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Hey guys. My name is Stephanie Brown, and
you’re watching Creative Guzzle. We are only one week away from the episode
where I tell you guys all about my ghost movie Nethergate, so this week I thought we could
talk something that I’ve been fascinated with ever since I was a kid. Can you guess
what it is? Can you guess? It’s…Ghosts! Ew, it’s coagulating a little bit. Tonight’s
drink is Scooby Snacks. I know, boring. But I had all the ingredients for them already
and they’re really tasty, so… I don’t care. If you want the recipe for these…
I’ll include a link down there and up there, but, I mean, you can find it on the internet
pretty easy. Just saying. So ghosts seem to be a pretty popular topic.
Whether it’s going to see the yearly ghost movies that come out around Halloween, sharing
ghost stories around the campfire… I can’t remember exactly when it was that I first
got into the paranormal, but I remember in grade school I had this book about how to
find ghosts. I even started this little ghost hunting club with my classmates. We didn’t
really last more than a week before we got bored, because we couldn’t find anything.
But my fascination with ghosts stuck around. Fast forward to college, when I really starting
to get into screenwriting. I was brainstorming a bunch of ideas for different stories, and
I decided that I wanted to write ghost movie, and thus, Nethergate was born.
But of course, you can’t write a ghost movie if the only ones you’ve ever seen are Ghostbusters,
Casper, Poltergeist, and High Spirits. I’d never really been into horror despite being
interested in ghosts, so I decided to finally dig my fingers in…starting with Pulse…the
American one. Don’t as me why I started with that one, but I did.
I’ve since watched dozens of ghost movies for inspiration, reference, or just to watch.
I’ve seen really good ones, and some pretty bad ones. Sorry. It’s worth it to watch a
good range of movies, because some of them have some pretty unique ideas to them.
I also got into watching the tv show Ghost Adventures for awhile. Their first few seasons
are the best, they’re pretty scary, and seem more legit than the later seasons. But I have
since stopped watching. I can only take so many “DUDE I’VE GOT THE CHILLS RIGHT NOW,
BRO!” Through watching all of these movies and shows
and everything, I’ve noticed that a lot of these ghost movies share a lot of the same
tropes and devices: lots of jump-scares, strange hard to hear noises, shadows creeping in the
darkness, fake-outs, use of the uncanny valley, such as flickering lights, and lots of nightmare
fuel. Oftentimes the main character will start questioning their own sanity. Am they really
seeing these ghosts or are they just imagining it? Is it all in their head, or worse yet,
are they actually the ones doing all this spooky stuff?
But what is really interesting is seeing how many stories are based off of real life experiences,
and how close some of them get to replicating what really happened. Or supposedly really
happened. For example, I found out what the real story was for Haunting in Connecticut,
and the movie did a surprisingly good job of following what happened to the family.
And I’ve enjoyed watching all of these movies, but if there was one thing I think is missing,
at least for me, it’s the scare factor. Ghost movies don’t scare me. I watched Paranormal
Activity by myself in the dark at night. Didn’t get scared once. My best friend growing up
had to sleep with the lights on for days after seeing The Ring. Me? Nothing. Of course, she
also got scared by the Mummy so… Ugh, it’s so coagulated. That was the most
ungracefully I’ve ever taken a shot. So what do you guys think about ghosts? Do
you believe, or are you still a skeptical? Have you had any actual experiences with ghosts.
Let me know in the comments down below. And if you liked this video, please hit that thumbs
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my movie Nethergate! It’s a scream baby!

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