Headshot – The Haunting Hour Full Episode #39 – The Haunting Hour

Headshot – The Haunting Hour Full Episode #39 – The Haunting Hour

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This is the headquarters for teen teen publications a place where dreams are made And shots Beautiful, I think The empty space has been reserved for Gracie Wilde Yes that Gracie Wilde You’ve heard of her, of course the most famous team face on the planet but should we start out that way I Should know We’ve been best friends since pre-k Be more like the most anonymous team face on the planet Okay, tell me what you think be totally honest number one number two They both look like number two. I Think they’re cute they’d better be for the 500 bucks. They cost her shut up That’s what a decent headshot goes for these days Anywho, it’ll be worth it when I’m named the new teen face Cassandra Hobbes is scouting the mall for finalists sunja hops. Yeah, she shoots all the cover photos for teen teen magazine. Sorry no clue She’s only the most famous team here do photographer on the planet know when you say planet you do mean this planet Hey, are you sure you have the right smoothie? Are you trying to ruin my chances? You know how my skin reacts to die three. Oh my gosh Glen Glen. I’m so sorry I’ll get you a new one right away. I promise don’t sweat it You should be on that magazine Yeah, right me the next team base your dreams Oh Would you like to hear the specials not in the least I’m here looking for the new face of teen teen. I could be you Gracie How do you know my name? It’s my business to know, uh Eliminations are in three weeks. You’ll need a headshot my studio tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow wasn’t good. I have extra help in math It just got canceled then we’re settled miss Hoffs I don’t have the money for a professional headshot. It’s not about the money Graci. It’s about the desire I changed my mind. Oh, no, you don’t look at me Lex Amy server and an ice-cream shop I don’t belong here. Yeah, well, he’ll probably the worst server in ice cream shop history But you also happened to be the most beautiful person. I know inside and out Welcome Gracie, hi, you ready to change the face of the world? She’s ready wardrobe and makeup right this way, okay Smile dear I won’t bite I’m really sorry miss Hobbs. I guess this just wasn’t my calling. No nonsense. We simply need the right mood Atmosphere music Beautiful tell me your dreams Gracie Why stop there Why not be the most famous face on the planet the new face of teen teen? Yes, say the words Again and spit I want to be the most famous face on the planet again Look so glamorous. It was always inside of you Sort of I Still think simpler is prettier. Yes You would a person’s true essence some even say their very soul can be captured in a photograph The camera never lies Gracie was on cloud nine. I’d never seen her. So confident a little makeup and she felt untouchable Exactly how Cassandra planned break okay Sorry, I miss W Didn’t somebody promised they’d be working on their math today news flash. Lex has been tutoring me all morning right Lex Okay, but remember our deal if you don’t ace your midterm And that means a b-plus or better you can forget about this Miss Teen whatever it is. I Can’t believe you just lied to your mother like that. I never even looked at the math who needs math Cuz I’m just says whatever rich and famous. I can always hire somebody to count my Millions seriously Who are you? It’s me Lex Don’t lemme starting to wonder Later Hey Hey Dude, what’s with the purse he asked if I could carry her books home where she’s at extra help Yeah, looks like she’s getting a little extra help me somewhere So I bought these shoes just for Saturday night you have to see you I might have a photo shoot in between so, you know, we might have casual But I’m excited I’ll talk to you later. Okay? bye since when can you afford to blow off math since the hottest guy in school just Asked me how I’m seriously worried about you gray Relax wearing causes wrinkles. Let me guess Cassandra Hobbs, listen Lex she’s a great lady. And for the first time ever. I know exactly where I’m headed, right? And where is that to the top? You can come with me. Did you what? Carry your books Thanks, thanks doc What’s she doing here Cassandra Tick-tock my dear. Have you forgotten your fitting? Yeah. Yeah, I guess I did What’s this problem written all over your pretty little face? Tomorrow’s my midterm if I don’t ease it My mother won’t allow me to compete me eliminations then I strongly suggest that you figure out a way to ace it Don’t go Gracie, please blacks I have to Fill him collect your things We some attitude tell me why you should win this Hello, guess who scored a 92 on the midterms? I’m thinking you want to guess who got suspended for cheating? I’m pinging Dylan Cassandra. We Need to Talk now Flynn give us a minute What is she doing here Posing for a headshot you said I was the front-runner true, but I could always use another and Flynn does have the most flawless complexion It’s all about the skin my dear Flin what happened your face It was clear that nothing or no one could stand in Gracie’s way not even her friends How’s what better Wait, wait, where are you going? The eliminations start in ten minutes. I know Gracie I Can’t stay. Look I already told you I had nothing to do with it. It’s not about Flynn or Dylan, it’s about Everything Something’s happening to you gray. That’s right something amazing My dream is about to come true. Sure. It’s not Cassandra’s dream What are you talking about ever since she came into your life you’ve changed? Did you ever stop to think about what she gets out of it? Cassandra said you’d do this She said when good things started to happen, the first people to bail would be my closest friends it’s a horrible thing to say I Love you grey then stay with me I’m afraid afraid or jealous Got skittish just give it Don’t you get it that headshot shows how ugly become yeah That’s pretty funny coming from a butterface like you We’ve got Lexie Lexie wait, I didn’t mean it like that So, what do you think of my client list You’re a clever girl the plain ones always are Very soon Gracie will be a part of my collection now and forever It’s as simple as taking a picture Gracie is not one of them You changed her You see that’s where you’re wrong. I can’t change anyone. I simply offer encouragement Gracie is who she has always been on the inside? Or she would have deleted that headshot long ago It’s almost time we wouldn’t want to miss her big moment What are you? Haven’t you already guessed Thank you ladies take father we call your scores What’s wrong I’m ugly Nonsense You’re the most beautiful girl in the world Not according to this the camera never lies In a few moments the new face of teen teen will be introduced to the world you can live that dream or You can press Delete go back to being another anonymous face in the crowd The choice is yours, Gracie choices always been yours You need to make a decision they’re announcing the winner Gratulations Center done it again. Yes May I announce to the world the new face of Miss Teen Teen Miss Gracie Wilde Comeback grade but the choice wasn’t mine to make it was Gracie’s and Gracie’s alone It’s strange how things worked out Gracie finally got her wish You


  1. That is Ariel Winter , better known as Alex Dunphy from "Modern Family"………!!
    Any way , Love her……………………..:)

  2. omg its Ariel winter from the box of fears, Anna from dead bodies, and the girl from the pet dog episode, and Reggie from the witch episode!!

  3. Omg Lilly d is LIGIT the most popular episode and all I see in the comments ins something about Lilly D

  4. I don't know how this is scary… I find the ending Gracie is quite cute… Just joking

  5. I can't believe her friend betrayed her like that she should have had faith that Gracie would make that decision on her own instead you made her ugly inside and out just thinking about it makes me😡😈😬

  6. pero si me ha pasado una historia de la historia de cinco historias de las centro comercial bueno esta es mi historia yo trabajaba en el centro comercial entonces me iba a las 10 pues vi que ya estaba solo cuando iba entonces tiempo esperemos por favor entonces en ese tiempo vi que todo estaba solo mis amigos aún no llegaban pero una gente pasando entonces yo entré a la puerta y escuché estaba directamente cerquita al lado de mí donde entonces quiero ir al baño no tiene miedoentonces salió rápidamente corriendo hacia mí me dijo por favor ayúdame ve a ver al baño de las niñas fui no había directamente nada cuando me vaya para afuera se cerró la puerta solita yo andaba con la niña entonces en ese tiempo y que todo era verdad si apagó la luz y se abrieron las 3 puertas del baño solita entonces llegaron todos mis amigos y me abrieron última historia adiós

  7. I love this episode so much and grace looks like Selena Gomez and her friend looks like Taylor Swift 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😋😋😋😋😋😋😊😊😊😊😎😎😎😎😎😆😆😆😆😆😆

  8. Gracie was NOT the sweet girl she portrayed herself to be. Gracie is revealed to be the ugly soul she truly is: selfish, manipulative and betraying. All Cassandra did was to peel off the layers and voila…a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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  10. Though her friend pressed Delete , then why does she end up having a monstrous face , I thought Gracie was saved , please explain somebody …

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