Haunted Places: Edinburgh, Scotland

Haunted Places: Edinburgh, Scotland

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The history Edinburgh is full of violence
and bloodshed. For centuries, it played a critical role in
Scotland’s struggle for independence. The area around the Old Towne of Edinburgh
has been inhabited for thousands of years. The first settlement forming around the hill-fort
that would eventually become Edinburgh castle. The Old Towne area of Edinburgh if full of
strange hauntings that lead many to believe that it is the most haunted area in all of
Scotland. The Old Town of Edinburgh originally consisted
of one main street, and small alleyways and courtyards that led off the main road this
area is now known as the Royal Mile. At the top of the Royal Mile sits Edinburgh
Castle leading all the way down to the bottom where the Parliament building resides. The alleyways in between became known as closes
and were named after memorable residents or their jobs or trades of residents living in
the apartments off of the close Brodie’s close is named after William Brodie,
a well-respected member of society and Deacon of the Edinburgh Incorporation of Wrights
and Masons. Brodie was a master craftsman and was responsible
for installing and repairing locks of banks, businesses, and many homes of the rich. In 1768, Brodie used his position and to copy
the keys to a bank and successfully stole 800 pounds, which would be 120,000 pounds
by today’s currency. He used this money to maintain a secret life
of gambling and supporting two different mistresses and the five children he fathered between
them. In 1786, he recruited a gang of thieves to
go on a crime spree that lasted for two years until the police were finally tipped off that
Brodie was the mastermind behind a failed armed raid. Brodie managed to evade the police and escape
to Amsterdam before being arrested and brought back to Edinburgh for trial where he was found
guilty. Before being hanged he attempted to bribe
the executioner unsuccessfully to prevent his imminent death. However, these bribes fell upon deaf ears
and William Brodie’s story came to an end or did it? Not long after, his ghost began appearing
at his old workshop and family home. His ghost can be found walking along his close
with a set of keys, sometimes accompanied by a fire breathing Darkhorse that he brought
with him from Hell. Edinburgh Castle is the most visited paid
tourist attraction in Scotland. It sits built upon Castle Rock, a volcanic
plug that formed after a volcano erupted over 340 million years ago. The Castle as it stands today dates to the
12th Century and has been used as a Royal Residence of the Scottish Monarchy and also
as a military stronghold. Tensions between the Scottish and English
monarchs were always fixed upon Edinburgh Castle. Whoever controlled the castle, held rule over
the city of Edinburgh, and therefore, over all of Scotland. In its long history, the Castle has been involved
in 26 sieges and in conflicts ranging from the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 14th
century to the Jacobite Rising of 1745. Centuries of endless violence has left many
restless spirits that haunt the castle grounds. Tourists and staff encounter paranormal activity
on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. Known ghosts include American and French prisoners,
a piper, Janet Douglas who was supposedly a witch, a headless drummer, and even ghost
dogs. Along with unexplainable drops in temperature,
mysterious orbs, disembodied voices, the sound of drums, and an unseen entity that tugs at
visitor’s clothes and hair. The haunting of Edinburgh Castle attracted
a team of researchers to investigate in 2001. They brought in 200 participants who had no
prior knowledge of the hauntings. They allowed the participants to roam the
castle grounds and more than half reported that they encountered some form of paranormal
activity during their time exploring the castle. The Edinburgh Vaults are a series of chambers
that were built into the nineteen arches of the South Bridge in 1788. The chambers were used by taverns, cobblers,
and other merchants for storage. However, they quickly deteriorated due to
dampness caused by poor waterproofing of the arches. This combined with poor air quality in the
vaults led to them being abandoned and left to the poorest citizens to take shelter in. Crime ran rampant with prostitution, robbery,
and murder all becoming a normality the underground life of the vaults. Each of the vaults have their own separate
entrance and hauntings. The Niddry Street Vaults are haunted by a
poltergeist that controls one of the rooms. New lightbulbs burst as soon as they are replaced,
and women have been attacked when they enter the room. People often faint if they stay too long. The sounds of whispering, children crying,
heavy footsteps, shuffling noises, and whimpering can be heard coming from inside the vaults. Others have reported being pushed and scratched
by invisible forces while inside. The Blair Street Vaults are another section
of the vaults that are well known for being haunted by multiple ghosts. Groaning noises and children crying are frequently
heard coming from this chamber. These vaults are home to a very gentle spirit
and one sinister spirit. An apparition of a kind looking old man appears
in one of the rooms and is usually seen making shoes. Earning him the name the cobbler. The sinister spirit has been dubbed Mr. Boots. He gets angry when people enter his room with
lights. Mr. Boots can be very violent towards women
and is known to push and choke them if they enter his room. His presence can be felt in every room of
the Blair Street Vaults, except for the room the Cobblers room. Greyfriars Kirkyard is the graveyard surrounding
the Greyfriers Kirk, a church at the southern edge of Old Town. Burials have been taking place in the graveyard
since the late 16th century. It is home to two famous hauntings, the Greyfriars
Bobby and Mackenzie Poltergeist. Greyfriars Bobby was a Skye Terrier that spent
14 years guarding the grave of his owner, John Gray, until Bobby died and was buried
inside of the gate of the kirkyard. The story has been documented in countless
books, and movies including the Disney movie titled the “Greyfriars Bobby.”. After his death, sightings of Greyfriars Bobby
continued. It is thought that he remains guarding the
grave his owner waiting to be reunited with his master. The Mackenzie Poltergeist is the terrible
spirit of Bluidy Sir George Mackenzie. In 1677 Mackenzie became Lord Advocate, the
chief legal officer of the Scottish Government and crown in both civil and criminal matters. He was the minister responsible for enforcing
Charles II persecution policy against the Presbyterian Covenanters. After the Battle of Bothwell Bridge Mackenzie
imprisoned 1,200 Covenanters in a field in Greyfriars Kirkyard. Hundreds died due mistreatment and he had
hundreds executed. This earned him his nickname of Bluidy Mackenzie. During his time serving the crown he was responsible
for the deaths of up to 18,000 opponents of King Charles II. Sir Mackenzie died on May 8 1691 and was buried
in Grey Friars Kirkyard where he rested peacefully. That is until a homeless man broke into Mackenzie’s
mausoleum seeking shelter from the cold Scottish night. While inside the homeless man decided to break
open the coffin to see what valuables he could find. Instead, he accidently released the spirit
of Mackenzie back onto the world. Since 1999, over 500 of visitors to the kirkyard
have reported being hit, scratched, or shoved when passing his black mausoleum. Some are shoved so hard that they are knocked
to the ground. There have been over 170 reports of people
feinting in the graveyard. Many leave with bloody noses, bruises, and
with unexplainable marks on their body. If you are feeling brave and want to increase
your chances of encountering the Mackenzie Poltergeist then be sure to recite this when
passing his mausoleum. “Bluidy Mackinge, come oot if ye daur, life
the sneck and draw the bar!’’ but don’t be surprised if you get more than what you
bargained for. The city of Edinburgh is a place of amazing
history and even greater paranormal presences. We have only scratched the surface and invite
you to check out the Old Town of Edinburgh for yourselves. Who knows, you may leave with some stories
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  1. This summer my wife and I did a road trip through England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. Edinburgh was the third city we visited. We toured the vaults, hence the shaky dark footage in the video above. Edinburgh is an awesome city with so much history and so much to do and check out. There are so many haunted places we only got to see the ones mentioned in the video. I would recommend spending a few days in Edinburgh.

  2. I was 9 year old when first time i seen Pakistan drama and that made in Scotland
    From that i fell in love with Scotland and always wanted to visit
    And then 2009 i got my visa and moved in to England Birmingham
    But job responsibility and education then family never let me visit
    But last week 21 August 2018 i book hotel in Edinburgh for 4 days and after 21 years made my dream come true
    I have been to
    italy Rome and Milan
    France Paris and Nice

    And mot of the England part i have seen
    But Scotland is Scotland
    The feeling you get in Edinburgh NO where else i had those feeling

  3. Hey man im from Edinburgh and gravefires aint haunted its a urban mith like the vaults just a tourist attraction 🤘🤘🤣🤣'ps its a shithole 🤣🤣buildings look nice but thats about it 🤣🤣🤣.

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