Halloween -Experiment 42 -LPS – Episode 3

Halloween -Experiment 42 -LPS – Episode 3

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Tadaa! Great! Are you dressing up Bubbles too? Yeah, he’s going as Toothless Allright! So, what’s the rest going as for
Halloween? I don’t know, ask them yourself! WEEPING ANGEL! Shut up! Hey guys! Look what I got! You bought..a weeping angel prop? Yes! I drag it around where ever I go! So, what are you going as for Halloween? And what happened to your eyes? Oh, these are just contacts, don’t worry! Because I’m going as demon! And, that’s all you’re wearing? Contacts? Yep And my weeping angel. Where’s Lenny? I don’t know, why? Because, I’m going to scare the crap out of
him with my weeping angel Duh! Right, duh Well, I don’t know where he is, so Ok! Where is she even going? Trick or treating? Isn’t she a bit..old for that? Kate, it’s Perry we’re talking about. Right, ok. Hey girls! Love the costumes Why are you not wearing anything? Well, I have no idea where the costume is
that you wanted me to wear. It’s a Pokemon costume, it should be obvious. Anyway, it’s upstairs Allright, thanks What the heck *Perry laughing* Are you serious! Since when am I serious? Anyway, see ya! What…was that Perry is having her own..Halloween party Right, ok, well, I’m just going to get that
costume. Or…I could go get Perry back Yep, changed my mind, bye girls! But?!? Ok What are you dressed as? I have no idea. See, I found out that I still had this mask
somewhere, and this sword, so.. Uhmm, some weird kind of ninja I guess? Allright So, what are you girls dressed as? What’s so funny? Nothing I’m Buffy the Vampireslayer and Kate is a
vampire Oh well, allright..I’ll be going then. What the! Hihihi Aargh Yeah! This is actually pretty amusing. Oh no you won’t! Come back here! Uhm excuse me Is this a costume shop? Yeah…. Ok, thanks! Ok, whatever Let’s go Now what Oh, uhm, hay Have you by any chance seen a dachshund with
a weeping angel? No, why? Oh, well she’s just scaring the crap out of
people and I want to get her back for that. Would you like to help me? Uhm sure, sounds good, but who are you? I’m sorry, I’m Noah. You’re not from here
are you? No, I just came here to buy this costume.
They were sold out where I come from. Are you going to be wearing anything? Yeah, my girlfriend insists I go as a Pokemon. But I couldn’t find my costume anywhere. Ah. I ‘m Dale by the way. Nice to meet you Dale. Hey Dale, do you believe in travelling dimensions? Uhm, I guess… Would you like to? Well, if it were possible. Well I know this scientist…and we’ve kind
of been travelling dimensions now. Want to join us? It was supposed to be a teleporter, but now
it takes us to dimensions…so wanna come? Yeah! Come on Dale! Hey guys look what I found! Who is that? Hi I’m Dale. I hope you don’t mind me coming here. Noah told me about this experiment. Noah! You told a stranger about 42! Relax he’s cool! Well, if you promise not to tell anyone about
the experiment… I guess it’s ok Dale? Will you promise not to tell anyone? I promise My name is Lydia and that’s Kate. I’m Dale. Oh wait I already told you. Yeah, you already told us. My bad. Do you want me take you to the experiment? Lydia, not everyone’s here yet! We’ve also been taking Gerald ..So I’m sure
they’ll come with us. What about Perry, she’s still….I don’t know,
trick or treating, or scaring people or whatever… She’ll be fine, she’s probably just somewhere
in the house waiting to scare someone. *Intro music* I wonder where we are now! Is anything different? What? Stop! Here you go, here you go! What’s going on! Did you activate 42? Yes…what changed? Look behind you! What? Oh my dog! You’re really spiderman. Seriously? This means we turned into our costumes! It’s Halloween, everyone’s dressed as a monster! Kate’s a vampire…a real vampire I don’t wanna be a vampire guys! Is everyone outside a monster too though? Guys, I just saw Perry, she turned into a
real demon… And her prop turned into a real weeping angel. This is bad, this is very bad. Aaaaaooooaaaah! Oh oh, Noah is still upstairs, dressed as
a Pokemon! You mean, he screamed cause he’s a Pokemon
now? No, he screamed cause Bubbles dressed as Toothless! Ooooh Dog! Guys, what’s going on! I’m a Pokemon! And there’s a dragon in this
house! That’s Bubbles, it’s not a real dragon! It is a real dragon! Well, ok, but it’s Bubbles, don’t worry! I now this is not the right time, but this
is.. so awesome! Well, yeah, it’s kind of awesome, but it’s
also really dangerous! Guys…there are too many of you in here what? Well, Kate’s a real vampire now. Guys everyone outside is now a real monster. We have to do something before they all kill
each other. Allright, Lenny, you’re Ninja, right? Yeah… And I’m a vampire slayer, so.. we should go outside and..I don’t know, save
people? Noah and I can come too No, you should stay here or share duty or something Why? Because Kate can’t escape! She can’t go feeding
on people! You need to babysit her! *hungry sigh* How about this: Noah, first I will go and
help the city and then.. I’ll get back and you go Allright! Come on, let’s go! Good luck! Uhm, thanks? Thanks dude. This is awesome. Yeah..Kate, are you going to do anything about
Toothless? Bubbles! Wow… You can defend me babe Are you serious? Don’t get so close to me please… Why not? Noah I love you but right now I want to suck
every drop of blood out of your body. Oh dog ok *Dragon roar* Trick or treat! AAAAAAA! No, no please don’t This is chaos! It’s like, they don’t know who they are anymore Well, maybe we are the only ones that do,
because we were in the house. Oh shut up! bleep bleep what the.. *slobbering noises* What even are you? Dragon roar So, can you fly now? Who is Alice? Who is Alice? If troubled, say the word… What, where? Say what word? bleep bleep Perry? Oh dog… Run! go, go! Guys..Perry and her prop are here Perry, are you still in there? I haven’t seen the episode fully, but whatever
you do, don’t blink Noah watches Dr Who He does? I’ll get Noah! Lenny, please switch with me I can’t take
this anymore! Perry, I don;t want to kill you…It would
be a whole lot easier if you just… Perry, please! I don’t want to do this! So…Oh, hey babe! Uhm , babe? What’s going on here? Oh dog… Noah, weeping angel, drama, we need to switch! Allright, ok! Now, you’re not a vampire…well you are but
you don’t want to kill me now Come on seriously, no, stop No wait! Dragon roar Listen she’s going to kill us both if we don’t
stop her! Dragon roar* I’m sorry Leaf Owww, what happened? Well, someone de-activated 42, so we’re back
to normal What do you mean, de-activate? Wel, someone just pushed the button and we
were brought back here after we fainted… Was it one of you guys? Nuh uh I was here No I’ll be going now Again, I won’t tell anyone Thanks for having me! Guys, we should never do this again I know we agreed that it was ok, but We almost died twice now. She’s right. We should not..do this again Ugh, I’m going trick or treating again. I’ll lock 42 up I don’t know who knew about it, but someone
does And we don’t want this to spread around, so I’ll be going with Perry I guess… No offense, bubbles, but could you be a dragon
more often? *Bubbles says something like allright* You know all I want to do is keep you safe right? I know We really shouldn’t activate 42 again No… But that doesn’t mean we won’t….


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  2. LOVE THE INTRO! What editing system did u use? it’s GREAT! I LOVE THIS SHOW!



  3. Just wanted to tell you, your series is so inspiring. The music for the intro is super inspiring as well. In fact your whole channel is great. I love this series. Thank you for being such a great lpstuber.

    LPS Jazz Kitty

  4. I love your every video, especially your series "Experiment 42", but I have one question. Why is the vampire "Alice", instead of her real name that was in the first episodes, "Kate?" I love you though!!!

  5. Characters: I don't think we should use 42 anymore…
    Me: *Looks at playlist and sees a bunch of other episodes*
    Me: Huh… I guess they broke the promise

  6. Omg look its spider LpS oOOO time to watch the next movie spending my hard earned money just to watch 30 second screentime of it wooOow tots my fav movie now.

  7. One time I was dressed as a greek goddess for halloween. I wished this happened at that time…

  8. Wait wait wait, hold up Kate wouldn’t have been able to see her reflection in the mirror when she was in the ally with all the posted notes bc she’s a vampire…..

  9. One mistake
    When Katie was looking in the mirror she could see her self when vampires don't have a reflection

  10. Aces series are all in one universe! I saw dale in experiment 42 and I saw Kate and Noah in stuck together!

  11. think of the lps that you want
    say kitty three times
    post on three lps videos
    loook under your pillow

    look I’m bored owo

  12. Ummm you know Kate’s a vampier was and some this is the time when her eyes change is 15:45 her eyes were black and a little tiny bit on white but her eyes changed like when she was not a vampire mistakes can’t be fixed but you can learn from them

  13. Did anyone else see the reflection in the weeping angel at 0:53 or something???????‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  14. Noah: I’m a stranger but will you come to my house and travel dimensions with me
    Dell: welp this is what I’m doing today this is why I stay inside watching Spider-Man

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