Hereditary | Introducing A New Horror Master | Official Featurette HD | A24

Hereditary | Introducing A New Horror Master | Official Featurette HD | A24

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Now we’ve set aside some
time for any newcomers that might like to speak. Hereditary is about
a family going to hell. This is a character study
that loses its mind. I am your mother. That’s the heart of the film. He is such an original filmmaker. Ari is the real deal. We wanted to make a
film that stays with people. Haunts people. Like a nightmare.


  1. If you haven't seen any of Ari Aster's short films, you should definitely check them out asap!!

  2. I really hope this film holds up to its expectations. A24 never disappoints but something is telling me this movie won’t be as good as we think it might be. I’m hoping for the best.

  3. WOAH! I never would have guessed Toni Collett wasn't American until hearing that little interview snippet.

  4. The mark of any good horror marketing is when half my brains says “I can’t wait!” and the other half screams “Oh, HELL no!” That inner conflict inside the viewer is when you know horror’s been done right.

  5. i’ve seen all of Ari’s shortfilms and he was already teasing us his genius, i can’t wait to see his first feature film.

  6. His psycho laugh towards the end is the cherry on top. I'm totally convinced that A24 has unearthed a potentially filmmaking legend.

  7. I've had a decent chunk of this movie spoiled via the internet(partly unintentional) but it's still my most anticipated movie of the summer so far. June 8th can't come fast enough!

  8. I have a writer associate who said that it's great, but it's comparison's to the Exorcist are off. She said it's terrifying in it's own right but not Exorcist scary. But she also said it may be on the level of the Exorcist in terms of how good a movie it is, script, acting, direction, cinematography, etc. She didn't spoil it with any plot details though, but she said what Toni Collette does for a living factors greatly in to the plot. I'm desperate to see it.

  9. I clicked that “buy tickets” button faster than the speed of light but there ain’t no showtimes posted smdh

  10. I really can't wait to watch this! really omg ever since I watched the first trailer, my mind's blown!

  11. I’ve seen almost all a24 movies and haven’t been impressed by any of them. Hopefully this one doesn’t disappoint

  12. When you explain the premise of the film you suck any tension there is out of it and it makes people not want to watch it. It's actually quite annoying and pretentious giving these documentary style trailers that diminish any sense of isolation or fear to be generated from the footage that's shown.

    No wonder Hollywood is dying.

  13. I love the way the interview was edited like a horror movie trailer, ending on the laugh. It was pretty funny

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