Girl Who’s Scared of Everything Watches Carrie, A Horror Movie.

Girl Who’s Scared of Everything Watches Carrie, A Horror Movie.

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  1. The part where they're mad about going to prom is sooooo unrealistic. No body cares that much
    Also the fact that I didn't know that Ansel Elgort was in this movie🤡

  2. In the original movie Carrie kills everyone. But in this one; Carrie only kills the ones who planned the prank. Except the principle, God rest his innocent soul.

  3. I always wanted to be Carrie White…. ALWAYS 😟 will my dream ever come true. I always wanted to crush my enemies and hear their bones crack and break…yeah😅

  4. Oh my god, i have literally watched this movie a hundred times, and i only just noticed that when Carrie uses her telekiniesis when she screams at the students her eyes turn black.

  5. There shirts make sense to be different from my experience. In one school I went to. We well had to wear one specific shirt in gym class and we had to order it from the school, but at a different school that I went to it was only a rule to change for gym class and that it couldn't be too revealing otherwise it really didn't matter what we wore so people would just bring in Old t-shirts an old shorts to wear for gym class

  6. ok I am such a loser for remembering this but… was the part in glee where Tina wins prom queen and then the slushy bucket falls on her, was that a coincidence? cuz the prom king, also got hit with the bucket.

  7. i can’t believe i didn’t know that the scene in glee when tina won prom queen and got punch poured on her then brent had the bucket dropped on his head was from this

  8. The one thing that bothered me the most was that scene in the swimming pool. What the fuck were they playing? That was def not water polo😂

  9. you cant js cut the umbilical cord it will cause jt will cause the mom and baby to loose to many fluids and it will give them anemia

  10. I can’t tell you why I think this, but our girl Carrie looked like Otis from Sex Education and I can’t ever unsee how similar the two of them look now

  11. If u read the book u can understand rocks and other things this movie really missed a lot of things ,it's not the best horror book but references to devil and jesus are good

  12. know this question isn't about carrie or the app you talked about, but the pearl cross earring you're having on in the video where did you buy it?


  14. if you were home schooled in america its probably because the american public education system is designed to keep people in line.

  15. honestly..Carrie 2016 was really really bad.
    Try the ‘70s one,won t dissapoint(sorry for mistakes,english is not my first language)

  16. When she said "suicides arent that bad"
    I was listening to the video and not watching and was like um……

    But then when I rewinded and rewatched, I realized she was talking about the exercise drill
    Soooooooo I felt like an idiot.

  17. Every time I see Ansel Elgort, I'm reminded of the time that I literally saw someone that looks EXACTLY LIKE HIM whileI was at work and I freaked out about it for like 30 minutes

  18. Normally I hate when people talk a lot during these kind of videos but trin’s videos would be nothing without her iconic commentary

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