Haunted Mansion’s Madame Leota Makeup Tutorial w. V/O by Hog And Dice | LH EP 072

Haunted Mansion’s Madame Leota Makeup Tutorial w. V/O by Hog And Dice | LH EP 072

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Welcome foolish mortals to the haunted mansion Start with mehron paradise paint mixing a pale ghostly blue. To avoid streaks use a thick mixture. Mist the first coat with a make-up sealant before starting on the second coat. Be careful not to dry brush or you will scrape off your cadaverous pallor Ghosts have frightfully delicate ectoplasmic shells. Apply two to three coats of your apparitional base and seal the corpse-like color between each layer. To finish, powder gratuitously- especially under the eyes. Using an even thicker mixture of the paint, Cover up any spots that remain Insubstantial. Use a midnight colored eyeshadow to begin filling in a deathly contour. Remember we spirits have a flair for the dramatic. Do not neglect to hollow out the muscles of the neck and chest. We creeps and villains gravitate towards harsh, sharp shapes and shadows. Use a more vibrant blue to fill in your villainous brows, exaggerating your corruptible mortal shape. Prepare a mixture of pitch-black mehron paradise paint and use it to cast a shadow over the arch of the brow to make it more striking. Begin to apply the midnight blue eye shadow to the eyelids and underneath the eyes as well for that horribly sunken effect. Use a more vibrant phantasmal aqua to contour the eyes and nose. We spectres have to contour significantly if we wish to… Materialize. Make sure your eyelids have no embarrassing Transparent spots and powder them again. Now your eye shadow can rest in peace on your eyelids undisturbed. Look at a reference portrait to decipher the eye shape you desire, and continue to define your spectral features. Using a small dense brush begin to darken the eyes. Then use a feathery brush to blend further sinking your eyes into your skull. Dust your ghastly carapace with an iridescent blue pigment to give that ghostly glow. Use a brush tip eyeliner create a black cat eye. Ghosts and ghouls have nothing to lose from bold choices. One final round of powder will keep your visage from melting away in bright lights. To get the lip color of fresh blood start with a delightfully foul black, and then lay a garish bright red on top. Next apply a touch of mascara to prepare for the spidery false lashes. If you’ve neglected to powder under your eyes your mascara might be frightfully prone to… running. Just as your victims. Once your glue is on your lashes, wait 20 seconds. When applying lashes tilt your head up and look down at the mirror. And then using the same eyelash glue, apply your “spirit orb” glitter along the cheek and brow bows, echoing what you see when you look into Beyond. And now don your unearthly tendrils, adjusting as you see fit. Using cotton pads, so as not to disturb your work with any leaking ectoplasm, give yourself the ability to see into regions beyond. And now you have completed your disquieting metamorphosis. Perhaps Madame Leota can establish contact… (Leota) Rap on a table, It’s time to respond, (Leota) Send us a message, from somewhere beyond. (Leota) Serpents, and spiders, tail of a rat, (Leota) Call in the spirits, wherever they’re at. She has a remarkable head For materializing the disembodied


  1. Az this is fucking amazing holy shit!!!! I’m so glad that after all the caffufles you went trough trying to start and finish this makeup, it ended up looking so awesome and the editing is fucking amazing AhhHH Stephen’s voice adds so much pizazz to this I love them and I love you

  2. The lip-sink part was cool but I like it the best when I saw your own personality peeking out. You gave a very lovely smile at ~5:44.

  3. I let out an audible Jenna Marblesesque "Hell Yeah!" when I saw the title. And wow hat damn, I looked down for like a second, look up and bam you've somehow transformed your entire face with eyeshadow. Loved the voice over, the voice and the script were so good.

  4. Was just thinking about doing this costume yesterday. Very timely. Thank you, always appreciate the effort you put into your videoes and hope you are well. x

  5. This. is. everything. magical. and. wonderful! I didn't know that I needed this, but I'm thrilled to have. Best. Collaboration. EVER! Love. Love. Love.

  6. This is glorious. You make it looks so easy…but to be honest, I had a hard time paying attention because Hog and Dice's spooky Vincent Price voice was cracking me up.

  7. Wait just a hot damn minute, what are you lip synching at the end?? I need to hear the entire thing lol i know ive heard it before… or maybe I'm thinking of something else…

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