Hereditary | Charlie | Official Trailer 2 HD | A24

Hereditary | Charlie | Official Trailer 2 HD | A24

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Maybe we finish
the toy after the quiz. Oh, my God, what was that? My name’s Annie.
Hi, Annie. My mom died a week ago. She was a very private woman, and she wasn’t altogether
there at the end. Who’s gonna take care of me?
You don’t think I’m gonna take care of you?
When you die? Sorry, I recognize you from your mother? How is your relationship
with your daughter? What? Peter?
Charlie? Are you okay? Charlie? Please stop. Charlie!
Charlie! Charlie? Please stop.
Mom? Charlie!
Mom, what’s happening? You’re scaring me! Make it stop, make it stop! Make it stop!


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  2. Lol. She doesn't play the cliche role in this movie the trailer makes it look to be. It's more fucked up than that.

  3. movies sucks!!!! i felt like i was kicked in the nuts when i went whole hog on the snack s and ticket price. i should have just accidentally watched this movie when it filtered to "free" antennae tv….

  4. Not to rant but I watched this last night and it was pretty funny, literally the audience was laughing at times. There were some shocking moments or times that were surprising BUT it's not a horror film

  5. At least they ended this movie. Usually, the A24 movies just end on a cliff hanger.
    Granted, this movie was something else. I haven't watched something in a decade that actually made me feel uncomfortable in a theater.

  6. Just saw it tonight. Total piece of shit soon to be in a Walmart dollar bin. Do not waste your time or money.

  7. I don't want to say anything uncomplimentary about Milly Shapiro but her face is so wonderfully… irregular that she's riveting in every scene. Far more so than any of these identikit talent-show princesses.

  8. Dziedzictwo Hereditary nie polecam. Beznadziejny film, na końcu całe kino się śmiało z tego filmu a nie była to komedia☹

  9. One of the best horror movies I've watched in the last 5 years, maybe more. The horror genre creators should take notes
    Just a little warning. If you're into jumpscare quality level of horror, please don't waste your time and money. The movie contains symbolism and requires of the viewer a little knowledge to catch up to the plot…

  10. People are so stupid. Went to see the film last night. All this trailer avoids to tell you is IT TRICKS the audience into a false spiritualism. Instead showed you how to worship SATAN with no mention of doing so in the trailer. Keep your guard up people. The movie was a drag. It's just a lesson in how to contact demons in your house….

    change my mind

  11. I'm glad I didn't watch the trailer before seeing the movie. The banging the head on the ceiling freaked me the hell out at the theater.

  12. Umm..this movie 😕 it was so scary I gotta put a side smiley, and I LOVE scary movies. Very well done.

  13. It's like a movie in which the movie director wanted to scare people without any ghost ,is like some one really will bang their head after watching the first half part of movie,well I didn't have much patience to watch till the end as all my family slept watch it….. Haha

  14. this trailer is somewhat better done than the 'official' trailer but it's a very difficult movie to make a trailer from/for

  15. Don't believe the FAKE reviews! This is not the best but one of the WORST horror movie of all time!
    This movie is absolute Shitt! Don't say I didn't warn you!!!

  16. First time I saw this trailer I literally thought this was some kind of The Omen movie where the daughter was possessed (hence the title; some curse being inherited from her grandmother) and the reason why weird shit was happening.. I felt so smart until the movie started. Oh boy, was I wrong

  17. I just finished watching this bag of horse dun. To be fair I watched it twice and let's the tomatoes fly!! The writer director is not a talented genius in film making but a highly talented con man who ripped off the Canadian film board for it hefty funding! The only true talent is the lead actress who I secretly believe wasn't shown the ending or the entire script before committing to the job or she worked strictly for drugs. Despite her over acting I wish the script lived up to the terror she emoted the entire movie. NOT A GOOD MOVIE!!

  18. Horror movies don’t really scare me, but I do love them.
    This one, I truly wasn’t prepared. An absolute mindfuck.

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