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– I have to get back
to work at some point. Can we keep–
– Oh! Jesus. – Yes, I’m still in it!
I’m still in it! (werewolf howling) (maniacal laughter) – (FBE) Today, not only
do we have a challenge and a quest for you–
– Oh, a quest? I love a quest. – (FBE) The movies today
you’re going to be listening to are all Halloween movies.
– Oh, no. – Mm-hmm!
– I don’t watch scary movies. – I do.
– I don’t watch scary movies. There’s going to be–
– AAAH! – Oh, my gosh! God! – (FBE) All right,
you guys know the rules. We’re gonna have
five Halloween movies, one guess per second,
up to 15 seconds, and if your opponent guesses wrong,
you have a chance to steal. – All I’m doing right now
is trying to think of any Halloween movie to hope
that I can keep it in my brain so if something pops up, I’ll get it.
– I’m doing none of that. – See, I don’t know.
We didn’t watch– – Oh, it could be
completely kid movies. – …things which
we wouldn’t recognize. – Ooh!
– (groaning) Oh. – Oh, I love Halloween!
I’m so excited. – (laughing) Oh, boy.
– This is gonna get me in the spirit. – Ready to be spooked?
– I’m ready to be spooked! – I’m already spooked.
– I love it. Boo! – (FBE) Here’s the first second
of your first Halloween movie. – (woman) …keep us alive and young. – Nope. I have no idea. – “Keep us alive…”
– (chiming in) “…and young.” (gasping) Wait! Okay. – I shouldn’t have repeated it
because apparently that gave her a clue.
(hitting bell) Hocus Pocus?
– DANG IT! – (laughing)
– I was gonna do it! I’m like– I was letting you
finish your sentence and then I was gonna do it. Damn it!
– (laughing) – (Winifred) …keep us
alive and young. (hitting bell) Double Double Toil and Trouble.
(buzzer) (hitting bell)
– That would be Hocus Pocus. (ding)
– AH! – (Winifred) …keep us
alive and young. – Okay, well, I–
(hitting bell) – Hocus Pocus.
(ding) – Only because of me!
I gave that to you! That’s not even fair!
– Heh-heh. – (Winifred) …keep us
alive and young. (hitting bell)
– Hocus Pocus? (ding) – I’m guessing it’s something
to do with some witch, maybe. – Right. Hocus Pocus! (ding)
– I– what have I done? – (laughing)
– What have I done? – Alyssa was cluing in
and I was like [bleep]! What could it possibly be? – (FBE) Here is your first second
of your second clip. (device ringing) – An alarm? Someone’s cooking
something in a kitchen, a little too much smoke. (device ringing) – You just think you’re so funny.
(hitting bell) – Jingle All the Way!
(buzzer) – That was a good guess other than–
– Other than it’s the wrong holiday! (device ringing) – What?!
– Hmmm. – (laughing) Like a cell phone ringing? – No, that was a copier machine.
(hitting bell) – Uh, I Know What You Did Last Summer.
(buzzer) (hitting bell)
– Jason? (buzzer)
– Jason? – I don’t know.
That’s a movie, isn’t it? What is it called then? – You’re thinking of Friday the 13th.
– Dangnabbit! (device ringing)
– (snickering) – That was like a scanner
in a grocery store or something. I would need two seconds on that one.
– Yeah, I don’t know either. (device ringing)
(hitting bell) – Scream!
(ding) – What? Okay, no.
I wouldn’t have got that. (phone ringing)
– Okay. Alarm has been debunked.
It is a phone. I’m gonna go on a limb.
Ghostbusters. (buzzer) – Oh, I was about to be like, “What?!” I think I need more time, honestly. (phone ringing)
– (chuckling) It still really does
sound like the grocery store. – Yeah. (phone ringing) – Maybe it’s a body.
– Scream? (ding)
– Oh! – “Hello, Sidney!” (phone ringing)
(hitting bell) – That is Scream.
(ding) – I was gonna say that!
– She’s making the popcorn! That’s not a copy machine!
– No! (phone ringing)
(discarding object) – We almost got a voice.
– Almost got a little bit of dialogue. One Missed Call?
(buzzer) – Next round, please. (phone ringing)
(discarding object) – I almost hear a voice.
– Yeah, almost a woman. – Eh? (laughing)
I’m not getting anything. – Oh! Is it Scream?
(ding) It was a phone ringing. (phone ringing)
(discarding object) – (Casey groaning) – There’s definitely coffee involved.
– Yeah. – When a Stranger Calls?
(buzzer) I think that’s
the name of one of those kind of movies. – The Box?
(buzzer) (phone ringing)
(discarding object) – (Casey groaning)
(answering phone) Hello? – (man) Why don’t
you want to talk to me? – “Who is this?”
– Yeah, who is that? – I feel like that’s
what’s coming next. – Someone’s out there
that’s really mad at us right now. They’re like, “It’s
staring you in the face!” (hitting bell)
Halloween? (buzzer)
– (laughing) The Blair Witch Project?
(buzzer) (phone ringing)
(discarding object) – (Casey groaning)
(answering phone) Hello? – (man) Why don’t
you want to talk to me? – (Casey) Who is this? – (man) You tell me your name
and I’ll tell you mine. – (Casey scoffing) I don’t think so. – Sass. Scream?
(ding) – Wow! Nicely done.
– (laughing) – Beautiful. – (FBE) All right, here
is movie clip number three, first second. ♪ (creepy music) ♪
(hitting bell) – That is Nightmare Before Christmas. – I thought that that was gonna
show up once you [inaudible] Halloween. ♪ (creepy music) ♪
(hitting bell) – Nightmare Before Christmas?
(ding) – I knew that was
gonna be in there too. I was just waiting for it. ♪ (creepy music) ♪
(hitting bell) – Um, Nightmare Before Christmas.
(ding) – Yeah, that was it.
– (laughing) Woo! Oh, I feel so invigorated!
I normally don’t do well at things. ♪ (creepy music) ♪
– (sighing) – Nightmare Before Christmas.
(ding) Nightmare Before Halloween.
A Christmas/Halloween one. ♪ (creepy music) ♪
(hitting bell) – Oh, my gosh!
Nightmare Before Christmas. YES! I’m still in it.
I’m still in it. (sighing) Okay, let’s keep this going.
– Let’s go. – (FBE) Here is your
fourth movie, first second. – (child) I’m scared!
– Someone’s scared. Who is it? I don’t know.
– The Shining? (buzzer) – I’m gonna say The Exorcist.
(buzzer) Okay.
– (scoffing) No. – (child) I’m scared!
(hitting bell) – I don’t think this
is a Halloween movie. It might be Poltergeist.
(buzzer) – “I’m scared.” I don’t know.
I don’t have a guess. – (child) I’m scared.
(hitting bell) – Mmm!
– (snickering) You’ve got a time limit.
– (muffled speech) Uh, I’m just gonna go
with Poltergeist. No?
(buzzer) – Oh, that was gonna be my guess.
– Oh, no! – That was one I was
gonna throw out there. – I’m trying to picture it.
– Poltergeist! (buzzer)
Dangnabbit. – (child) I’m scared!
– Uh-oh. – Me too.
– Yeah. I’m afraid of what comes next,
but I’m gonna need to hear it because I don’t know what that was. – (child) I’m scared. – (woman) There’s
nothing to be scared of. – I feel like I recognize
this one though. “I’m scared.” – And she was lied to for sure.
– (laughing) – “There’s nothing to be scared of.”
– I think I need more. – (child) I’m scared. – (woman) There’s
nothing to be scared of. – Okay, so just more of that scene. – I definitely think I’ve seen this,
but I don’t have a guess right now. – Uncertain. It feels like
it could be anything. – This is probably wrong,
but The Sixth Sense? (buzzer) – No, I have no idea. – (child) I’m scared. – (woman) There’s
nothing to be scared of. – Well, pffft. God. Keep going. – But there was something–
– Just shut up. Shut up. – “I’m scared.” “There’s nothing to be scared of.”
– Just keep going! – “I’m scared.”
– (scoffing) – “There’s nothing…”
I don’t know. – (child) I’m scared. – (woman) There’s
nothing to be scared of. – I’ve seen this movie. – It kinda sounds
like Jamie Lee Curtis talking to a little kid.
(hitting bell) Is it Halloween?
(ding) Is it really Halloween? The answer was
in the title of the game. – (Lindsay) I’m scared. – (Laurie) There’s
nothing to be scared of. – (Tommy) Are you s–
– (sighing) I want to hear more of the music. – Well, I can almost recognize
the older woman’s voice. – I’m good for another second.
– Yeah, another one. I need to hear that voice again
and I want to hear the music again. – (Lindsay) I’m scared. – (Laurie) There’s
nothing to be scared of. – (Tommy) Are you s–
(hitting bell) – Aliens.
(buzzer) – Let’s get more seconds.
– Yeah, let’s get more seconds. – “I’m scared.” “There’s nothing to be scared of.” (boyish voice) I’m scared!
– It’s a boy. – I don’t got anything. (hitting bell)
– No! – Poltergeist?
(buzzer) – I’m gonna throw out Halloween.
(ding) Oh, is it really?
– Whoa! Coming from the back!
– Yes! – (Lindsay) I’m scared! – (Laurie) There’s
nothing to be scared of. – (Tommy) Are you sure?
– I have no idea. Is this bad? Are you like, “How
do we not know this?” – I have to get back
to work at some point. Can we keep–
– Oh! Jesus. – (Lindsay) I’m scared! – (Laurie) There’s
nothing to be scared of. – (Tommy) Are you sure? – (chuckling) – It’s like every scary movie ever. – (Lindsay) I’m scared. – (Laurie) There’s
nothing to be scared of. – (Tommy) Are you sure? – Oh, this one feels so familiar. – I’ll say Halloween on this one.
(ding) Wow.
– Oh! – (Lindsay) I’m scared. – (Laurie) There’s
nothing to be scared of. – (Tommy) Are you sure? – (Laurie) Yes.
– (Tommy) How? – (Laurie) I killed him.
– A Halloween movie. “Killed him”?
– Halloween? (ding)
– Oh! – Never seen it.
– Never seen it. – (Lindsay) I’m scared. – (Laurie) There’s
nothing to be scared of. – (Tommy) Are you sure? – (Laurie) Yes.
– (Tommy) How? – (Laurie) I killed him. – Plot twist!
– Dun-dun-dun! – Killed him?
(hitting bell) Halloween?
(ding) – Dang it.
– (laughing) – (FBE) Here is your
last movie clip, first second. – (man) I can help. – (laughing) I don’t know what
it is but I like that. – Uh, Beetlejuice.
(ding) – Oh!
– That’s all I needed. – (Betelgeuse) I can help. (hitting bell)
– Halloween movie? It’s a Halloween movie?
Beetlejuice? (ding) – (FBE) It is rated
top Halloween movie. – (Betelgeuse) I can help.
(hitting bell) – Beetlejuice!
(ding) Oh, my gosh! – (Betelgeuse) I can help.
– Oh. (hitting bell)
No. – Beetlejuice?
(ding) Yay!
– No! – (Betelgeuse) I can help.
(hitting bell) – That’s Friday the 13th.
No, that’s– (buzzer)
– Oh, no! – I messed it up.
– (laughing) Beetlejuice.
– I messed it up. – Beetlejuice!
(hitting bell) BEETLEJUICE!
(ding) – Thanks for watching us
guess that Halloween movie on the React channel. – What’s your favorite
Halloween movie? Let us know in the comments. – See ya later! – Hello! I’m Alyssa,
a React channel producer. Keep us young and alive forever
by hitting that Like button and subscribing. ♪ (crooning) ♪


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  2. I'm kind of mad everyone got The Nightmare Before Christmas so fast. I got it fast too, but still, it's a great song and I would have liked to have heard more of it.

  3. How come everyone knows Hocus-pocus? I've never even heard of it.
    I mean, come on! A Bette Midler film??? From 1993? Talk about RANDOM!

  4. sees nash for the first time ever in life didn't think I'd find my soulmate so soon, but I sure as hell ain't complaining-

  5. At first… I was ashamed I got Scream on the first second… and then one of them did the same and it lessened it a little.

  6. THEY'VE NEVER SEEN HALLOWEEN?!?!?!?!?! Ok that joke about them in the Deadpool Honest Trailer is now officially earned and deserved ??

  7. My only complaint about Alyssa's Staff React productions is that I don't get to see her in them. More Alyssa, please! #teamfirestick

  8. Ayyy I gottem all right in 1 second except for Halloween that took me 2 seconds my guess for that was the Poltergeist or Halloween

  9. The 2nd one seemed easy to me cuz it's from scream and it sounded like a phone and in scream the dude that is scream is always making a SpOokY call

  10. So did Jordan actually manage to summon Beetlejuice?
    Suggestion: The name tags down the bottom are good for names and keeping scores, but the person on the right has their core obscured by the FBE logo when the play options are lowered. Perhaps move it to another corner or swap the name and score around so they are visible? Just a thought.
    Fun episode!

  11. I’m gonna play along
    1. Hocus Pocus, guessed at the first second
    2. 1 second: no idea wtf. (That was scream… what?)
    3. Nightmare Before Christmas, got it at one second
    4. Guessed Poltergeist, was wrong. Oof
    5. Beetlejuice, guessed at one second

  12. I got all of these right fricking love Halloween movies. Horror movies in general.
    Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas I got in 0.2 seconds. I screamed at the screen.

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