HAUNTED PARIS | 8 Most Haunted Places in Paris, France

HAUNTED PARIS | 8 Most Haunted Places in Paris, France

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hi guys. thank you so much for tuning in
to amy’s crypt. today i’m really excited to talk to you about and show you around
all of the haunted places i visited whilst in paris. i spent quite a bit of
time in the city and was able to check out plenty of spooky places with dark
history and really awesome ghost stories. in this video I will cover eight of the
most haunted places in Paris. if you’re interested in seeing investigations or
longer videos on any one of these locations, make sure to hit subscribe
because I’m gonna have a lot of videos coming out from all over Paris very soon. to kick things off let’s visit a very
spooky and beautiful Cemetery known as Pere Lachaise Cemetery. this place has a number of celebrity interments, important historical figures and plenty of ghosts. the père
Lachaise cemetery dates back to the early 1800s and contains an enormous
amount of graves. some have estimated the number to be between 300,000 and 1
million, so you can definitely spend a day getting lost inside the cemetery. for
those of you looking for ghosts, swing by the burial place of the former prime
ministe, Adolphe Thiers. he is said to still haunt the cemetery hangs around
the area where he is buried and many people claim that he has tugged on their
clothes as they’re walking past. another resident ghost of the Pere Lachaise
cemetery is that of author Marcel Proust. he is said to arise from his grave each
night looking for his lost lover who was unfortunately buried in another cemetery.
finally no visit to the Pere Lachaise cemetery is complete without paying
tribute to Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors. Though his grave is one of the
most vandalized in the cemetery, just vandalized by fans I should add, it is
also reportedly one of the most haunted. many people have claimed to see Jim
Morrison’s apparition wandering around his grave and it’s even been
reported to have been captured in a photograph. our next most haunted place in Paris is known as the rue des Chantres. This short and narrow little roadway lies
extremely close to Notre Dame. though it is rarely noticed or even walked down, it
is still one of the most haunted places in Paris. this narrow passageway saw its
claim to paranormal infamy during the early 1900s. disease was sweeping
through Europe and Paris was no exception. on the Rue Des Chantres
there was an old hotel where children sick with tuberculosis were quarantined
within. the children lived in this hotel and were often locked within the bottom
floors to stop them from interacting with people and spreading the disease
further throughout the general public. that is until a great storm swept
through Paris and flooded the Seine River. after the river broke its banks it
filled the area of this small Road, flooding the rooms in which the children
were sleeping and locked within. sadly, all of these sick children died
without a means of escape. to this day, many believe that those children remain
trapped within the area of the Rue Des Chantres. passers-by have even claimed to hear the whispers and sounds of playing from children when there is nobody
around. Parc Monsouris is our next haunted place
in Paris. this stunning little city retreat in no way looks like it should
be haunted, but its past has many dark aspects that make the possibility of a
haunting very plausible. it is said that this park is actually the place where
the initial tests for the guillotine were conducted and this is thought to
have left behind a ghost or two. there are many people who have reported to
site headless ghosts wandering through the park. in addition to these headless
ghosts, another ghost is said to wander the park. the man who the park was named after actually. he was supposedly killed in
that area by bandits. Our next haunted stop in Paris is the
Tuileries Garden. this magnificent park was once the Royal Gardens for a palace
which stood in the same area. today, it is all that is left of the Tuileries palace
which was burnt down in 1871. The Tuileries Gardens and palace are said to have
once been haunted by what is known as the little red man. he is sometimes
described as a devil a goblin or a ghost and always wearing red. he supposedly
showed himself to many prominent figures within the gardens and within the palace
of Tuileries. sightings of the little red man are usually paired with death. people
would generally capture a glimpse of him or interact with him just before an
execution, for instance, though he is also said to have interacted with Napoleon on
a regular basis and even helped him out with his military strategies. the Notre Dame Cathedral is certainly
one of the most visited and popular attractions within the city of Paris but
could it be one of the city’s most haunted places? the Cathedral certainly
looks the part with impressive gargoyles and sinister looking carvings
daunting its exterior, so it comes as no surprise that is said there are few
ghosts roaming its halls. it is said that the ghosts of various Kings and monks
walk the halls of Notre Dame. there are also two separate tales of women who
jumped from the top of the Cathedral to commit suicide. many have claimed to
capture sight of the apparitions around the roof of the cathedral and to add in
a little extra spookiness to this story some say that the devil himself may have
played a part in constructing the front door to the cathedral. our next spooky
destination in Paris is actually no longer in existence, though it was a
place that saw great amounts of death and it comes as no surprise that there
are stains of paranormal activity it has left behind. the old gallows Montfaucon
today, only signaled by a signpost declaring that they once stood in that
area, though they were at one point in time the main place for executions
within the city of Paris. many were hanged here and then their bodies were
left to rot and decay on display to many people, which would act as a deterrent.
they were constructed and used in the 13th century right through to the 1600s
and then later dismantled because they started to rot away in the 1700s.
although there are no visible signs of the gallows left today,
it does remain one of the most frightening places in Paris. many people
have heard disembodied voices in that area which are mostly described as my
and the rattling of chains, believed to be the victims executed in that area. the
Eiffel Tower is certainly the most prominent landmark within Paris and it
surprisingly makes its way onto this list for being one of the most haunted
places in Paris. there are a few ghost stories circulating around the Eiffel
Tower and they’re pretty grim tragic love stories. the first of these tales of
a man proposing to his girlfriend at the top of the tower and after she refuses
his proposal he gets a bit angry pushes her and she falls to her death. another
of these stories is that a man proposes to a woman. she gets so much shock from this that she backs up loses her footing and suddenly falls over the edge to her
death. these stories seem to date back to the 1920s and many people have claimed
to spot a young woman dressed in 20s clothing hanging around the top of the
tower before suddenly disappearing. more disturbingly a lot of people have also
reported to hear screams that they believed to have been a woman falling
from the tower. before I get to the number one most haunted place in Paris, I wanted to give a very special mention to the Palace of Versailles. though this one
lies just outside of Paris in Versailles, many visitors to Paris will make the
trip out to visit this magnificent former royal residence. the Palace of
Versailles is famed for many reasons yet makes this list first resident ghosts
which include none other than Queen Marie Antoinette. now for my number one pick for the most
haunted place in Paris, the Paris catacombs. it likely comes as no surprise
that the Paris catacombs are often cited as the most haunted place in all of
Paris. they consist of a tunnel system that spans hundreds of kilometers
underneath Paris and are filled with the bones of some six million dead people.
these people were largely plague victims who started clogging the cemeteries
within Paris to the point that they were overflowing and their bones had to be
removed and placed elsewhere. today, only a very small section of the catacombs is
open to the general public. the rest of the tunnel system is extremely dangerous,
difficult to access and completely forbidden. I was lucky enough to find my
way into both sides and explore. if you are interested in seeing more of the
Paris catacombs or my paranormal investigation within the Forbidden side,
make sure to hit subscribe. I’ll have a full video coming on this very haunted
Paris location as well as many of the other locations you’ve seen in this
video today. thank you so much for watching. I really hope that you enjoyed
this video. if you did please remember to Like, comment, share and subscribe.
remember, I have plenty more spooky videos from all over Paris coming soon.
if you want to read any more on these locations head to AmysCrypt.com and
I remember guys until next time stay spooky.


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