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  1. Who else like the sound of cracking crap by there shoes when they r walking 😂❤I don't know but that sound make me feel so satisfied lol

  2. I am really not scared easy …but this place creeped even me out! Congrats to the iron balls Omar! Very brave!!!

  3. I feel like I've been watching your channel for a long time, but I still haven't seen every video. James has got to be better by now, right? Anyway, I got a really bad feeling just watching this video.

  4. Could be a good idea if James was blessed and cleansed… He definitely fazed out there, not good. And oh Mann, that clip you showed of James appearing to be possessed, he really gets it doesn't he poor James 😘😘

  5. at 14:24 you can hear the little girl say "dad" but I thought she said "yeah" then at 14:26 what sounds like a kid going "hahaha!" or maybe "down from there"

  6. Hay I know this video is a bit old but I felt so paranoid watching this video and even twitched couple times and I don’t twitch but for some reason I did but I felt really really really really really really paranoid watching this and I just what you to know that when I watch your video I get really paranoid or scared you are probably not going to see this or care

  7. Maybe when James was sweating and over heating, he was feeling the heat from the fire that ruined the building! And then when he and Omar walked away, he felt better and wasn’t sweating anymore

  8. That spirit is still living like it was in 1949…your dimension has collided into a repeated time collapse…somehow it's supposed to be significant to you, because you made it known that you wanted to open that door.

  9. I love you videos! Keep up the good work and stay safe. And hey that’s my name😂😶😬 “Lidya” but mines spelt as Littia. 10:38–10:41

  10. Of course he gets possessed wouldn't be an omar video if something stupidly ridiculous didn't happen, pfft

  11. Is it just me or did you hear a really loud scream at the beginning and Omar looked at the direction but didn’t tell us?

  12. 6:24 so you mean to tell me you will go AFTER what's chasing you but screech at spiders? ….That's a mood and I remate

  13. You seriously have to take Aldo n Moe here.
    This place looks and feels so creepy just watching the video. I love watching your older videos.

  14. Can’t imagine actually being INSIDE there…the place just looks evil😳😳😳
    …SO scary…I haven’t even finished 5mins of this video & its EXTREMELY obvious you’ve found a pretty f**ing creepy location!!!

  15. Wow you guys amaze me!! You ROCK💥❤️!!Ya…I’d be like, “meet me at the nearest Starbucks, playing Angry Birds..” or something🤣

  16. Even though this is only 2 years old you look so different! It’s crazy how much we change in only 2 years ! Your videos get better and better they’ve always been great !

  17. You was right it was a little girl l head it l turnd my volume up and it ses daddddddd on the replay wen u sed bro did u head a little girl scream u cant hear it but on the replay

  18. Omar Gosh Tv Patty James & her friend are awsome & they need to becarful & stay safe & i would like to see Moe Sargi & I'm so sceard for them & i think that Omar Gosh should bring holy water to put on James

  19. Just wanted to say Thank you for all of your awesome videos. I am so happy to have found not only you but Patty Marie, Heather, James, Moe, CJ and all your friends. Your dumpster diving is also great.Please keep up the awesome job you do Omar. Have you all in my prayers to be safe and for the Lord to put his arms of protection around all of you.

  20. Omar, did you hear that little girl? Not a cat. Smudge yourselves. Be careful. If your getting touched, it can attach.

  21. she would finish telling the story everybody keeps interrupting people when they're trying to tell something when somebody's talkin don't interrupt

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