Haunted 2 Turkish Horror Movies- (Musallat 2) Eng Subs

Haunted 2 Turkish Horror Movies- (Musallat 2) Eng Subs

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Welcome to CoffeeHolic Dreams 🙂 Subscribe to my channel & Watch more awesome horrors. Thank you 🙂 The names of some of the
characters in this film… …have been changed
due to legal obligations. Abdullah will take half of the treasure,
and divide the rest among us. Gold is said to be so valuable. He said half will be
divided into four, right? We agreed.
He said he would take half and… …that he did not care
what we did with the rest. Did these two come last week? They came with a Mulla. He said that there were six,
maybe seven barrels of treasure. But they were charmed. They always say that.
They wouldn’t want to give up the spoils, they would abduct it, blah blah. What would a jinn do with gold and money?
These are all superstitions… The ones burying the
treasure would put a spell on it. And the jinn would protect
the treasure with this spell. Spell?
Come on, this talk is rubbish Here, we are here. They are abducting the spoils. They are displacing it Let go at once!
Abandon here. Let go at once!
Abandon here. Actually, there is no
reason to be unhappy First happiness then
eternal unhappiness. Then some die, some get
out of our lives and vanish. You’re crying.
Water is coming out of your eyes. The reaction of the body
is to excrete liquids. Then, you become sad. Under these conditions, it is senseless
to be happy and disregard all that. What do you think happens when life ends?
What if there is nothing after. What if it is just like sleeping Then what is the sense in struggling?
We cannot understand why we are here. We do not know what will
happen after death either. It is odd to hold on to life
with so much unknown. Maybe it is to forget. I do sympathize with you
but do not so pessimistic. For example, maybe at least
a million people in the world got separated from their lovers just today. Come, let’s see on the
web if there is a statistic. I know this feeling is temporary
but it hurts nevertheless. Maybe I will come to laugh
at it a couple months later. But now I feel like this. At least you know it is not permanent. I understand that life sucks.
But, it is ridiculous that it is this hard. You are not the one to call life bad,
hard or ridiculous. I went from one shrink
to another since my childhood. Please put yourself in my shoes. Actually, people are happier when sleeping. At least you are not in control. I wish we always slept. Last night,
I had a strange dream. I was opening the lid of a freezer. There was an odd,
long-legged spider inside. Then I took the spider in my hand… …and cut its legs one
by one with scissors. I heard the screaming of the creature
as I cut each leg off. It was horrible. My grandma used to
tell a story like this. In fact grandma had sworn that
her uncle personally witnessed this event. In their village, a woman cut the legs
of a spider one by one… to put a spell on her mother-in-law. It is said that such a spell existed. Next day,
her mother-in-law disappeared. Days and weeks passed,
but she could not be found. Then, one day, a shepherd saw the woman
in the woods with her legs amputated. The woman ran away on her hands. After that day,
the shepherd became tongue-tied and went mad. Were the feet of the woman reversed? Girls, are you coming down to dinner? Okay mom,
we are coming. Mom, where is dad? He went to bed.
Tried to get him up but he didn’t. He was a little troubled. Thanks Auntie Ozlem
everything tastes great. Thank you darling. Why don’t you stay with us tonight?
It is late and tomorrow is Saturday. I told her too. Then, let me call my parents. Okay,
you’ll call them after dinner. Okay. Sorry. Yes dear? Nothing. Oyku is here with us,
she broke up with her boyfriend. We were just chatting. She’ll probably stay with us tonight. Okay, I’ll ask her.
Good night. Me too. Do you think we are
doing the right thing? I believe we ought to speak with Elif. Wouldn’t it be hard after all this time? I don’t know, …but I have a strange feeling. Elif. Auntie Ozlem Elif… Elif, my dear. My dear. Are you okay? – She is soaking wet.
– I’m fine, I’m fine. This time it was worse,
I thought I’d die. How is Oyku? Feeling better? Classical love pain. Last night I also had an attack. Why did you not call? I don’t know,
I didn’t want to alarm you. Please do alarm me next time,
won’t you? Yes? I’ll call. Who was it? Never mind, not important. What do you mean not important?
I’m curious. It was the accountant. I did not want to spoil the romantic moment
since it was not a nice talk. Idiot. Open it. I hope you like it. This is lovely.
What does it say? I asked the goldsmith to write “Elif”… …and he preferred
to write it like this. I like it too. It is unique, just like you. Thanks. Should I put it on? What is it dear? It slipped out of my hand
while placing in the fridge. You leave it, I’ll clean it up. There is a big chalice here. You are hiding something big. Did you have an accident lately? No… I didn’t. Please take care of yourself. Do you dream a lot? Not much, but I had
a bad dream last week. My mom. She was screaming
at me with a knife in her hand. Allah rest her soul in peace. Did your mother’s
name have a “D” in it? Halide. My mother’s
name was Halide She wanted to open up to me
but she couldn’t speak. Why was your mother angry at you? I don’t know. You do, please don’t hide it. I do not know. Tell me, I see it here.
You are very troubled inside. I did not listen to her. Did she turn out to be right? I lost my father a week
after I had my daughter. My mother blamed
me and my daughter. She never told me,
but I understood. She believed that an ill
omen came to our house. Are you so gloomy inside
because of your mother? There is nothing
I can do for my mother, but my daughter…
She scares me. There is a dark knot here. But there are scissors here as well
so you can untie this knot. Welcome. Let me come another
day and look at hers too. No. She does not like
to hear about her future. The woman really
knew everything right. You know I am not a person that
believes in fortune-telling and all that but… The woman is weird. While I was talking
about my mom, she said “Allah rest her soul in peace”
before I said anything. She might have received
information from your friends. She told things even
they did not know. Furthermore, she told me that
my mom was resentful towards me. If you ask me, don’t let
these people in the house. We do not know what
or who they are. Come on, she was not like that.
Everyone knows her. I was told that she did
not just go everywhere. So, we are very lucky. Tomorrow Elif and Cenk will be going
on a vacation for a couple of days. Yes. She told me as well. Good morning Good morning dear. Did my father leave already? He left early.
He had an urgent patient. Come on dear, sit and eat. I have to hurry out or I’ll be late. Okay. You did the best you could. At least the baby is alive. Yes. But the baby will live without
ever knowing her mother. In such situations, I kind of prefer
that the mother survived instead. My emotional brother. This occupation transformed into
an emotionally deprived person. Were you able to talk with Elif? No. We postpone it each time
and time goes by so quickly. So it seems that some feelings
are still alive within you. It just seems so hard. Don’t trouble yourself this much.
Elif is a strong girl, she will get over it. Good night. Good night. Elif… My dear…
Elif… Elif. My dear. I’ll tell you a secret In fact, this is the secret of your life. Elif, my dear. Everywhere is covered
with dirt here Elif. I’ll tell you a secret …ln fact, this is the
secret of your life. You’ll thank me. Cenk… Cenk I’m here. It’s all fine… Where were you? Be calm love,
did you have a nightmare? No it was nothing like a nightmare. I even smelled the
stinging scent. I still do. Where did you go? I went out to make a call for just 5 minutes,
did not want to wake you up. You hugged me when I came back. The first thing we do in the morning is leave. Did you call to say we’re coming back? No, I’ll call right now. Don’t call if you like,
you can stay with me tonight Are you sure? I should let them know anyhow. Do not be too late in the evening,
be ready and we will go out. Ok. Elif is calling. Yes dear. Mom… mom. Mom. My dear daughter. I congratulate you.
You never shamed me. Thank you, daddy. I congratulate you, my dear. You graduated top student.
I have been always proud of you. I thank you too, mom. This is a protective spell. Someone who loves you put
this spell to protect you from harm. I wonder if it was mom? Give me your finger. No, it is not your mother. Now, drink this potion. You too. Give me your hand! Give me your other hand too. Squeeze it tight… I will repeat the prayer
I am about to read seven times. If you can be patient,
you will be freed. Place your hands within. Not good, she has a possessor. Please take care of her and yourself. Death is a weird thing. When our loved
ones depart from us we bury not only their bodies, but also their dreams,
disappointments, feelings, thoughts, and the things
they tried to tell you. Sometimes death condemns
to eternal darkness, underground, the things that were just
about to come out. Maybe this is not a right time
to talk about these. But I think that there will
never be a right time. You know, Elif,
both your mother and your father… …cherished you. They loved you more than anything. But Turan and Ozlem… …never had a child of their own. Uncle, what are you saying? My dear daughter. No, it is not your mother. Elif is your real name,
they never changed it. Your parents went away for work. They lived there for 3 years. They took you from
the orphanage there. The name of the village was Karaagac. Somewhere near where they stayed. Your father’s name is lbrahim.
Ibrahim Golebeyi. I’m sorry, I was looking for
the house of lbrahim Golebeyi. Do you know where it is? Sorry sir. I was told that lbrahim Golebeyi
was living in this village. Do you know his house? Do you know where
lbrahim Golebeyi’s house is? They are dead,
they are dead, long dead. What happened? You had an accident,
Recep found you. I remember.
Something hit the car… It was a pig. Damn animals. Are we in the Karaagac village? Karaagac is the neighboring village.
Behind the cemetery. Come on my child,
get some sleep and rest. We can go to the cottage
hospital in the morning. I’m fine. Okay then my child. I am putting these here,
you can wear them. Good morning my child,
were you able to rest? Let me check the food. Come my child, sit here. You had an accident.
What were you doing there? A few years ago, I had come to the Karaagac
village with a friend to visit her family. I was in the neighborhood
and decided to stop by. That village does not
have many visitors. Why? Most went away,
almost no one is left here. Why did they go? It is a small village. When they took off to go to the big cities to
earn a living, nobody was left here. Maybe ten or fifteen people are left. The remaining are not too friendly either. I asked about the house of my friend
but no one spoke to me. The residents of that village are weird,
their gossip and superstitions never end. You should stay away. It is said to be the village
of the sorceress. Sorceress? Come on, come to breakfast… Come on. Come. You were going to tell us about the
village of the sorceress. She just went away like that? How do we know she went there? She had learnt the house from her uncle. It is about 7-8 hours away.
She must have gotten there already. Elif’s pain must be excruciating. She must have been devastated.
I hope she is fine. It’s good that you called.
I would have gone mad here by myself. She is not speaking to me either. She probably wants to be left alone. I learned everything from her uncle. I am afraid. Cenk, my psychology
is not well either. Strange things are happening. I had a terrible nightmare last night. I go to the bathroom
and cannot get out. I cry out like hell and go crazy. I felt like I spent days and weeks there. I felt that it would never end. This is a real event from
25-30 years ago. Everybody from that
village tells it differently. But I know that sorceress. She is a bastard women
by the name of Ummu. She had recently come to the
Karaagac village at that time. No one knows where she
came from or who she is. They built and started living at a small cottage
there with her husband and daughter. After some time, her husband
and daughter disappeared. It is said that she smothered
and killed them. She is said to have
jinns under her service. The treasure hunters,
fortune seekers started to hope for help from the magic and
curses of this woman. She would take animals
or food in return. She would cut the feet, legs,
heads of the animals with knives, take out their eyes and cast spells. And as to the reason why it is called as the
village of the sorceress, There was a man named lbrahim
who could not beget a child. She sought help from
Ummu to bear a child. This woman started to frequent them. She was engaged with this
family for a long time. In the end, the woman said that
she would cast a strong spell, and that she would receive
help from the demons. Ibrahim accepted it. Ummu summoned an evil jinn. Spells were cast with
shouts and screams. After some time, lbrahim’s wife
said that she was pregnant. The family was delighted and
the baby was born. No one knows the actual truths but they always say that all
happened because of Ummu. The ones passing by the house of Ummu, tell of hearing a dreadful
lullaby and animal noises. There are even people claiming
to have seen Ummu with her jinns. As I have said, everybody is telling
another version of the story. What happened to the baby? Some say that the gendarmerie
found the baby and took it. Some say that the jinns abducted it. Sir, can you please
take me to the village? Recep is going downtown in the evening,
he can drop you off. Cenk, how much is left? About 13 miles.
We’ll be there in 15-20 minutes. What is it? I don’t know! Let me go and check. Cenk… Cenk… Cenk…
Where are you going? Cenk… Okay, thanks. Cenk… Come with me. Cenk… Cenk… Cenk, where are you going? Come inside. Cenk… Cenk… Come up, I’m here… Cenk… Cenk… Elif this is your home. Come…
Look, this is your mother. Cenk… Elif, my dear daughter,
I am here… Elif… Elif… 27 years ago Come on dad, eat your food,
you were again lost in thought. Thank you. Sister, do you need help? You first finish your meal. I will go to that Ummu woman. ĺbrahim, that woman
is said to be cursed. We should not get involved. Yes, they say so but look,
Abdullah became rich thanks to her. I hope to Allah that He will
grant our share as well soon. But there are also people
saying bad things about her. The woman’s husband and
daughter vanished. The woman did not care a bit. We have no other choice. We visited many Mullas.
Not one could help us. Don’t you want a baby Hatice? You know how much I want it.
You do know. Look my father also is cross with us.
He does not talk to us anymore. They want to see
a grandchild before they die. There is no other way,
I definitely will go to that woman. Accept my offerings
to thee and help me in making this
woman bear a child. Thou adjoin thy might into the seeds
of this man and this woman; with that might shall a soul
be begotten forthwith. O Demon, May power be in the seed of
this guy and womb of this woman. Let us call her once more. She had told me that there
was a still stronger spell. I just want to get over with it. You, afreets (powerful evil jinns), are my last resort for
the trouble of this guy and woman. Now, hear me and germinate
this long-waited seed. I swear you your
reward would be big. O demon, respond to me if thou are here! O demon, respond to
me if thou are here! Ibrahim It worked. I am pregnant.
We will have a baby. Hatice,
did it actually happen at last? Go, leave here. Here,
I brought these to you. I cannot send it back. The powerful evil jinns started to haunt me. It will haunt you too.
This is so powerful. Take these and get out of here. Don’t you see,
your spell worked. I am telling you that we are
having a baby. Take these. Tell that woman not to give birth
to that child. Go. Go, I said go. Go, I said… go. My beloved daughter. My lovely baby. Hacer. Pull yourself together. Two years passed by but
you still think of Mehmet. He must be in heaven now.
He was martyred. There are other men
who want to marry you. Come on, don’t grieve anymore. Okay sister. My baby, my lovely baby. Get up! Get up! The jinns want the baby back. Get up… The jinns want
the baby back, Get up. Get up! Get up! The jinns want
the baby back, Get up. Get up. Go away you evil woman, go away. They want the baby. I cannot send them back.
They will haunt you as well. Go away you evil woman,
go away. They want the baby back.
They will haunt you. Go! Never come again.
Leave. Give me the baby,
give it to me. I told you to leave. They will haunt you, too. You’ll see. I swear I will kill you if
I see you around here again. They want the baby… They will haunt you too… What happened lbrahim? That damned woman
really got mad. Nothing dear…
you go back to bed. Leave me. I will give the baby back to them. Let go… Shut up… shut up… Shut up you damned
evil woman… shut up! Shut up you damned
evil woman… shut up! This is so powerful… Shut up. You will not escape. It will not leave you be… It will not let you go!
It will place all of you under its control! It will not let you go!
It will place all of you under its control! Shut up… shut up… They will haunt you too… They will haunt you too… Nobody saw Elif again who
went to Karaagac village. Whereas the sorcerers/magicians
cannot harm anyone witout the permission of Almighty Allah. They learn about the one
providing benefit to them, not harm. They very well know
that the ones procuring… …the Spell have
no share in the Afterlife. How bad a thing that they
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