Guy Martin’s Day With A Monster Truck | Guy Martin Proper Exclusive

Guy Martin’s Day With A Monster Truck | Guy Martin Proper Exclusive

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(loud engine roaring) – Jesus Christ! I thought it was going over! That’s loud. Jesus Christ, it’s loud.
(laughing) Jesus Christ! You all right? – Yeah, we ran out of fuel. – Oh right.
(laughing) I thought the worst. I thought you was going over.
– Nah that’s all right. – Was that nowhere near going over? Well, it looked like it from
where we were stood, didn’t it? I thought you was going. – No, no, no.
(laughing) – Bloody hell! – As long as I can go
forwards, I can get it back on his wheels.
– Is that right? – Yeah. – Fair play mate, fair play. (laughing) Fair play. Just the amount of abuse they’ll take. – [Man] Yeah. – Right, come on, let’s have a bit. – All right, so you’ve put
your foot on the brake, I’ll do it the first time for you. So you’re gonna start it.
– Yeah. (loud engine roars) That’s some pice of kit, isn’t it? Jesus Christ!
(laughing) Why aren’t you deaf?
(laughing) Some rattle off it! You’re not sat where I am! – The only downside with a monster truck, is it only does 56 meters to a gallon. So probably gonna have to put some fuel in it.
– You hear that? You hear that?
Does 56 meters to a gallon. (laughing)
Of methanol! Bloody hell!
– So we’re probably gonna have to put some more fuel in it. – How much fuel does it hold? – 26 gallons.
– 26 gallons. – I can do that in three minutes. – Do 26 gallon in three minutes. – [Man] You can’t see anything, can you? – Can’t see much. Great job we’re on an airfield
’cause you can’t see much! Could be running over whatever. There’s so many blind spots. Like there’s all clear panels here so you’ve got a bit of an idea but yeah, plus you’re not seeing much through there. Other than those two cars and my van. – [Man] Yeah. – Wouldn’t mind running
over those two cars but I don’t wanna be
hitting my van, really. (laughing)
Not really. I’m gonna put some earplugs in. Bloody hell, it’s noisy! – [Man] Okay, fire it up. (loud engine starting) (engine revving) (loud engine roars) (laughing) – Bloody great! Thank you very much. What an experience though! – What a day out! What a day out. (laughing) (slow guitar music)


  1. Make sure you tune in for the full show, Sunday 17th November on Channel 4 for more Guy, tractors and Monster Truck action!

  2. That would be fun .. I own two Big-A 4500's 4 wheel drive 4 wheel steering.. same size tires 903 Cummins V-8 350 HP but much heaver one has fertilizer spreader on it and one has a dump box on it.. very nose heavy when empty the engine hangs way over the front axle ..

  3. For anyone wondering why Guy didn't floor it over the cars, he's from up North, we know how bloody expensive a gallon of premium petrol is, let alone ethanol lol

  4. How does anyone in Australia get it..
    Bugger the pedaling crap..
    Give a BIG F"N V8 a Big Smash..
    320 klms hr, and lay on side, compared to Monster Truck? Truck Please..

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