Girls in Horror Films | Anwar Jibawi

Girls in Horror Films | Anwar Jibawi

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don’t worry we’re safe she’s just so stupid look at her he’s behind you hello there’s a movie so stupid I know it’s a movie but how can you be that stupid like who wrote this that’s what you get you lock the back door right I don’t know go check okay I’ll be back in two minutes right yeah yeah Tiffany hey girl I’m just watching a stupid movie with Nick Nick Tiffany says hi he says hi okay boo love you hey hurry back let’s go Nick Nick Nicholas Nicolai Nick have you seen my boyfriend Nick Nick God stop playing this isn’t funny you spilled marinara sauce all over the floor Nick there you are I’ve been looking all over for you Nick we have a movie to finish watching let’s go hello hi are you Nick’s friend walked my ba-ba-ba-ba-ba OOP I’m sorry I don’t speak goo goo knees Oh gah gah what my Baba [Music] [Applause] Nik Tiffany says hi seriously hello yeah girl yes yes in a washer machine yes hey Tiffany let me call you back I’m about to die okay love you are you dumb honestly she deserves to die like I’m sorry honey hey [Music]


  1. Love this video. You make a great girl. And that baby looked so creepy.. AAAAA. Anwar. I DONT SPEAK GOOGOONISE HAGA??

  2. Girl: Are you dumb? Seriously she deserved to die.
    Me: LOL, I agree.
    My dad: Did I hear a killer. Honey grab a knife I am going to the garage to grab a chainsaw.
    #Overprotective Parents!???❤?

  3. I'm sorry I don't speak gogonies and he is on the phone while live and death and the other one Was like are u dumb while the same person at her house right now ?

  4. Lol omg girls do act this dumb on movies lol Anwar?? I'm literally cracking up you are so funny?? "I don't stop speak goo-ganese" I died??

  5. When a u are watching a movie in a movie there is a movie than the other movie has movie

    Did u get that??

  6. اذا كنت عربي و بتحب فديوهات انور جيباوي حط لايك❤️?

  7. Whoever is just looking at a comment then for instance it says why was looking in the fridge in then it happens it is soon as you read it

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