Haunted for 5 Years | The Most Haunted Man in England

Haunted for 5 Years | The Most Haunted Man in England

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what did you think it is I mean… does he think it’s like ghosts or is he like. Well he seems to think the house is haunted he has for a while and a friend stayed a couple month ago, it might have been last year and she stayed downstairs on my own and she refused to stay down again because apparently the chair your sat on moved by itself. Sweet! Anyway I didn’t believe her I thought it was a ridiculous. So as a joke me and Darrell decided to stay downstairs I set up the camera in the corner. Yeah. And we set up a little experiment where we put the chair in the middle of the room for coins on each corner just so they were slightly overhanging so that if the chair moved kinds would fall off and we know all the woke up with something had happened anyway we woke up and nothing to change you know the kinds are still on it so as an experiment I’ve decided self some cameras and microphones around the house leave them filming through the night and see what we can pick up. see I have just watched my living room chair move across the room by itself adjust a little bit and then stop. That’s not normal. I have managed to get Jake down for the weekend is coming to stay for a couple of days and should be quite interesting because last time you stayed he didn’t sleep at all. Claimed yet a lot of thumping scratching and footsteps in the hallway outside so out of curiosity I’m gonna see if I can convince him to join me in a little ghost hunt. That wan’t right The camera has fallen off. What? Can you do anything just to let us know? I could cry. Stop I do not wan’t to do this. This is not right. I got a bit giddy last night and I I may have gone a bit too far but we didn’t really catch much so I don’t feel too bad. Yeah. There we go now. This is my room never had any trouble in here really Did you hear that? okay. Hello I just moved into my new University house like with a couple friends and we were doing a lighting test with my redheads and some had some gels that I just bought. It’s essentially green it reduced the effect or matches the effect of fluorescent light. it’s it’s becoming much more potent and sort of violent in its approach now and it’s um it’s at like I’ve become more and more frequent I’m seeing and hearing things around the house of evens English shadowy so figures moving around it’s not even nighttime only anymore it I can see things move through the day and you know why I do I can’t convince Michael and java that I’m not making it up bitch which really really get into the end I’m kind of at last no I don’t really know where to go with it I don’t know who I’m supposed to talk to about it some to 10 plus 10 in the house or my own again I can chil they’ve gone off to some house party somewhere and it started banging downstairs it’s um it’s been gone for pop five minutes I’ve been hesitating I really don’t when I go down but it’s not stopping this time and it’s getting louder hear it now so I’m gonna go down bonus you see what’s up like Charlie ok okay doesn’t my where am I my girlfriend’s if I am moved house twice during Union that both houses had the same sort of thing and I just tried to pay it no mind especially since I was living with other people and anyway now that I’m in this house would Shana and she’s aware of the situation and is started again as soon as I get settled it just starts messing with me now something tells me that Shauna didn’t do this well i’m pretty sure should have come up an excuse me doing it if Sheda found it so it’s it’s happened between her leaving at seven and I’m all now really as you can hear he’s been stomping for about five minutes hello this is getting old well you’ve got that do anything else for me now for the skeptics I’m going to try and I’m going to stay in camera and if there what I say any move hands in shop there’s anything I’m going to close this EVP recording now so I’ll finish my week of paranormal testing and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that have more than one entity attached to me ghosts are said to give off electromagnetic energy or like district the electromagnetic fields in the air and this thing’s supposed to pick up does it mean me any harm adults are you here to stop it are you protecting me you are so sean has been away for a couple of days um she’s wave of work she’s gonna be gone for the rest of the week and the night should let the night after she left and this thing started making noise I’ve been up in the loft in the Attic sort of barrier spot 3 20 in the morning like clockwork is satisfied and started scratching and banging again so it I just don’t stop can’t sleep and after that after I don’t want to go up this time I’m gonna I’m gonna take the camera up and go hear it now I’m gonna go old man we were trying I just got a face to say I’m gonna see if I can catch him then something on tape and hello look if you’re there I want you to leave my house now fuck this I’m staying upstairs do whatever it wants perform this lodging ritual as a set of wood and it’s something I know I should have done earlier a couple of people have used in cases like mine and it is supposed to help so it’s the only thing I can think to do is in any way an immediate fix or the problem I’m having min shawna have moved house and is it’s nothing to do with the sort of the paranormal stuff for any of the activity that’s been going on is literally just an upgrade we we very much outgrown the house we’re in so we just need a bigger place room for all our stuff so since moving at this house it seems like I’ve got another spirit sort of following me a little bit or at least she’s in the house I don’t know his me she’s necessarily following okay did you say your name was Anna then see your name is Anna when I was talking about her family and her friends and I was asking if she wanted me to talk to any of them and she was even not responding or as I took it as a no there’s nobody element year taught day I kind of got I got a real big sense of sadness you can see it in my face that like my mood dropped can only kind of describe it has been like I said it’s a sense of loneliness like it almost felt like a state of depression this is what I was doing it she’s going back and forth hello she was known beyond the doll I’ve got a new goal what I want to do is I want to capture the most sort of foolproof bit of evidence I can something that incorporates lots of different bits of equipment if a bit of activity all happening at the same time and I don’t know if it’s going to be a quick thing I don’t much it will I reckon it’ll be really hard but what I’m going to do is I’m going to go through trying different experiments first blow me different bits of kit just got my new bit of equipment through it is the power r m which is essentially a slimmer lighter REM pod I finally got myself a Kinect camera and I’ve been playing around with that I think I’ve caught myself some really interesting stuff I would you be able 4gb I sit down make yourself comfortable Oh it’s really weird that’s you can you can you reach out and touch my hand with that be possible and so that is pretty much the last five and a half years in a nutshell a couple of months ago I set myself a goal of capturing the most skeptic proof bit of evidence that I possibly could using whatever devices I could get my hands on I have bought laser grids connect cameras spirit boxes plasma balls REM pods that she all sorts of different things have borrowed equipment just to try and capture that one bit of evidence that it’s going to be almost impossible to argue with and that is that is my goal to this day it’s something I strive for with every video that I put out so thank you all so much for watching I hope you did enjoy this video and as always all post any and all activity as I’m gonna get it


  1. i want to believe but its just too easy to fake evidence. even if you are 100% telling the truth no scientist would take this video with anymore than a grain of salt.for ghosts i think it really is seeing is believing.

  2. Dude wtf that shit up the stairs is fuckin crazy…no way this could all be fake…bro your the bravest motherfucker ive ever seen…is this still happening to you??

  3. This is your weird addiction, because normal people cannot take so much activity from that things… you need help, because normal people will do it, but you seem to enjoy being haunted for 5 years with your talent to cover up your addiction like pretending to be afraid of this …

  4. minute 6:19 with the speed at 0.25 stare at the window and go pausing it a lot and you see something enter through the window before messing up the room

  5. don't you think that you had enough of what's happening in your house don't you think its time to get some house blessings at priest or do something to solve that thing cause the more you communicating on it the more it reall attached or sticking to you You should really solve that hunting experience of yours right now

  6. Honestly I think the ghost just wants a kick out of your fear kind of like when you scare someone it’s funny and you get a kick, maybe it is really funny to it…

  7. Just tell it to fuck off. Like if it is aggressiv to you can be aggressiv back. I bilive in you tell it to fuck off.

  8. Kids…if you’ve came along this channel for whatever reason. This is what a con man looks like while looking right at you lying & making up stories for personal gain!

  9. If you look out side the front door on thr vid when he opens the door and the light is swinging and he runs down stairs and looks around the living room thr is a shadow figue looking in from outside the front door and after he pans the cam around you can see its gone but you can clearly see it in the right side of the door looking at him it doesnt look nice looks pretty fuckin evil

  10. Bud you need to stray strong or your going to lose the plot, I really believe in that stuff now after watching u put up with your entity, I personally wish you all the very best & hope you stay strong I DONT want to put utube on & see you've gone loko..look at it as a gift..robert fae Glasgow & hope to hear how you are & if you're ever in Glasgow gees a post & I will take u for a beer..your good lad.tc

  11. Verpiss dich von YouTube du Betrūgen man hat deine Videos mehr fach hinterlegt das sie fake sind melde dich da du hier betrūgst 😂😎

  12. I’ve seen your early videos and I never thought you’d accumulated so many videos over the years. Hope you have not gotten any physical or even mentally over this hauntings. I’ve also noticed that you’ve been moving so it’s definitely following you around. I’m so sorry man and I hope you hang on and stay strong. I know this shit is real and hope you believe in Jesus as much you believed in whats happening around you. Science, gadgets and devices including ouija board does work but you have to use it very wisely. Good luck man.

  13. first video of yours where i actually find it 1% realistic with the inflections of your voice. easy to fake but also extremely hard to fake properly.

  14. Yo that whisper after 2:12. Someone clean that shit up and try to see what it says. At first thought, it sounds like it’s sighing/whispering Jacob. Idk tho

  15. it seems to me you enjoy having this entity surround you. Instead of you trying to expel this sprit you seem encourage it.

  16. It's a demon buddy nothing will help you but God our Father and his strength… don't communicate with it or get some stupid occult gimmick

  17. Your a massive empathic person and narcistic souls as they do when alive leach your energy and it's easy for them to do when your an empathic.

  18. I really do feel so sad for you bro,you probably dont want anybody else to feel sad threw the chaos that you're going threw.. I hope life gets better for u & this paranormal thing goes away.. Its ripping out you bud u need a good nights sleep..take care & keep us informed.. Glasgow lad

  19. You know what? If that spook is so gifted in kenetic energy, leave pen and paper out for him to engage communication. If it cannot, it's a fuk head.

  20. Hey Mr. "the most hauned man" 🙂 ,hi! …Yours looks like ALIEN ABDUCTIONS! Welcome to Abduction!
    I call 'em "Demons on spaceships" or "Demons on UFOs" …They need UFOs to get abducted people on board and transport them in their Dimensions; usually Demon dimensions bu sometimes they left you here on Earth in their secret bases in which they cooperate with human military services, governments, and anyone with power who rules hiddenly the glope

  21. 8:01 edit
    The moving bowl and remote pay attention people they are in the exact same spot.
    The powder notice north east aka top right air comes from under whatever that jacket.

  22. I will say that it’s very convincing and if it’s really true this kid has STEEL BALLS.But ive seen this same stuff in movies and there are alot of edits in this video.

  23. It's a poltergeist haunting AND a ghost. It's negative energy. My family and I went through the same thing – not all that much movement but we definitely had the shadows and the "devil insects" – centipedes, spiders, ants, rats BY THE HUNDREDS! I wish you the best.

  24. If this is still occurring I suggest trying Iboga/Ibogaine. The ego is a like a lock, these experiences and other intuitive contradictory matters show you that there is a door; looking within is the key. This can be achieved through simple meditation although it takes much time and practise.

    The question is, how can the "knower" be known?

  25. There's a guy who made a UV camera and caught some fun things on Ghost Adventures. Maybe you could get with him and set one up?

  26. When I was 8 years old, we lived in a haunted house. We had noises, apparitions, demon possessed girl, things moved from place to place, keys missing, pictures that came alive, chairs that moved on their own, an organ that played, black demonic shadows, faces of white faced people staring out at the up stairs window, and eventually our house caught on fire and we moved out. I witnessed every single one of these things and it made me a believer. Ever since then, I have had super natural things happen to me, around me and I ve seen things beyond this world, even communicated with demons and talked to those who have passed from this world. I am almost 53 years old and I dont watch scary movies, or haunted type movies, or anything of the occult or super natural. Something opened in the spirit realm and it caused a flood of activity that has been the bane of my existence ever since. This stuff is real and I implore you, don't play with it, it will come back and when it does, it wont play, it comes to kill, steal and destroy. You think I might be over reacting or trying to make it more than it is, but I promise you, if you play with these things, they will come and bring lots of their cohorts.

  27. I'm no kind of expert at all, but both the chair and the door in the beginning look pixelated when they move. Nothing else in the room looks like that, and they only look that way when moving, soooooo……. idk. That's as far as I've gotten but I didn't see any other comments about it in a few scrolls down the comment section. Like I said, I'm no expert, but anyone else have any input on that? From what I've read in faked videos that can be a sign of tampering. Just asking, so no hate.

  28. Whenever i hear growls with bass that goes through my body i be shook especially when theres nothing thats in the room with me that can do that lol

  29. why don’t u find a priest to come to ur house to check out. But I think u and that spirit may becoming as friend for two years that’s why u still can living there

  30. you're nothing more than a little faker 👎
    watch the following youtube video here you will be completely debunked
    your channel should only generate "likes"

  31. Have you perhaps messed with anything spiritual prior to these incidents? Seems you opened a doorway to something. And, it's following you around, as you tried moving twice.

  32. man im watching this in 2019 and im still scared but if you get chills if they are warm its a demon if they are cold that means its a ghost

  33. No recent videos so fake and also he wearing a suit u can hide you're self and edit videos he used visiting wire through the door lol for the chair

  34. OMGthat ghost running up the stairs wow that is fucking scary shit I never jumped so hight in my life earphones in as well not nice 🤪

  35. Hi! I love your videos!! I just found you and am binge watching them! I see you are wearing a ring in this one. Did you get married?? I hope so! Shawna (sp??) seems like a special woman to stay with all the activity!! I wish you the best!!

  36. Is this for real?? Why hasnt he brought in paranormal investigators or a medium to find out what's going on and help?Thats the first thing i would do. If this is real how come I havnt heard about it all over the news. I mean this is a major story. If it's real??

  37. When I was 15 I lived in a rental house with my mom. Quickly noticed shit wasn't right. Things started moving, weird noises, it got really cold in some parts of the house. One day around Thanksgiving things would not stop moving and doors would be slammed. I had moved passed being scared and was actually mad cause I just wanted to play WoW in peace. So I started yelling 'at' the ghost. Everything stopped for a few days.

  38. Eat some LSD, DMT, MDMA Get a microphone and some bongos, make a new friend named John that plays guitar. Then start a band. Call it the Stone Roses write a song called Sally Cinamon then….¿

  39. How many vids has he put on YouTube now? Quite a few. If any of it was real his house would be swarming with scientists trying to get answers. I'm not surprised so many viewer's believe it because of how realistic his clips are.

  40. I think you hold the title for most convincing footage by any paranormal explorer Michael , there’s people do what you do for 20yrs and don’t catch 1% of the footage and proof you have captured, you have a gift which at 1st u might not have wanted or realized but there’s obviously a very strong connection with ur mind to the afterlife maybe psychic powers towards the spirits , it fascinates me stuff like this as I was with a partner before who had spirits attached to her and some of the photos we used to get with spirits sat next to me or faces right next to mine were crazy not to mention the activity in the houses , she also moved but was followed , we later found out that she had a little girl attached to her who was killed in a house fire and an old grumpy man who was pretty nasty and was physical towards us , the little girl would communicate and play with toys left out but the old grumpy man would just shot stuff and make a lot of noise , we also caught a pic of a samurai warrior 1 night after taking a random pic he was sat at the end of the table in all his native dress it was crazy so I know exactly how u were feeling at the start as I was terrified but grew with it like urself 👍🏼

  41. As you burn the smudge stick, blow on it to make it smoke the whole house up and go around every place, even closets, cupboards, drawrs, cabinets, the attic and basement. While you do this you have to pray. I even use holy water. This stuff used to happen to me, but now it's done. You should do everything again this way. They hate the smell of that smoke. When you finish by the door open the door and tell them to go. Give them a place to go, you have to. The Jews use a dibbuk box. Jesus cast them into pigs because they begged not to be sent to a worse place. I told mine to go to a different house. The Arabs use genie lamps. Asians use clay pots, sealed and buried. Haitians use jars and dolls. Just send them somewhere. Do it like an exorcist does. Pray, and tell it you command it to go to said place in Jesus name. It's not by your power, it is by power of God who is mighty, strong enough to fight your demons. Also, stop use of the spirit board. It is a doorway to invite demons in, this is inviting many. You need to take authority and un-invite them. Cast those demons out. Love you. All the best.

  42. If this is real? You have an attachment. Go dunk yourself in an ocean. It will release whatever it is. Advice from someone who’s been there.

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