GOOD LUCK || Pilot Episode  || Stranger Things || Horror Short Film

GOOD LUCK || Pilot Episode || Stranger Things || Horror Short Film

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Brother, I Don’t Want This Toy. We don’t accept returns, sir. No, I Don’t Want it what a fool ! Bro, Whats the cost of that toy Sir, its 2000 rupees Can You Show me something in my budget? Those toys will be in ur budget. What about that one? Sir, That Toy is ….. hold on Whats ur budget sir? Yes, You can take it for 400. Pack it, Man. Why is the door open !!! Oh! Naveen is home it seems When did you come? Have you brought the curries? damn! these annoying power cuts. Hey, Where have u kept the torch man? Rey, Naveen Where is this guy!! Where r u man? Hey, Naveen ?? Hey, What happened man? what? Hey, What happened? Uday:Come, I will show you? Naveen: Tell Me, what happened? Uday: Here Uday : Here !! I saw your dead body here !! What!!!! Naveen:Lets Go man. Here, Drink some water. Hey, I forgot my keys downstairs to my bike. I will be right back, OK. Why is it here? Sir, that toy is ……


  1. prince you are really awesome what film and you are definitely a future film director and naveen anurag aisf jabir sai and uday they done fantastic job VFX SOUNDS EFFECTS ANURAG AND YOU SIMPLY SUPERB PROUD TO BE GMCIAN

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