Haunted House “ghosts” beaten up by visitors

Haunted House “ghosts” beaten up by visitors

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Haunted House “ghosts” beaten up by visitors Jianhushan Fancy World’s “Horrorwood” haunted house attraction uses actors dressed up as ghosts. It has been open less than a month and in that time workers dressed as ghosts have suffered injuries. Chen Jhao-yu, who plays a zombie, scared a female visitor to the haunted house when her boyfriend stepped forward and and smacked him around the face leaving him seeing stars. He said afterwards that he wanted to see if the zombie was real. I was really angry and so I took my mask off and said “why did you hit me?” He replied that he wanted to see if I was a real person. I said “I was jumping around. you are too much.” “I was jumping around so much, and you still couldn’t tell I was not a dummy?” In another incident, a grandmother entered the house, saw a chainsaw killer,
and curious to discover whether it was a real person started poking him furiously with her folding umbrella. “Hey, Gran. Stop poking me.” Thinking it was a real ghost, she then proceeded to poke him in the groin making him wail in pain. Lei San-jhih, the man dressed as the chainsaw killer, had to take three days leave to recover and is now afraid to go back to his old position. He is now working as a make-up artist instead. I am still worried another customer may hit me So your original job was to scare visitors but now you are afraid they will attack you? – Yes. In another incident a female actor at the park was touched up by a male visitor meaning that the ghosts are scared of the visitors and visitors are scared of the ghosts. Miss, Miss. Excuse me, were you scared? (nods) Was it scary? (nods) Which part was scary? Lots of places. Did you feel like hitting the ghosts after they scared you? – Yes. The park’s management have announced that to prevent further attacks on staff visitors to the attraction will no longer be allowed to take drinks and umbrellas inside. They have placed racks at the entrance so visitors can leave such items outside. Signs also tell vistors to refrain from attacking staff or they will be reported to the police Doctors also reminded children, and people with heart conditions or high blood pressure to avoid visiting such attractions. Apple Action News reporting from Yunlin.


  1. am i the only guy who actually got slapped by the female actor just because i wanted to see if the boobs was real? god! what is wrong with people this days?

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