GHOUL Trailer – Horror Movie

GHOUL Trailer – Horror Movie

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What do you want from me? Help Inspired by the true story of Ukrainian cannibal ANDREA CHIKATILO We uh came here to shoot a pilot for a documentary series about cannibals of the 20th century. In 1932 and 1933 Ukraine suffered a terrible famine to let many people resort to cannibalism. We’ll be interviewing famine survivors but we’re here mainly because of Boris Blasco So, this the house where we’ll be interviewing Boris I don’t know this is the bedroom Inna is gonna say shows us the ancient technique of the evoking spirits. Whoa What is that? Oh I want to know what’s going here! Is he a cannibal? Yeah Can’t we just go back please? Look! What? Oh! We’re not listening to him okay? I’m here… GHOUL I don’t see anything He needs us. Google It Ukranian Cannibal Chikatilo

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