTube why did you recommend this to me only now?

  8. Yo ho, fiddle dee dee, Being a pirate is all right with me, Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free, You are a pirate! Yo Ho, ahoy and avast, Being a pirate is really badass! Pirating movies because you're an ass! You are a pirate!

  9. YouTube Red: hey can i copy your homework

    Netflix: sure but just change it up a bit

    YouTube: YouTube red

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