Giant Sperm -Attacks Sexy Women/Baby Sperm Looks for Mama-[Chillerama-Wadzilla] Film

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what s up guys today i’ll introduce you a movie called the giant sperm story begins miles come to a sperm bank to make donations the doctor shows him two samples one is normal, very very normal the other one is his own, but it seems like… exactly he gets only one sperm the doctor suggest miles to take some yet approved medicine for test purpose to make his sperm become stronger even thou the medicine could not do any help with the amount miles takes a pill during his dinner but the next morning on a train when miles saw a sexy lady sitting beside him he was turned on and got a pain in his balls later that day at a meeting, he got attacked in his testicles once he saw a sexy secretary miles told to the doctor that it might be caused by the medicine doctor asked him to masturbate out the sperm for inspection but miles said no need for the microscope it is huge enough to be seen with naked eyes! when doctor saw this little gross baby he crushed it right away doctor explained to him the problem caused by the medicine when he is turned on by sexy ladies the sperm get huge in size rather than increase in number and told him if he feels it get huge again jerk it off immediately later on the evening, miles go on a blind date once he saw louise’s hot boobs he got pain again in his down he had to ask for bathroom not for pee but of course to jerk off exactly he jerked out a far more huge baby sperm this time the boby sperm did the hide and escape game with miles after dancing and struggling it finally got caught and flushed into the toilet but this is never the end of the story the baby sperm shew up from the toilet with full mouth of bloody teeth and attacked back to them when it’s about to search louise’down for mother hug miles help pull it out with his whole strength threw it out of window and the baby sperm just stopped and escaped however, a sperm raid over the city had never stopped it killed a dog and bite off a lady’s head it also attacked the homeless for its food and milk and grows bigger and bigger the whole New York city turns to be a chaos by the attacks the military come up with many ways trying to control the sperm raid they fought back with tanks and bombs, but failed they shot with water guns, but of course failed again right that time, some expert said it might be mature enough for a sex but where can it find such a giant ovum? it seems that there is only one answer left yes, the statue of liberty! liberty lady is exactly the only one large enough for the baby sperm to have sex with the New Yorkers are all willing to sacrifice the liberty lady but they don’t want the liberty get pregnant or lose her virginity so the military try to drop a huge condom over the liberty before the baby sperm get close bad luck, the condom was broken before the sex begins the baby sperm is horny and climb up the liberty’s back while the naked and unprotected intercourse is happening under the whole world’eyes a bomb busted all into a climax with a seemingly happy orgasm to the baby sperm …and also an orgasm to the people below everyone had to experience a shower of orgasm believe me, it smells pretty weird oh..well,like some kind of semen milk in the end of the story but never an end to the sperm raid miles get hit by another pain in his down when he is turned on by a semen kiss i’m Daniel, thumbs up and subscribe if you like my video! See you in my Channel next time!

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