Hardwell op de Vlucht – Jachtseizoen’19 #2

Hardwell op de Vlucht – Jachtseizoen’19 #2

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The Hunting Season
is co-sponsored by Samsung The Hunting Season On this episode There is just one road. They’ve made me a criminal
so I’ve turned myself in. I think that’s him. Every week, Giel, Thomas and Stefan
hunt down a new challenger. There he is.
-Don’t let him get away. There he is. Who can evade Team Stuk? Awesome.
-Hunting Season. This is The Hunting Season. The Hunting Season Move it.
-Take it easy. Know-it-all. Sit. So, Hardwell. You think you can beat us.
-Definitely. Listen, in a minute we’ll open
the door to your cell. And you can make an attempt
to escape. You’ll get a 20 minute head start
and then we kick into action. You’ll have this GPS tracker and every
10 minutes it’ll relay your location to us. If you manage to evade us for 4 hours we’ll abandon the hunt
and you’re free to go. But if you don’t succeed and we catch you,
you’re going straight back to your cell. Is that clear?
-Clear. Giel, please take this man
back to his cell as soon as possible. When we press this button,
the game commences. Okay, I’m ready for it. Get up. Will he do it?
-He’s Well Hard. Today, Team Stuk takes on
Robbert van de Corput to the rest of the world
known as DJ Hardwell. He has dominated
the international dance charts for years. He produces music with the greats
and was elected world’s best DJ twice. But will his fame help him escape? We’re starting in a former prison
on the Wolvenplein in Utrecht. After escaping his cell, Hardwell
must evade Team Stuk for 4 hours. Look at this drawing, it’s a riddle. Who is this?
-The devil. Hard Hell. Come on, we’ve got to take this serious. Indeed, guys, focus because
your opponent is dead serious. I’m on this show because I’m sure
they won’t catch me. I’m going all out. I think he has arranged help.
-He knows all the DJs in the world. Will we meet any DJs?
-I’ll go nuts. There is a chance. I’ve arranged my first lift
and I have a surprise. A huge surprise. Hardwell may have a huge surprise
for the boys, but he must remain alert. His GPS tracker will relay his location
to Team Stuk every 10 minutes. After a 20 minute head start,
they go hunting in a van full of high-tech equipment
communication tools and a drone. Hardwell has nothing,
not even any money or a phone. Based on where he starts,
the boys are trying to predict his strategy. Utrecht, we’ve played here before.
You can go anywhere. A large railway station.
What will he do? I have no idea. He’s from Breda, he still lives there
and he knows everyone. I’ve learnt from other people’s mistakes
on previous episodes. They have no chance. Our prisoner has done his homework
so he knows he must stick to the rules. He can’t go indoors
except for public buildings. He only has 20 minutes in each vehicle. Boys, I hope you’ll sleep well tonight
after losing. This is going to be an episode
never to forget. He’s highly motivated.
He wants to play the full 4 hours. So it’s our task to… Prevent it.
-Exactly. Hardwell has escaped and the crook
has arranged a get-away lift. And not any old lift.
-How many of you are there? A motor club and frontman and fellow-DJ
Nicky Romero are waiting for him. Before we leave
I’ll call someone on your phone. I want to head south
because my idea is to visit Rico. Verhoeven?
-Yes, he’s in Halsteren. Rico Verhoeven, this familiar face would
be a surprise indeed for Team Stuk. Hardwell borrows Nicky’s phone
to call a friend. Can we meet in an hour
at the BP in Roosendaal? Can you get as many people
as possible to be there? Will you manage?
Look, that’s how you get started. Hardwell isn’t taking any chances.
His escape can start. The motor club heads out of Utrecht
for another world champion at high speed. It’d be great if we’re at Rico’s in an hour.
Hit it. After 10 minutes on the bike, Hardwell’s GPS
tracker sends his location to Team Stuk. The guys are still waiting on location
to open the hunt. He’s on the motorway.
-What, already? Heading south on the A27.
-Heading south. He’s quick, but he’s heading
for Breda as we predicted. He’s going to where he comes from.
Off to the van? The guys are ready to go
and they’d better be. Our crook in the orange jumpsuit
is way ahead of them. The 20 minutes on the back of Nicky Romero’s
bike are up, Hardwell must change vehicles. We’re off to a flying start. Okay, this isn’t the idea. Crooks
are allowed to arrange one escape ride. This bike is a second vehicle. Be warned, you have to arrange
the next lift yourself. The 20 minutes head start is up. So Giel, Thomas and Stefan
can open the hunt on this famous DJ. Come on, let’s catch him. I have my handcuffs, let’s catch him. Here we go again. No, oh, oh.
-He’s beyond Woerden. He’s heading for Rotterdam on the A12. This crook stayed out of traffic and won’t
be coming to a standstill any time soon. As Hardwell speeds towards Rico’s gym,
Giel tries to hone his colleagues. Are you looking forward to it?
Yes? Well, let’s try again. Are you looking forward to it?
Good. At this rate, it’s a piece of cake. The boys need to leave
car-friendly Utrecht, first. Our man on the run
didn’t struggle with that. Where is he now? No way.
-Guys, I think we should hit Breda. We can cut him off at Breda.
-He’s so predictable. Yes, that’s true.
-If he doesn’t go to Breda, I’ll hit you. Thomas, get ready for Stefan to slap you
because the convict isn’t heading for Breda but towards Halsteren
and on that route the bridge is open. He’s heading for Breda,
we are so we’re going to meet. But we’re a long way away.
-But not in another 15 minutes. You’d better floor it. The 20 minutes on this vehicle
are nearly over. Hardwell must get over at the next exit. Where do I go?
I can’t hitch a ride here. He has moved, he has moved.
-Yes, is he going… Yes, towards Breda.
-We’re on track. Hardwell is at a deserted exit
off the motorway. There is absolutely no one here.
-Robbert is struggling to get a lift. This allows Team Stuk to catch up. He’s somewhere surrounded by fields.
He’s really at a crap location. Spot on, Thomas, Hardwell is really
struggling. No one is stopping here. The few cars leaving the motorway
are his only chance. Can you take me to Rico Verhoeven?
-Where’s that? Halsteren. Yes? Excellent, thanks.
In the nick of time. There was no one here, but this man is
giving me a lift. It’s 14 minutes to Rico. I hope, but I ‘m not sure,
that he is actually in the gym. Our felon is taking a risk
by heading for Rico Verhoeven’s gym without knowing whether
the King of Kickboxing is there. Or whether he has time to help him out. Meanwhile,
Team Stuk is taking the Zen approach. Guys, there he is, there he is.
-Impossible. My heart skipped a beat.
That took 10 years off my life. Isn’t your heart well?
-No more Hardwell jokes, please? No, let’s not.
-Very well. I seriously think he is well intelligent.
-I think he’s well smart. I think I’m going to pull over here
because I’m not feeling well. Go like that.
It sounds a bit like a Hard Bell. Perhaps he’s stirring things up in town,
creating a Hard Riot. I’m putting my ear plugs in
because I just can’t stand this. I’m going to listen to music.
I’ve had it with your stupid jokes. The first hour is up
and that went quite Hard Well. Now the fugitive sees how far away
Team Stuk is on his smartwatch. There are 35 kilometres
between us. Hey. I think that when I get there
I’ll have time to box with Rico and do a workout
because those guys are nowhere near. Rico is a real mate of mine
and I wanted to go south anyway. I want to be around Breda where I come from
because I feel at ease here. But the guys know that too.
I’ve thought about it. Who lives near, but not in Breda?
Rico. Team Stuk is still heading for Breda,
but Giel is fed up driving. Taxi time is over.
All change, come on. Put the pedal to the metal.
-Awesome. Welcome in the back.
-This is a first. We have a new location.
-Yes, he’s hitchhiking. He’s on that road.
-No. He’s standing still somewhere.
-He’s trying to hitch a ride. Come on, guys. Hardwell is at the gym
of someone you know. Can you please help me?
-What are you doing? The Hunting Season.
Are you training? Yes.
-Can you please give me a ride? Quickly.
-Can I leave? Is he allowed? Thank you, thanks. I’ll quickly put on a shirt.
-Hurry up. I’m asking for help
and he’s getting changed. This is stress. Don’t worry, crooks help each other
but Hardwell is exceptionally lucky. It’s a miracle that my trainer let me go.
That’s… If you’re in the King of Kickboxing’s car
you’re definitely going to shift. This beep makes me nervous.
We should give them a call from your car. What?
-Rico’s calling. No way. What?
-This can’t be a coincidence, Rico. Certainly not. No, he’s in the car with Rico. Don’t look so angry.
-Just hang up on this dude. I love you , guys.
-Shut it down. They’ve hung up. How far is it to the airport?
-I’ll look it up. Breda airport…
-We’ve got to go there. Team Stuk is finally awake. Last year, Rico outsmarted the guys
at Breda airport so the boys go straight there.
-I hope they’re stressing in that van. Holy shit.
-He’s on this road. They’re driving towards us.
-Straight on, straight on. He’s right ahead of us. I’m still sweating.
I’ve come straight from my training. Cool, that was the beep. He’s 5 minutes away.
-If that. He’s here.
-Oh, yes, 5 minutes. Will Hardwell and Rico’s plan succeed
now Team Stuk is racing to the airport? Pull over here.
Let’s have a look. You drive, we need to go there. Boys, look at the huge surprise
blocking the car park. There he is. Yes, that’s him. Damn you, Rico.
Come here with that car. He is not in there. What are you thinking?
-Get out of here, dickhead. We’re wasting time, get in. Rico, good luck and thanks, dude.
-Come on, Stef. I hate you now, I hate you temporarily,
I hate you temporarily. But he was dropped off here. Yes, Rico dropped Hardwell off
minutes ago. But not at the airport. Remember Hardwell’s first phone call
straight after he escaped? Can we meet in an hour
at the BP in Roosendaal? My friend is waiting for me.
Thanks, I’m out of here. Let me know whether you make it.
-I will. This is insane. This friend arranged even more rides.
-Bas is waiting in Breda. Edwin is waiting with his boat.
-Edwin and his boat? A boat? This crook is taking to the water,
but he must get there first. But it’s not hard. 20 minutes later
his next lift is waiting for him. So, Bas, I’m getting in the car with you.
-Team Stuk is just minutes away. Not knowing Robbert has left,
they check his last GPS location. You check it out
and we’ll meet at the back. Stop here so he can get in.
-Have you seen an orange jumpsuit? You haven’t seen anyone?
Okay, thanks. They didn’t see him but he was here. With that
the 2nd hour of this escape is up. Seven kilometres.
-That’s nothing, nada, peanuts. He’s panicking now.
-Panicos. Seven kilometres away. I must say that
I’m starting to feel those seven kilometres. Tension mounts
as Hardwell needs a next lift. In sheer panic,
he asks the first car for help. Sir, sir, sir?
-Wait a minute. I’m asking the police, I don’t care. You may be a world-famous DJ,
but you must wait for the police. And don’t forget you look like a fugitive. What a nice jumpsuit.
-Could you give me a 20 minute lift? We have to go to Drimmelen.
-I’m going to Drimmelen. Okay, but move it, we have to go.
-Really? Okay, let’s go. We’re doing this. Shouldn’t the police put him in a cell?
-The Hunting Season by Stuk TV. The officers don’t know it,
so Hardwell explains. They’re seven kilometres behind me.
This beep… relays my location now.
You’re going to Drimmelen. I have to be there too,
I have a boat waiting. We have a new location, Oosterhout.
Type in Oosterhout. He’s lifting. See?
-He’s on the road, actually. But the cops have no idea
who is in the car with them. You look familiar.
-I’m DJ Hardwell. Seriously? Oh yes, now I recognize you. The guys will go mad
if they know I’m in a police car. They’ve made me a criminal
so I’ve turned myself in. Giel, Thomas and Stefan
should do that. But they’ve stopped as they wait
for the next GPS location. Left for Breda, right for Gorinchem,
you can go straight to the motorway. And head left for Breda.
-Breda, Gorinchem. Breda, Gorinchem. Meanwhile, the police
make a deal with this criminal. Thanks for making an exception. We have a team day soon
so we expect you to be the DJ. Fine, you’re on.
I’ll arrange it. Quid pro quo,
I’m hustling like this all day. Is this the Biesbosch?
-That’s crap. Straight on, straight on.
-We should have kept going. Thank you very much.
-Good luck. If you see them,
give them a hard time. Hey, I’ve found the boat.
I’ve found the boat. Thanks to his first phone call
he’s getting a lift on a boat. I’m not celebrating my victory yet,
but this is… In 4 minutes, they’ll get a location on the
water. I have no idea where we’re going. Let’s go. Team Stuk has a new van this season,
but it’s not amphibious. He’s on the water.
-He’s on a boat. Turn around and hit the motorway
until we come off at Hank. We’re going to Hank.
-Sure? Yes, turn around, left or right. Look at this. Do you have a sailing license?
-No. Just one thing, I have
to get off the boat in 20 minutes. He only has 20 minutes on the boat.
When he gets off we’ll catch him. If we’re smart, we need
to find a marina somewhere near. They have my location now.
I’m not worried about a thing. Hey, look, there is an overpass here.
He could have got off here. 21 minutes. 21 minutes?
-Yes, but he’s on the water. The boys want to intercept Hardwell
at a marina, but will he be mooring up? We have a cunning plan.
I’m going to board the boat beside us. But not in a marina. I’m almost on board for 20 minutes
so my location will be shared. We’ll be under the A16 so they won’t know whether
I’m on a boat or in a car. Over the radio they’ve arranged another
boat, but Team Stuk is closing in. This bridge is wicked.
-It’s fucked up, we can see him here. This is insane,
from boat to boat under the A16. Where are the binoculars?
-Look, a speed boat over there. Wow.
-He must be on it. Yes, I think it’s him. Yes, it’s him.
-There is only one way off it. Look, yes.
-What if he has another boat? He hasn’t. He’s not that smart. Giel, Hardwell is on a yacht more often
than you are on a toilet so of course he has another boat. Can I sail with you?
-Do you want to sail with me? Yes, I need to go to Drimmelen.
Cars, police cars, boats. I just keep on hustling. As Hardwell gets on
his newly hustled boat Team Stuk runs into a roadblock.
-What the hell? Toll, do you have money on you?
-My wallet is in my coat. What the fuck, toll?
Where is your coat? Here it is. Go, go. We’re paying to catch a crook.
-There you go, two euros. That are cheap tickets to see Hardwell.
-And we must pay on the way back. This is messed up. Meanwhile, our crook
is hopping onto his third boat. That’s how you do it.
Hi, I’m Robbert. Hi, Robbert. They’re heading for Dordrecht,
that’s going back. So there I’ll have to find a fourth boat
to take me back to Drimmelen. He’s still on the water.
-I told you. He has multiple boats. What’s that?
-Camp site Oeverlanden Hollands Diep. It’s 12 minutes away and I’m
telling you that’s where he’s going. We’re on top of him.
-He’s 8.5 kilometres away. Not far. Team Stuk is 8.5 kilometres away. Hardwell must head back to Drimmelen and the 8.5 kilometre distance
is rapidly diminishing. He has to moor.
-We’re so close. Time for the ultimate trump.
-Now the offline button. Has he seen us?
-No, it’s straight on. He’s shocked by the distance.
-I can remember it, more or less. It’s straight on, isn’t it?
-Keep going. Team Stuk is offline and can’t use their
phones, tablets or sat-nav for 10 minutes. They must remember
how to get to the marina. I pushed the offline button so they
don’t know we’re heading back to Drimmelen… They could be on the water.
Keep your eyes open. Every five minutes is killing. It’s the final hour and the GPS location
is sent to Team Stuk every five minutes. But they’re offline so all they can do
is take a look in the marina. Let’s see, he might be here.
-We need the binoculars. Even with binoculars, you wouldn’t see
Hardwell switching boats a third time. Could you sail us to Drimmelen? We’re back online. Fuck, he did go back…
-He sailed back when we… How long is the dude
staying on the water? Hello? He’s sailing well hard,
but he’s not feeling like a fish in water. It’s crucial that we quickly fix a lift
to Drimmelen for the final part. Or we have a problem. We need to arrange a boat.
-Time for the toll again, darlings. This joke is costing me four euros
and still no Hardwell. Robbert is docking.
-We’re getting off. Thank you. Let’s go. Edwin called. The friend on the first boat
has found Robbert even more helpers. Let’s head for Joostje’s barbecue.
Bavel, just head for Bavel. Things look good,
but he is not at ease yet. You know what?
We could bump into them. They’re heading this way on this road.
I’m stressed out. Shit, he’s on this road.
-Excellent. We’re heading towards him. I’m lying down
in case we run into the guys. Even with two helpers,
Robbert isn’t sure he’ll win yet. And rightly so. Oosterhout. Go, go, go.
-Three minutes. We’re driving towards…
-BP, I’ll stop there. Ad, see you at the barbecue.
Go, go, go. Yes, go, go. Whatever, head for Bavel.
-It’s chockablock. Oh, don’t stress me out.
We’re stuck in traffic here. Robin, lock your doors
so they can’t open them. They’re here.
I know they’re scanning every car. That’s a wicked car. If he was in it…
-I’ll go nuts. When is the next location check?
-Yes, new location. He’s so close.
Three minutes. I don’t see them, I’m getting cocky now. Just three minutes. Where is he?
-Drive, move it. Damn bell.
-Onto the motorway, see you later. He’s fucking close.
Why is it so damn busy? We’ve planned a barbecue
and my friends will be there at six. I said I’d be there at eight,
but I’m so near now and Stuk TV isn’t… so let’s go the barbecue now.
The final sprint is going to end there. Team Stuk makes a final sprint as well. Take a right here.
We’re going that way. Let’s try to limit the damage, we have
four minutes and he’s nine minutes away. The last leg. We’ve made it.
The final leg to the barbecue. We’re here. Two, one… We did it. Giel, Thomas, Stefan,
I thought more of you than this. We’ve lost, again. Honestly? The four
most stressful hours of my life, but… StukTV, StukTV… If we had made major mistakes
I could get it. But I focused on the screens intensely
for four hours and he’s not in the van, is he?
-No, I just… I’m lighting the barbecue
and you’re invited. Guys, well done.
-Hardwell, congratulations. I’m sick of it. I don’t need this. I’m at my barbecue
so I’m saying: guys, see you later. Off to the next hunt.
-Perhaps we’ll have more luck next time. Hardwell evaded Giel,
Thomas and Stefan for four hours. At the final call
he was nine kilometres from the boys. So this DJ is also ranks number one
in The Hunting Season. Do you want to play The Hunting Season?
-Download our Hunting Season app and tell us in the app
who was last season’s best fugitive and they’ll get
The Jachtseizoen Award. And stand a chance of picking up a
Samsung Galaxy S10 at the MediaMarkt. Play The Hunting Season, yes. This programme is co-sponsored
by MediaMarkt


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  2. Hoe geweldig ik Hardwell ook vind , ik vind het niet okee dat hij eigenlijk 3/4 al van te voren heeft geregeld . De fun gaat er van af zo .

  3. Wajoo dit is echt niks voor mij, ik zou me dan helemaal dood stressen als ik telkens weer weg moet vluchten, aan het einde zou ik denk ik helemaal dood op zijn, ik heb totaal geen conditie etc. ook dusja

  4. Hij staat er al 40 min 14:01 denk ik 😅
    Die mattie van je…
    Opdracht voor jullie.. reken en kijk terug .. hoelang die vriend er al staat

  5. Ben ik nu de enige die Marco Borsato hoort aan het einde van het intro? Misschien staat hij wel op die boot! 🙏🏻😮

  6. ik wil het ook tegen jullie opnemen ik weet 100% zeker dat ik wil ik ben slim en super snel ALS JULLIE MAAR DURVEN 😊😊🙄🙄😑

  7. Misschien voor de volgende keer. In plaats van 1 busje en 3 personen. 1 voertuig per persoon. Want het begint te makkelijk te worden.

  8. De boefen doen wel allemaal dingen doen die niet mogen volgens de regels maar stuktv doet dat niet dan vind ik dat wel oneerlijk, de reden dat stuktv verliest 🙄

  9. Dit zijn ook gasten waar stuk tv gewoon niet van kan winnen. Zo simpel is het gewoon. Die gasten hebben gewoon zo'n groot Netwerk, daar verlies je het gewoon van

  10. Eerlijk, allemaal leuk lief en aardig dat je een beroemdheid bent en veel mensen kent. Maar het verneukt wel echt het concept van het spel als alles van te voren ingepland is. Op een paar inprovisatie momentjes na waren de 4 uren vooraf al geregeld. Saaie aflevering jammer. Je weet van te voren de uitkomst al… eerlijk gezegd zou er een regel moeten komen waarbij je of van te voren niet weet vanaf welke gevangenis je ontsnapt. Of dat je gewoon van te voren niks mag regelen. Of 1 of max 2, om gewoon weg te komen

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