Haunted House of Aunt Toña – Mexico City Ghost Story

Haunted House of Aunt Toña – Mexico City Ghost Story

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hey guys thanks for tuning into tales
from Amy’s crypt today I’m going to be talking about a ghost story from Mexico
City the house of aunt toña I recently spent a few weeks traveling
from Mexico which I found to have a bunch of awesome haunted locations I was
able to visit a cool mummy Museum and doll Island which you can find videos
for onmy channel and you should also subscribe to the one ghost story that I
became obsessed with in Mexico was the house of aunt Toña this is a truly
creepy story and I was able to locate a bunch of creepy images online of this
perfect looking haunted house now I really wanted to track down that house
for myself see if it existed in real life and whether there was any actual
substance to that story now aunt Toña was an elderly lady of extreme wealth
that lived her reclusive life in a forest in a large mansion is told that
her solitude came after the death of her husband which caused her to slump into a
great depression to alleviate her sadness and loneliness
Toña actually took in homeless street children she bought them into her own
mansion she cared for them fed them gave them shelter this kindness was actually
noticed by the townspeople who grew a liking towards Toña for her great
charity works though most of the community was appreciative towards Toña
some were not the children who were actually welcomed into her mansion were
cruel and constantly played pranks on her now this story has two variations to
its end both are pretty tragic the first one tells of a mental break that Toña
had which caused her to retaliate against the kids who had been so cruel
to her aunt Tanya supposedly murdered the children and hid their bodies in the
creek concealed by a gully next to her home stricken with guilt over this
murder she then took her own life within one of the rooms in her great mansion
the second variation has a rumored treasure that aunt Tanya had hidden
within her mansion that some of the children tried to locate now this story
ends with the children beating Aunt Toña to death very
brutally whilst trying to locate and steal her treasure despite these
different stories many believe that the area is very haunted a lot of
people have claimed to hear cries of children coming from the gully right
below the house of Aunt Toña while others have claimed to see the apparition of Aunt
Toña peering through the windows of her old home though it doesn’t prove that
this legend is true I am able to confirm and very happy to have found the house
of aunt Toña it took me about two days of searching Mexico City’s
Chapultepec forest which is absolutely massive but I found it so let’s check it
out hey guys I’m currently in Mexico City I’m out looking for one of the
city’s most haunted places I’ve read a lot of legends about it online but there
is not a lot of information as to whether is to actually exists or where
to find it I looked around yesterday without success but I’m back today
feeling a bit better about finding it so believe this is the best vantage
point of an Toña’s house there’s no way I can access the house any closer or any
further just below me is the gully that supposedly children’s bodies were
disposed of I placed the GPS coordinates for the
best vantage point of the house of aunt Toña below this is someone’s private
residence though so please don’t go trespassing in their house thanks so
much for watching if you know about the legend or have heard of a
different variation or have any of your own stories I’d love to hear about them
in the comments below if you did enjoy this video please remember to give it a
thumbs up and subscribe to see more and as always until next time stay spooky


  1. Great job finding the Aunt Tona house! I would love to investigate that house! Thank you Amy!

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  3. Bummer you couldn't get in there…very interesting story.like any way cus…hey it's you…looked like a bad ass place to live…till next time…spooky dreams sweetheart..

  4. Such a beautiful mansion!!! Wonder if the people who live there now know about it’s history 🤔. Another great story and video Amy! Thanks a bunch✌🏻💜

  5. Sad when people fall apart. But, death comes to us all. Then comes the scary stories that death brings. Like this lady. Sad and terrifying. God bless.

  6. Hey! I'm from México city. First, sorry for my bad english. The mith of aunt Toña isn't real, there's a lot of storys in Chapultepec like the prehispanic underworld entry (from the aztecas), the Castle of Chapultepec, and so much more. The house you visited it's part of a private houses in there, as was abandoned the people used to illustrate the mith with that house but it's not true. At least the story says the house is in the middle of the forest, crossing a old bridge, hide under the trees, some people has been dead looking for it. Until now there is no register of the real house.

  7. Wow interesting story ! I come from a Mexican family and I have never heard about this one but have you heard about “ La Llorona “ ? , btw I love your channel !! Stay spooky 😨

  8. I am watching all of your older stuff, and I love these "tales from Amy's Crypt"!! They are freaking awesome! I have not seen them before. Glad I decided to watch these.

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