HAUNTED HOUSE Halloween horror – Meet MR. GRISLY…if you dare

HAUNTED HOUSE Halloween horror – Meet MR. GRISLY…if you dare

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  1. That is so awesome! I love home much work you put into it to make it look authentic. I love haunted houses and your by far is the best I have seen so fare and I have seen alot of them. Great Job

  2. terror after dark so scary like not some cheep ass thing but its like so fun a drunk lady came out of scariest 1 pissed her pants and threw up all over herself and ppl even punched the actors its just so fun!!

  3. @Drucef
    Thank you!
    We used an old Canon Ellura 2 handheld mini-dv for that tourist rez. Never really thought it would take off like it did, but I'm glad everyone is getting some goose flesh out of it.
    Peace, JT

  4. @jamestipperdotcom The soundtrack is perfect. Seriously Hollywood could learn a thing or two by this. Have you ever tried submitting music for soundtracks? You seem to have a serious talent for it! At least in Horror.

  5. @abeguar1 Totally! I've always thought that. Why are there never Asian ghosts?They always seem to be maudlin English woman in flouncy frocks.

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