Haunted Places | Goatman’s Bridge (The Old Alton Bridge)

Haunted Places | Goatman’s Bridge (The Old Alton Bridge)

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hey guys what’s up so today I wanted to
start a new series of haunted places and I thought what better place to start
with than a location that was right down the road from where I grew up and that
would be the old Alton Bridge which was also known as to us the locals the goat
Mansbridge now they actually ended up building a new bridge and they declared
the old bridge a historical monument now I remember this bridge was active
until the early 2000s and this bridged the bridge itself without any of the
legends was terrifying especially if you were driving at night because this
bridge is pretty much located in the middle of nowhere and it is a one single
car one lane bridge and I remember all the time driving down this bridge
hearing it would sound like the bridge was just going to collapse underneath
you as you would drive over it you would hear this just clunk clunk clunk like no
wonder there were so many terrifying legends that emerged about this bridge
because just driving over the bridge during the day you’d hear this clunk
clunk clunk as you drove over the bridge and you just sat there praying that the
bridge was not gonna collapse underneath you let alone driving over it in the
middle of the night because there weren’t any like streetlights in the
area tons of oak trees so it’s pitch-black
out there and again you’re just praying that the bridge does not collapse from
under you and on top of that you’re praying that if a car is coming in the
other direction that they will stop as you’re driving over the bridge to allow
you to pass because two cars cannot fit on this
I remember driving my Jeep over this bridge and it took me a minute to cross
the bridge with my Jeep because I like didn’t feel like my Jeep was gonna fit
on the bridge so it’s no wonder that this scary creepy bridge has so many
legends of where the idea of the goatman came from now some have said that a
demon wanders the area that feeds on live goats and others have said that
there’s just a demon in general that you will go on the bridge and feel all these
negative negative vibes others say if you go at a specific time on a specific
day like if you go on a full moon at midnight then you will see the goat man
I personally have gone down on this bridge many many times and I will tell
you the scariest thing that I ever saw was the bridge itself and every time I
drove over it I felt like it was a miracle that it didn’t collapse because
this was the quickest easiest route a lot of times this was the quickest
easiest way to get to my friends houses the perks of living down the street from
a haunted bridge but the scariest legend I think that I heard of all which I
might not tell the entire story because it’s pretty pretty dark and pretty
messed up so I think I’ll just kind of give the gist of where this legend came
from so the most popular legend of where the goatman story came from there was a
goat farmer who had moved with his family just north of the bridge now this
man’s name was Oscar Washburn and he was known to be a very on
and dependable and great businessman the people in the area began to give him the
nickname the goat man because the man’s success and the man’s cheese’s and milk
that he produced from his goats were supposed to be the best in the area
after years of becoming more and more well-known in the community they
actually put a sign on the old out’n bridge displaying this way to the goat
man’s for all to see and know where they could get the best cheese and milk so
the legend goes that in the late 30s some people didn’t care for how well
Washburn’s business was thriving so they went to the house and slaughtered all of
his goats now if that wasn’t enough Washburn continued to thrive and they
came back the goats had been a warning they came back and they kidnapped
Washburn and hung him on the bridge but when they went to check the noose
Washburn’s body was gone rather than stick around afraid they went to
Washburn’s home where they then proceeded to kill his entire family and
burn down their house so the legend goes that if you cross the bridge late at
night without your headlights on you will get a glimpse of the goat man so as
I said I have been down there many many times I used to drive down that bridge
on a regular basis just to get to my friends houses and then of course I mean
when you’re a teenager and you’re bored why not go ghost hunting got to drive
over the bridge anyway why not go ahead and sit and park for a minute with your
headlights off and see what happens unfortunately I never did it get to get
a glimpse of the goat man but the bridge itself was pretty terrifying now sadly
you can no longer drive on the bridge they did build a new bridge but the
historical old out’n bridge also known as goat man’s bridge is still there
available for you to go and check out I gotta say though when they installed
that new bridge felt a lot safer when you’re driving over it at any time
during the day no more hoping and praying that as you
drove over the new bridge that I wouldn’t collapse from underneath you so
I don’t know I always loved the idea of Goldman’s bridge and that there was this
just creepy haunted place just right down the road from me where I could
visit at any time and there were quite a few legends and places that were nearby
where I lived that I could check out late at night and see if I could see
anything because even if you don’t actually catch a ghost or a demon it’s
always it’s it’s kind of a thrill just to go out and try I don’t know maybe I’m
weird but I I love the thrill of just going and checking out a place that is
supposed to be haunted and you know seeing if there’s anything around or if
it’s just a legend if nothing else we’re always really good at scaring ourselves
especially if you go with a group of friends to an area that’s supposed to be
haunted at midnight on a full moon because someone in your group is
probably gonna try to scare everyone so that’s all for today’s video if you have
a haunted location that you would like to hear about please post that in the
comments section below and if you enjoyed this video please hit that like
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week thanks for watching guys sweet dreams


  1. Hmmm, I was about to go to bed (it's very late and I've spent 7h 20m trying to answer comments! haha) when I noticed this video in my "recommended for you" section. I remember you mentioning something about a more "creative" second channel a little while ago — and it seems here it is!
    Truth be told, I can barely keep my eyes open, but I'll come back tomorrow and check this one out!

  2. Full view and like #4 from me!
    Cool music at the start of this video, and I really like the way you did the bright red font with the red glow on your thumbnails. I need to experiment with that!
    It looks like you have some kind of spooky doll in the upper left corner here!
    Yeah, those old covered bridges are cool in a historical sense, but crossing them in a vehicle would not be for me!
    At 2:09, it sounded like you were starting to channel the accent of some long-deceased ghost or something… Maybe the goatman had hold of your soul for a second! hehe
    I can honestly say that I've never had goat milk….
    Wow, those people really hated "the goatman's" thriving business! I wonder if that is part of the legend or is rooted in actual fact.
    It seemed very "weird" seeing you not discussing "all things pet and pet-related." haha
    Anyway, thank you for sharing, Mandy. I wish you a terror-free evening!

  3. Their is literally a goatman bridge in every other county we have a "goatman bridge" here in cleburne lol but ya know I think I heard of that bridge I feel like maybe we went there in high school is it near Denton??

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