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This is the first time here hey come fast come fast
hey our team should be together I didn’t expect that
it will be this far I could not walk
hey look there it is amazing hey careful
we cannot lift you hey come careful
hey hold me each and every person they will live vague at once they should come to such a
beautiful place for relaxation hey here is a
place to eat food hey rajesh take all the plates
hey..hey… who broke the bottle here?
it is me.. so what?? take it and
throw aside hey I cannot listen to her
hey hey,why can’t you take all this and throw away hey,why should I?
hey you have to do it throw all the bottles
which you have broken I cannot this hogenakkal is not belongs to your
father,take all this and throw away get lost get lost
she is a devil if you drink,don’t
assume you guys as smart nuisance aunty you are right are you going to eat?
you want to eat something? why food is
not ready yet? it is not like hotel you take bath and come,within
that food will be ready if you guys buy fish I will cook for you
please aunty prepare something
for them give us whatever
you have wait I will let you know
okay aunty angamma,shall we provide
their food to this guys? – yeah sure alright..it is your good time.please sit
thanks aunty okay aunty
come and sit angamma start to boil rice
let us prepare food for others fast.. fast..
people are gathering here you go give give where you guys are from? we are from trichy aunty
to prepare a documentary about tourist spot okay okay
have it how is the food?
we have not taste this kind of fish curry it is super
aunty teach me this formula I will try it in my house
you are encouraging me too much this curry is tasty because
of hogenakkal water those come to hogenakkal as tourist,come
happy,enjoy it,and have tasty food and go happily wow fantastic words your writing such a sweet lines and
giving this notice to everyone there should be some unforgettable
incident in your heart what is it aunty? let us know it..- tell us aunty
okay okay I will tell three years ago as usual I went near
to river to buy fishes a couple went sad..
yeah ice is there give ten rupees here take it it seems it will be tasty hey anand what happened?
no anjali I don’t like to eat it let us go anjali
okay lets go how much it cost?
50 rupees? at a place,they
bought fish and ate they paid to them,but they also
refused to get the balance amount I noticed it too likewise,they both roam alone
in all over this hogenakkal I started thinking why
they both roaming sadly I started hearing
what they talking? it is all my faith I have no other option,so
I came to this decision you marry with some other guy better
than me,and stay happy with kids anjali go anjali go go what?? what are
you talking? how could I live
happily without her? life or death it is only with you come let us go I felt that some incident
is going to happen? so I followed them I was right anjali I am repeating now even leave me anjali
you go you go without you how could
I live alone what anjali? are you scared? no.. you are with me
you are with me if there is one more
birth available definitely will live together while they are going to
suicide,i saved them I took them to my house
– tell me why you did like this? please tell me sister if you were in our situation
you will do the same what?everyone has problems humans will definitely
face problems this tourist spot is
not to commit suicide this nature land is not a
cemetery to die you have seen right? this beautiful falls you can see green
land everywhere and beautiful wild
animals everywhere after seen this,you guys came
forward to commit suicide forget it I am talking something and
spoiling your patience look here if you shut one door,there is
another way to lead you path please tell me what is your
problem,and reduce your burden tell me mom do you know how
happy we were slogan slogan where is your
brother going? help me!
help me! help me
it is chasing me help me from this dog help help..somebody
help me hey hey leave me
what’re you doing? help me
leave I say hold that dog hey johnny..come
let us go come come oh god dog went yes it went who are you?
sorry… thank you very much
what? thank you
that dog… even this is good,this dog gave me a queen
what did you said? nothing..nothing
see you tomorrow see you tomorrow
thank you very much okay okay bye thank you see you
bye shall we toss now
we are ready okay then
start it hey look,anjali’s boyfriend
is playing cricket do you want head or tail?
head. tails
shall I toss now super,it’s head
we won it dude ll the best,lets play now
hey hit the ball badly okay. don’t worry about getting out of the game
okay dude hai umpire..
hey your boyfriend is playing now hit the ball
hey,catch it six.
hey,he hit six at the first ball wow..
he is batting well hey not out
I played correct,how it went wide wide
hey its a wide ball you idiot throw.. come on come on
hey dude catch it super… oh god out..
look how is he shouting not out
no,its an out not out!
why?why? look there
where sir where? I was inside the line
look well,you crossed the line why they said not out
hey throw the ball now catch the six
wow super dude,doing good
hey dude 72 runs in 3 overs,come lets give a wicket
super buddy out..out buddy
hey fatty did you saw how I
caught the ball its an out dude
hey,that girl caught the ball right yes,she caught the ball,
but my buddy caught the girl then how its considered a wicket
no its a wicket its an out
wait,lets umpire give a decision hey,let the umpire decide it
hey,its a wicket why should we fight
hey that girl caught the ball if umpire say will you agree
wait wait umpire
is it an out or not hat will
you say now… what will you do now
its an out hey its an out man,come
hey what is this I will join you in my team next time
what? is he out or not
but she is out now hey
black beauty hey
catch the ball hey,
catch the ball man hey…
catch it man come on oh god,i kissed the ball
sorry I missed the ball hey where is the ball
look down take it
sorry dude throw it its an out super buddy
super hey,you remember
the bet right hey,
go every one don’t forget it go.. super buddy
we played well hello guys
buddy.. yeah thank you
all the best all the best don’t worry,i will bring you
on next match also, now go okay see you
yeah hey,buddy
how you corrected the umpire nothing else dude
he has a sister in his same color I promise him that you
will marry his sister so,he performed like this
give me buddy for your fun,did you got my life
beat him beat him
no stop it victory!victory!
we won today’s match we are the next
state players won the match
it is a happy news but anand,
you saw your sister right she grown well
have to do her marriage soon if you roam like this
how will you settle your sister don’t worry mother
I got a job did you got
the job? you must have said that first
what job? there is a company called
kathir enterprises in that collection agent work
my buddy got the job for me if I collect 1 lakh
rupee from a customer they will return the
money as 6 lakhs if we loin 10 customers to them we will get 2 lakhs
as our commission mom hai uncle
hai anjali,come sit down coming after
so many days who is
he? he is
anand hello sir
hello what is he doing he is working as an agent in
uncle’s kadhir enterprises uncle,even you can put a
policy of 5 lakh rupees so I took him here
anand,give it sir please
read this anjali,how can I say
not after you said I will take this policy
are you happy now sir,your signature here sir
yes sir okay sir
thank you sir bring the cheque uncle,how is your business going?
its going good how about your college?
it is good uncle is 5 lakhs enough?
enough sir okay sir,thank you
carry on thank you uncle what?you have not return chit fund
amount which you get last month what brother don’t you know?if I get
money properly,i will return you it seems we are getting
cheated by you if you guys give the fund money
properly,he will distribute chit money exactly vanaroja 1000 rs
vanaroja 1000 rs be sure with the money
okay this is 15th chit fund
those who want to take auction,can start company auction 3000 rupees 4000 rs chellappan 4000 rupees 10,000
basheer 10,000 15,000 rs
jayanthi 15,000 rupees 25,000
meena sister 25,000 rs meena sister 25,000 rs
one time! whoever want can ask more
25,000 second time 25,000 third time I heard,you joined in some money
multiple scheme,what is it? – yes brother kathir enterprises is an company if we give 1 lakh rupee this month,they
will give double the money at 6th month really
yes this money is for my
daughter’s wedding keep this,and give double of the money
-sure let us do the marriage grandly
thank you meena sister,i will collect the chit
money and give tomorrow.. – okay it is getting late
let us leave this month collection is 5 lakhs not enough.. need more
okay.. a party told me that they
will invest 10 lakhs it will succeed anand..
hai anjali..come – you’re here? yes anjali,what
is the matter? guess what is tomorrow?
I know our hogenakkal movie
is going to release really tomorrow is my birthday
wow many more happy returns
of the day anjali it is okay,keep it with you tomorrow come I say uncle.. you too come come I say or..
I will kill you hai anjali
many more happy returns of the day thank you
look,who’ve come please come sir hello sir..
hello he is Mr.ranganathan
oh..greetings sir many more happy returns of the day
thank you sir hello sir
hai sir don’t you know him..this
is Mr.agree manikkam sir greetings sir
how’re you? agree manikkam is a
famous guy no one can escape from
your agreement it seems hai anjali..many more happy returns
thank you happy birthday anjali
thank you greetings sir anand
come here are you fine?
fine sir did you invest in this scheme?
how much? I am agent sir
is it yes sir..approximately I made
my customers to invest 74 lakhs okay at the end of the scheme maturity
time,do they refund the money properly they said definitely they will give
they said? Mr.kathiresan
sir I heard many people invest
their money in this scheme will you refund us at the right time?
why?don’t ypou trust us sir? sir,truthful company sir definitely we do we have confident sir
definitely they will return back thank you
it is my duty by the way he is gopinath he has 40 ground at valasarvakkam he will invest 10 crore in our company
wow great yes sir take care of them
I will be back come sir greetings to everyone this company name is
kathir enterprises it is a money multiply scheme our ex-commissioner will clear
detail about this company greetings money multiply scheme means money will be doubled if you invest 2 lakh rupees within 6 months you will get 4 lakhs if you invest 4 lakhs you will
get 8 lakhs within 6 months no companies will offer
such kind of scheme only this company can offer I am a ex-police commissioner I invested approximately 50 lakhs what to say more at the beginning I have
doubt on this company after I entered into this company
and noticed its debit and credit I really surprised
to see its profit after that I personally
invested 1 crore rupees everybody sign this form
and invest the money here anand
okay sir everybody come thank you sir everybody come here sign here velmurugan
two lakhs.. jayamani
five lakhs anand 5 lakhs awesome
sir everyone paid please check this details
you trust this company,please be with hope trust,belief
that is kathir enterprises I know why you are always taking us here
to see your guy right? oh really
hey your guy is smart look he is starring at you what is happening here
nothing much mom hey girl come here okay,..daily you are
passing by this way and starring at this house what is the matter
your house is looking nice,that’s why you’re just looking the beauty
of house,or anything else? no actually
what is your name? mom she is anjali
am working in that kadhir enterprises know that owner’s sister in law mom brother okay okay good sister-in-law what
you confirmed her mom he is feeling shy often come here
okay my sister will search
me,see you another day.. – okay ♫beautiful flower..
why you feel so shy♫ ♫deer..deer..
you are a unsolved thurst♫ ♫you are the blowing wind
come on my love♫ ♫i will swim in water and become a fish
come on my love♫ ♫beautiful flower..
why you feel so shy♫ ♫deer..deer..
you are a unsolved thurst♫ ♫we became together
like a life and a soul♫ ♫we both became like a moon
in a light and beauty♫ ♫i went in search of a
flower on a garden♫ ♫i am going to give a flower
when the entire city watch us♫ ♫the entire city will
sing like a honey♫ ♫beautiful flower..
why you feel so shy♫ ♫deer..deer..
you are a unsolved thurst♫ ♫we will be like a eye
and a eye sight ♫ ♫is this a dream which a not failure in
love and a successful love♫ ♫you are a love king
there are hundreds of love deams♫ ♫i went to search a water,but
you came like a river♫ ♫but instead of it,a love
honey is flowing inside me♫ ♫beautiful flower..
why you feel so shy♫ ♫deer..deer..
you are a unsolved thurst♫ ♫today we get together
come on my life♫ ♫i will swim in water and become a fish
come on my love♫ ♫beautiful flower..
why you feel so shy♫ ♫deer..deer..
you are a unsolved thurst♫ anjali..
anjali.. anjali.. your college has come
get down okay be careful here
okay I am going
okay bye okay bye
bye madam I am anand
come in anand sir name Mr.suresh
greetings madam please sit 2 and half lack money which Suresh have
saved for his daughter’s marriage he is here to deposit that
money in our bank madam if we give his money with
our money,he will do his daughter’s marriage
with a grand success so what I will give it first fill this application brother within 6 months try to refund money ma’am
no worries anand, I will take care thanks ma’am
be brave finished?
yes have it madam give me the money you itself give him
the money here madam anand ..don’t worry
I will take care how is your sister and brother-in law
they are good everybody get the offerings get it in your hand nice figure right.. can’t you see her. if we touch
her she will automatically turn idiot.. rascal.
okay darling let us see tomorrow anjali.. what happened
get up hey.. hey what?you misbehaved
with the girl and moving who are you
even she is quite you think you’re a hero never mind,iam hero or zero
but I am not scoundrel like you rascal..
hey… stop..
hey I am not coming for this fight
hey dude someone beat me come fast hey leave him..they
did it mistakenly anjali come I will drop you
no it is okay it is okay come anjali no it is okay
hey go with him,you got hurt in legs will come by walk..
go careful go slowly careful anjali..keep it okay bye anjali bye
okay uncle
what is this? while a girl changing dress you are seeing it no manners first get lost
hey,what talking too much I said get lost what is the problem?
anjali what happened? ask your husband, what happened? while I was changing dress
your husband saw me he was hiding and saw me
ask him to get out first what is this?
look I did not came to saw her dressing,she was
going in bike with someone I came to warn at that time she was changing
dress what to do? – enough don’t say anything more I know about you
very well I can crystal clearly recognize
what would have happened here this is first and last hereafter she should
not go with anyone if any emergency
ask her to call me I will pick up her
okay okay I will manage customers are waiting at
downstairs go and look them anjali what dear hereafter he will not trouble you
I will take care,okay?? okay sister change your dress and come
let us eat meena,don’t forget this
brother after getting marry son family of groom has come they fixed the mall next week,they are going
to make wedding chain they asked us to come you don’t get busy on that day it is my family wedding we should gather up
to do all the work meena dear wedding bride,are you happy
brother I feel shy look she is blushing meena dear ask whatever you
want to this brother at last you should not blame this
brother that I missed something my brother will not miss
anything to do for me enough mom
hey have some more anand anand
you sit.. I will check no mom you sit I will check
hey listen to me not at all letting
him to eat oh you brother
come in I have not collected money yet members who took chit fund
asked two more days time after I collected money within two
days I come to your home and give okay sure
there is an occasion in my home I know you are trustful guy somehow give within 2 days
okay brother see you
okay look son hereafter leave this chit
fund and finance business let us do labor work and earn okay come and eat
no mom I don’t want I feel bad
hey do you think your problem
will solve if you skip food jagan brother I came to collect fund money no way give back my money which I
deposited in that finance company later on you get your money sir in our company scheme those who joined starting,have reached
maturity time and got back their money please settle the money can’t you understand ,do
we have money in my hand we have deposited in
share market real estate, get from next month
now go how could you say this? what should I answer for
those who gave money you are getting commission
right,go and tackle it sir,please do think about me don’t tension me
I have many work go and tackle them
don’t torture what he is saying like this? what should I answer
for customers how to tackle them
for about one month policy came to end
before two months you cannot keep on
say today, tomorrow did you deposited our money there
or you took everything I deposited everything on that day I gave
receipt to you they said they will
give before 10 Th definitely you will get hereafter I don’t behave like this,and
make you to come near my house this is last warning
if I don’t get within next month I don’t know what will happen okay let us come
by next month we should do him something
I have told asked for time,please go I don’t care
I did not pay money for them I trust you and paid
you are the agent right? though they give money or not
you should give me if you can’t tackle this
why are you taking chit fund chit fund? brother I will return money
while chit members return you never mind..give my money
just give me two days time somehow I will return you will you give money or
I will call police? sir wait for two minutes come in why you called me mom what are you doing?
why are you opening beerow tell me meena why she is opening beerow?
no idea take all this jewels
and sell it first settle the
money to all of them mom… these jewels are saved for
sister’s marriage mother please keep it
I will handle my problem mom how?
how will you manage first you have to manage them
that is why I am saying tell your brother to get this
brother,take it take it no need mom
keep it in locker hey they talk so badly
I can’t hear all this if jewels are sold no problem
we can buy it again what can we do
if the dignity is lost look, sell all this jeweleries,and pay
the money to those people after that come
to home why are
you crying mom for my
sister’s marriage I will earn more
and I will buy more jeweleries for her Nd I will do her
marriage in a grand manner be strong mom go brother
I am strong,now you go go dear
we can buy these jeweleries again brother
come lets go mom.. mom… I am kathir,yes kathir
I am a super kathir hello kathir
enterprises MD. how are you,long time no see
I am good sir I thought to meet you
but you itself came no problem,now I came right
sir everything is ready sir is cash is inside?
yes sir,i kept all the cash inside now keep this amount, I will settle
the balance money at next collection this is what you are saying
where is the zip? how much
do you have it is
less only okay,i will adjust it
okay sir look next time you should not keep any balance
okay sir,i won’t you need my help
okay sir or else I will…
okay sir hey,sit down man
sit down look,customers are waiting
so first take care of them all the best sir… what Devi,how are you?
I am good sir take the juice sir
thanks dear my tummy and heart is full
then? tell your husband
he didn’t gave refund to the public now itself there is
a bad talk outside if he get caught,we all will caught
so inform him,okay tell him,okay
bye hey anand
how are you you look so dull
yes sir all matured customers are blaming
that they didn’t got any refund sir everyone came to my home
and tortured me sir I asked to kathiresan sir
he said it will take more 2 months sir you asked to kathiresan sir itself?
yes sir great you are if I ask him,he will get upset
so I asked his wife okay sir
now you itself said sir,somehow you talk to him and
tell him to refund the money sir is it?
yes sir will do something
okay sir okay sir
thank you sir are you
sitting here anand what happened why are you
looking dull what ever it is
share with me what to
say anjali whoever have joined in loan have
not paid the fund amount properly if I won’t pay the loan money within 10
days they said they will shout at me not only that
your uncle.. he didn’t returned the
money properly to anyone I sold all my sister’s jeweleries
which we had for her marriage I don’t know how
to manage others now,what should I do
anjalI no problem everything will
happen good for you lets see what is going to happen hey anand don’t know what problem
they going to create look,he is
sitting here hat brother,we can’t
see you for so long I think you are hiding from us
is it? hey
first settle the money its a big job to
find you always look,we will give it back
brother tell them hey,give the money
hello… behave with some respect
if you are a respectful women ,then you pay anjali,
why are you paying them enough is it pure gold or
aluminium hello,it is not aluminium
its platinum it is expensive than gold
is it,it is not enough for us okay come
its a profit hey,i will take this bike
for the balance amount greetings brother
I am coming to see you brother,i have arranged my
daughter’s marriage at 20th I hope you will
return my money back or else,i have to committee
suicide with my entire family don’t worry brother,i will take care
now go I will talk to them
okay brother I am leaving
sit anjalI I gave the fund
amount which you took but you didn’t paid
my installment money your’s,mother’s and your
grandmother’s amount have to be paid yet,totally
75 thousand have to pay I can’t pay you money
do whatever you want to do,go madam
don’t you have humanity I don’t have
any humanity if I had humanity,i can’t build a
house like this and live with a pride look here if I cheat ten people like him
then I can live like a rich are you a women
anjali you can’t pay back the money
but came to talk about him take the bike what is there to
talk with her get lost I have seen many
people like you just now I brought
the urea sacks I will pay after the harvest
if you say like this,what will I do please do something
understand anand even I brought the urea in debt
what to say with the loan company brother I will pay somehow anand
it is all because of your uncle don’t worry anand you come with me
I will talk to my uncle whatever you say
but I can’t do anything for 2 months at least settle the money
for two of the people hey,you both are
supporting him that is what
I said I can’t no,what I am trying to say is..
hey… enough
I will kill you they are not letting
me to work peacefully hey anand
mom.. you made anjali to stay out
and what are you doing here an important work mom
hey,what is this why are you taking the will
I will tell you later later?
what is he doing brother
anand speaking I want 4 lakhs
urgently brother I will give you my
house will okay brother,it is okay
I will come within 1 hour,please arrange it okay brother
hey.. brother,
it is me come to ezhil
finance brother brother
tell me you can celebrate your daughter’s
wedding grandly brother 4 lakhs are there hey buddy
give me a drink buddy good persons should not drink buddy
nothing like that buddy I don’t feel
good buddy give me a drink buddy
dude… you don’t need this all
give me a drink pour it enough give it
hey… hey,
pour some water why people are
always cheating me please pour some drink
buddy.. even we won’t drink this much
stop it dude buddy I have so
many problems not one rupee
or two rupee one crore and 2 lakhs how will I pay this debt hey,
stop it buddy
enough hey what is he doing
hey… hey,buddy
getup dude that is what I
said not to do come lets go
buddy in this situation if I go home my mother will
feel bad dude I will stay in your
room for one night knock the door
anand…anandh… anand
open the door who are you?
call your brother brother didn’t came
home last night we lost our money
because of him,but he escaped hey,call
your mother mom…
what dear what
everyone came here what happened?
don’t you know that call your son first he didn’t came home last
night,now he will come he won’t come
he ran away with our money where he said
you to come he is not that
kind of boy he will return all
your money why are you creating
problem now if we ask our money will you talk like this
we paid so much so call your son first call him..
oh god he went to collect
the money he will return
all your money we sold our jewels
to pay all your money don’t think like that
he will return your money we know how to get our
money back from them the girl look very beautiful
then why should we worry you all can die
instead of living ever his mother looks
very beautiful if we ask the money
they are doing like this what ,they went inside
they locked the door the boy have not yet came
he will come here look,
he came why you all
crowded here what?
you don’t know why are we standing here we paid the loan amount
don’t you know us what you want money right yes
even yesterday I asked in office even now I talked don’t talk this story we want to know whether you
deposited money or not you want to go to office right
yes yes don’t shout..let us go now
I will inform my mom and come okay come fast mom meena..what are you
sleeping at this time mom mom mom
what happened mom meena..meena
mom alas! mom.. what happened mom??
meena mom… meena mom what happened
why have you done this? you bloody fellows I gave the jewels which I
kept for my sister’s wedding I have my house document also you guys killed my family hey what you want??
you want my life? take it what you want more?? you guys made me orphan oh god..by hearing thus even
I could not tolerate this how you tolerate all this? to convince him it took a lot of days sir we have been cheated by
them,,come and ask sir.. hey hey stop it I struggled a lot and
deposited 5 lakhs rupees they cheated us
I sold my house and paid 2 lakhs rupees they cheated everything hey,,you guys are watching
news channel and news paper day by day people come
forward to cheat like this even many films have
come.,don’t guys aware of it first learn to save your
money which you have earned okay everybody write a
complaint letter and give I will try to find the criminal
and find a way for your money if you guys see that agent
hand over him to me sir agent anand got money from us
lot of complaint on that guy definitely I will catch him okay..you guys move
I will manage put total gross amount approximately 1000 people and over 400 crore collection but only 650 people
gave complaint so far people who tried to exchange black
money into white did not gave complaint where have you hide that money not 400 crores sir hey hey are you trying to cheat
us like you did with everyone tell me the truth sir not 400 crore rupees sir shut up hey are you lying with us I am police officer shall I tell the details
of that 400 crores look give us 400 crore rupees and
you take 100 crore rupee brother for you 150 crore
and for me 150 crore look I will freed you
from all the case if not you have spend your life span along
with your family in vellore prison do you know what is police treatment
it is like experiencing hell what you want prison
or California sir I will give
as you said that is good tomorrow come to my estate bungalow with
the cash amount of 300 crore rupees brother tomorrow morning they are asking for 300 crore money
and also our anjali to guest house I don’t know what to do let us give all the
money and surrender this is what Io struggled so far in this situation
police will not save us also public will not leave us no other option,ask
her to get ready everything is
according to faith what’re you talking I will not accept for this
hey don’t you understand is her virginity more
important than our lives tomorrow night 10pm we have to leave her
in their guest house if not I will take her..mind it anand where are you
are you serious they decided to use me
anand do one thing let’s kill that guy hey you
don’t make a big issue no need anjali do you know their address
I know you have address that’s enough hey dude
I got an idea I know a inspector he is a good guy let us tell
him everything he will help us for sure tell me
sir my friend is in big problem you can help him issue went beyond the limit
it is okay I will help you but one thing my department should not know it I will take care..don’t let that
guy to come out of his house I will do whatever I can hello
SI speaking sir yeah raja tell me I heard you and kadhir
enterprises has some relation anand and their friends
gave complaint sir is it
yes sir very thanks rajan rajan do one thing
yes sir that stupid agent anand arrest him wherever he is
yes sir file all the cheating case on him
okay sure sir inform to all police station
okay sir okay while coming
tell sir I want to donate something
okay sir come to my home at home
sir if any problem comes I will take care of it,don’t worry
okay sir hello
sir it is me
how do that agent know your place sir she ran away from my house sir she might say it
what your sister-in-law ran away
yes sir hey immediately find and lock him..or
else everyone has to go to prison find her immediately or else problem okay sir
okay take care hey ranga..where are you
come here ranga..it is you
yes sir you,that otteri billa,aaru
soori and agram babu four of you go and kill him
and bring her to me you did mistakes
why are you taking their lives it is sure that
police will find you let them be happy leave them
what?to leave them I will not leave them where ever they go I will not leave them
look if anything
happened to them? then I will go to police station
and give complaint on you hey I will not leave you go to dharmapuri
stay in uncle house you don’t call us
if anything important we will call you hey..do you have money hey give him monhey keep this be brave.. go in short route
keep this also okay I am leaving
go safe oh my god somebody come
please give some water sir please somebody call to ambulance
sir please sir hello
ambulance?? I think..people anger
will turn our side he did everything and made us to
involve in trouble..he ran away brother
don’t worry I know where he would be where he would be?
hogenakkal hogenakkal ♫quarter needs matter
matter needs quarter♫ ♫find a hot
sweater soon♫ ♫for drinks it needs snacks
a TV needs cricket match♫ ♫if both mingled together
it needs boldness♫ ♫a circled rock and a shapeless
rock will be a slippery rock♫ ♫your eyes is a
mesmerizing rock♫ ♫are you playing
only after I said♫ ♫i am a note counting machine
which counts tons of notes♫ ♫quarter needs matter
matter needs quarter♫ ♫find a hot
sweater soon♫ ♫a cold water stream
is flowing here♫ ♫even this world is
spinning for your words♫ ♫even a rock is
roaming boldly here♫ ♫even a old man cannot
sleep after he saws that♫ ♫don’t shake,don’t shiver
oh god♫ ♫i am an island,you jump
on me without hurting me♫ ♫quarter needs matter
matter needs quarter♫ ♫find a hot
sweater soon♫ ♫all the time,my
hip is housefull♫ ♫by seeing it,all the
men started flirting ♫ ♫both your eyebrows are
like a beautiful arrow♫ ♫we need two more
life to touch it♫ ♫i am an malyali cracker
oh is it♫ come and flirt with me,i
am here with my beauty♫ ♫quarter needs matter
matter needs quarter♫ ♫find a hot
sweater soon♫ hey hey
careful go properly you drunker he is drunk anand
you go sorry boss by mistake I hit you
hey are you blind? hey dude a guy hit me hey dude hey
hey what happen?
a guy hit me where?
he is going in bike hey..we should not leave him
start the car..fast hey..go fast..
yes I am driving why he hit you? hey hit me and went
we should not leave him ,go what you want me to do
don’t talk go go go
overtake him,,hey stop go go
hold him who are you
why are you blocking the way you are asking whom?
hey he is the guy,right? hey he is the one
ask him dude it is not my mistake
he only came in front of my bike anand.. hey what starring?tie him up
leave me it is your mistake
– let us see whose mistake leave me I said leave me somebody come to help me
hey leave me hey how dare to beat us you… leave me
hey dude he beat me anand anand
leave me anand… anand..
come let us go sir,is this anjanayar sir house?
yes what is the matter want to meet sir
he is in foreign,he’ll return after 3months is it?
see him later okay fine
okay sir bike you left the bike
you itself keep it we have no other option so we came to this decision no please no no one should face
problems like this look children both of you stay in
don’t come out I will go and open the shop
I will be back very soon later on will see a great man.. will ask
him help..definetly he will not leave us hey bald
look there her shoes are very beautiful
socks too above that socks,that yellow
trousers are attractive that Michael Jackson photo on that black
t-shirt is amazing like Jackie Chan hey that yellow color
between her neck and t-shirt which means that wedding
chain is beautiful hey we have seen him before hey can’t you recognize him
no I used see few people
regularly,no one is here he is that sir who comes from south
Africa every year.. – exactly sir greetings sir
greetings are you fine
I am fine.how about you all we were waiting for you for about a week sir is this all gold??
yes it is gold jewelry original gold only he is wearing more gold
jewelry than last time somehow we have to get it from him..so
that I can finish my two sisters wedding if we get this gold from him,we can
buy some land to build another hotel hey let us make sir to finish his breakfast hey first massage sir seems very tired lets make him to eat
no massage first let him finish his breakfast
no massage first okay okay okay
relax hey what are you doing man?
massage look at his body
like a wooden tree hey don’t treat him like
others and spoil my name from my childhood I have massaged
to many buffaloes.. -hey I means to say many people if you do him properly,he will spread
our fame to the foreign countries he will send many people from
there,our life will be settled last week I send a foreign girl
what happened? I took that foreigner
to my house at night he stolen everything from me
you was not alert,so she did it get up slowly
and turn that side go and have bath
hey hey why did you push him??..-why
he don’t know swimming he don’t know swimming?
you go and save his life I too don’t know
you too??come this side why??
come I said.. you too jump you want me to save? I am not a sinner to
save you all tomorrow morning your body will reach
to mettur dam..i will meet you there sir..both of them are struggling
a lot in their life they decided to commit suicide I only saved them,and
brought here somehow please shower
your help to them here sir so you did not do any mistake,is it?
yes sir I did not do any mistake
you have any eye witness? I am there the only reason
for everything is my brother-in-law so will you come to say witness
definitely I will come sir Ganesh check everything and file the case
okay sir by investigating
the witness the kathir enterprises proprietor,kathir
who Si standing in criminal court has cheated the
common people it has been proved that he
cheated 400 crore rupees so criminal kathiresan under the law of Epcot
section of 420,416 ten years of prison and 25,000 rupees fine this is
the order of this court agree manikkam and ex police commissioner
ravi Kumar those who helped the criminal punishing them with
severe prison punishment anand who worked as agent
in kathir enterprises under the reason of who cheated
many people with chit fund this court ordered to punish
him with two years of prison bring anand’s appointment order it is time for them to come
okay sir sir greetings..shall we come in sir
yes please come just before I was talking about you
you came,hundred years you have helped them for a good life
likewise their marriage should be help in front you
yes sir is it??marriage..very good
congratulation thank you sir
give him the invitation you should bless me sir
please come for sure is it I should give you some
gift for your marriage Ganesh have you brought?
yes sir here
what is this sir? gift amount will be give at marriage,but
you’re giving now??”-this not gift amount his appointment order order for his job really
thank you so much sir keep this..i will gift you
on your day of wedding sir you are most welcome,no need gifts
get blessings from him live happily
stay blessed ♫a small moon is talking
a wedding function♫ ♫it is opening a
colorful feathers now♫ ♫all the dreams which she
had is coming true now♫ ♫in small eyes,the thunders are
fallen and giving beauty to her♫ ♫legs are drawing rangoli
legs are drawing rangoli♫ ♫a small moon is talking
a wedding function♫ ♫it is opening a
colorful feathers now♫ ♫give a flower bouquet for the
fair girl and the wedding groom♫ ♫in her round neck,a
wedding chain is swinging♫ ♫in that bindhi
also added♫ ♫if saree and dhoti
get mingled♫ ♫heart became sandal,it
became fragrance sandle♫ ♫the wedding bride’s look
is like beautiful peacock♫ ♫the wedding bride’s look
is like beautiful peacock♫ ♫it is a beautiful scene of radhai
and kannan swinging in the wind♫ ♫this scene became very beautiful to
eyes when radhai and kannan swings♫ ♫we will bless them
we will bless them♫ ♫a shyness and beauty
became a girls life♫ ♫a mans humanity is being with
the girl till she is alive♫ ♫this is a mans humanity♫ ♫she is our lucky girl,
the god given lucky girl♫ ♫get the blessings from the
relatives who came to the marriage♫ ♫bless them with a
good heart♫ ♫yes she is
an angel♫ ♫if they join both of
there hands together♫ ♫heart will blossom,
a new journey will start♫ ♫madhurai meenatchi who had
so many colorful flowers♫ ♫he is a chidambaram’s ruler
who has all the powers♫ ♫we will bless them
we will bless them♫ ♫a good blessing came in thousands
of flowers which was showered♫ ♫our heart is filled because
of the relatives visit♫ ♫we will thank them
with our heads bent♫ anand got job near by
hosur in a big company they lived happily every week they come here to see
me and they will stay happy are you fine mom?
anjali.. anand.. how are you guys
we are fine it is okay leave it
will take it later what are you going to help
I will help you anjali today full rest for her
you have to cook..-rest for me?? she is going to cook??who will
eat??customers will run away by god grace everything is amazing
Di you want any grocery brother eat something? it is okay.. I will go
and bring some water hey no need son
honey,you go and bring servants are there what is this you are simply sitting
yes mom,today anjali’s preparation of food very tasty,you have eat and tell the review
yes you have to.. – ANAND water for what
hey this is how you’re treating my son what is this?it is his
duty to work for you hello where is my bag man I will give come sir
hello hello where is my bag man? I said I will give come sir hey my bro..
hai bro.. oh god,i think he will take him away hug me is it good?
is it good?? okay sir,for what
you have come? for me next month marriage for you next
month marriage?? girl from which place?
south Africa that’s why you both are hugging
sir come let us hug okay for what you
have come here? I came to massage my
body and to make it fit your one body on a single
bone and came to make it fit I have a friend he will tight the total body you come hey hello..-what?
where is my bag man? you want bag?come I will give
no wait come I will give
hey wait man what bag?
come you fool hey you had enough massage,get lost
hey hey not yet over look at your side
big party it is over,go okay I will give
his bag and come within that ready him
I will be back remove your shirt so far I massaged
only for humans no I have to massage to a ghost
how am I look like? one side looks like bruce-lee
other side looks like jet-lee how my eyes looks? it looks like ezham
arivu(movie) dong-lee all over how I looks all over looks like “world hero” shall we start the massage what is this? if I massage here it
is good for rib bones so if you massage near my chest
it is good for everything hey bey I asked you to massage
what are you doing? he is keeping for my massage
it doesn’t seems like that check if you want you killed him murder? he said next week his marriage
you made him dead body hey police is coming
police?? hey please save me dude
I cannot save you,please leave me I will give you half of my salary
it is not enough for me give half of your property,i will save you
half share of my property okay fine,stay happy
please save me dude go and escape
okay pig go,don’t trouble me enter in and run
you too come anand tomorrow Monday,you’ve work?
yes of course in our dark life this ponnatha and
that kaveriaatha light lamp in my life at least once in a
week I must see you I feel very happy you saw me..but you have
to see cauvery goddess..-definitely let us take bath and come
you are in hogenakkal must take bath go and thank to goddess cauvery I cooked your favourite chicken
and her favourite sear fish take a safe bath and come quick
okay mom okay go safe
will be back ♫i am your better half
you are my better half♫ ♫if I go without loving you
my heart won’t Barr it♫ ♫you are my love life
you are my love life♫ ♫after I saw you my heart
do something inside♫ ♫i totally gave my
heart to you♫ ♫daily I forgot myself
by thinking of you♫ ♫dear..my dear,
I am your slave♫ ♫i am your better half
you are my better half♫ ♫if I go without loving you
my heart won’t Barr it♫ ♫if you smile little
it is enough for me♫ ♫my heart will also dance
in wind with a love♫ ♫is this sky,land and air
are imaginary things♫ ♫the love will long live which
you and I have in between us♫ ♫i am your better half
you are my better half♫ ♫if I go without loving you
my heart won’t Barr it♫ ♫only for me♫ ♫dear,god had created you
only for me in this earth♫ ♫in my life,only because of
you the lights are bright ♫ ♫always your love will
be with me my love♫ ♫i am your better half
you are my better half♫ ♫if I go without loving you
my heart won’t Barr it♫ ♫i totally gave my
heart to you♫ ♫i spent my rest of the
life only for you♫ ♫dear,my dear,
I am your slave♫ ♫i am your better half
you are my better half♫ ♫if I go without loving you
my heart won’t Barr it♫ hey stop hey hey careful enough of taking bath, it is
getting Kate come let us go will go..please five minutes
she will be waiting for us let us go no let us go
come let us go anjali careful rocks are there
okay come fast honey.. come fast how long you take
come fast I have seen her some where yes,they are hey dude where have you been? how long we have to wait with the drinks
hey be quite on that day those who escaped
from us is taking bath there come man
come lets go we should not leave them
come man its so late they didn’t came yet
where they went they have not done
like this before they will
come earlier what ponnatha,
what are you waiting for our anand and anjali went to
take bath,but nit yet came it is getting late
right so only I prepared their favourite food chicken
fish and so..but they haven’t come yet angamma you take care of the shop
I will go and search for them take care..put off the flame as soon
as the curry gets cook..i’ll be back hey how re you
honey come here anjali
your husband beat me on that day hey stop.. anjali
oh god I got stuck in swirl anjali..hey stop
please come fast anjali run away anjali run away
hey listen to me,stop it anjali go away anjali(sarcasticlly)
anjali go anjali run away
you scoundrels leave her anjali run away anjali
oh my god..anjali anjali.. I am searching everywhere
where they have went? anjali hey somebody is coming..come
let us run away anjali..
where you guys went? oh my god anjali..
anjali anjali..
anjali what happened to you child?
where is anand? oh god..anjali oh god..anjali anjali my anand went to take bath but he don’t know
it was a swirl so he dead after that I kept
anjali with me those who spoiled
anjali life are they caught
by police we gave complaint in police police did not help us but there is a god
above everyone she will punish the culprit that god send a guy as a yeman”(god who takes life) she send a guy hello prithvi
tell me sir tomorrow have to go to hogenakkal
what to hogenakkal? -yes come soon okay sir I will come
within half an hour sister..-what?
one day i got stuck here alas!then what have you done?
sister look there no don’t go there
hello listen to me uncle stop
please everybody don’t go listen to me don’t go there
please no oh my god save them..
please save them no please stop,don’t jump
somebody come please somebody save them
please come what happened?
look there four members they did not listen my word and got
stuck in swirl.please save them sir everybody starring at them,somebody help
move move everybody what sir they all dead in their young age
what protection you are giving? shut up for what we kept warning
board everywhere? coming and drinking here
at last they will die in water hey constable send dead bodies to GH fast
what to do?come let us go anjali.. yes
what are you doing? what are doing without sleeping
that is people who coming
to hogenakkal will drink without worrying
for their family and dying to change those people I am writing few lines an educated fellow is
always an educated one you write well look tomorrow I will go to bus stand and
print this and distribute to everyone okay
okay you write coming to hogenakkal follow those words
and go happily read this
have this here brother..read this words read this okay prithvi
tomorrow what scene? if you know what is the scene
you finish it in single take tomorrow’s scene is hero and
heroine taking bath in water is it prithvi ask director to change the scene
is it? if I asked him to change the scene
he’ll change you.. -it is okay though in case of loss of producer
I want to finish this movie because for me you are important
madam after all you are doing
too much for bathing may be tomorrow hero heroine will
have lip-lock scene.what ‘ll you do? exactly
is it what’re you walking on
the middle of the road hey scoundrel hey
come come come hey no one should open
their mouth until I say hey who is scoundrel?
what did you said? I said
scoundrel am I looking
like scoundrel if not,why did you not stop
the car after you hit me you’re still alive
hey you hit me and asking I am still alive
what? hey what to do now?
hey hey.please don’t do anything get in car sir
tell him that you go and sit sir
I’ll tell him hey move from here don’t create scene
I will see you later hey I will kill within you leave
this hogenakkal take car dude going with a girl it seems director
is in good mood super sir wonderful location sir prithvi
sir heroine.. hero.. it seems like torturing not like that sir she is good girl is it?
you will talk like this sir dialogue
hey bless me sir
sir who is he? he is name Rama
my assistant director if he is with me I
will be enthusiastic so what is
his job for him his job is to take care of
criminals like you both so his job is to tell about us
hey hey stop go I’ll take care what you’ve to do is heroine
will go gently in next shot hero will follow her romantically do it let me see prithvi all the best
do well hey watch now
I will do good obviously you will do good hey what happened?
hey lift him careful
slowly hey what happened to you?
oh my god you’re bleeding is it paining?
sir he is bleeding more where?
hey call call take it take it
ready sir? take it bleeding okay come getting
late for shooting come come
come give two bottle
hey dude.. – what? we have to enjoy well
definitely dude we should not miss anything
definitely we have to enjoy,understand hey..
stop go to our usual place
hey go dude
hey stop stop I said really
yes dude,i saw them you could not forget anything because you’re keep
on thinking the same that is why everybody
is looking like them don’t I know them? I saw them you may be right where they went? okay okay look let us go and see,if they still remain
there let us go and complaint to police understood?
okay come come brother
don’t go that side stop who are you why you came here who’re you you should not take
any wrong decision look
whatever the problem may be definitely there is a solution if god close one door,he will
definitely open another door failure is the step for success
everybody should succeed I understood likewise,for me and anjali you feed braveness
and made us to live mom it is me anand
anand?? do you know anand? my spirit is in
this boy’s body three years I am roaming
here and there? those who spoiled my anjali’s life and those who
reasonable for my death they are here go and give complaint
get them harder punishment I will kill them I am in this boy’s body . if I kill
them blame will be put on this boy I don’t want to do that sin
you please go listen to me please go
hey hey what happened? hey anjali hey bring some water anjali
fast bring it fast I have seen him somewhere
get up aunty where am I now? what happened to me aunty? anand donated blood
to this guy you come who save by donating me blood anand’s spirit came in that boy’s
body and he went to take revenge inspector sir greetings before three years few guys spoiled
this girl life,i found them this girl saw them sir please catch them and give
severe punishment and arrest them incident happened before three years
how are you sure about them this girl know them
tell him yes sir it is them I know well how they came? car it will be in sky blue color karnataka registration number..
karnataka yes inspector
number 9550 is that so
you gave me information I will search them and arrest come later you may move now sir if you come now this girl
will show that guys to you you have informed me,i will find them
trust us and leave now no actually
it is my duty,please go we should do good for
this girl,i will do it go thanks sir
good definitely he will do
Mr.rajkumar do one thing go to narthampatti,if you find
anybody like that inform me uh check post I am inspector speaking
note the point civic. yeah sky blue color karnatakka registration 9550 if you find that car,inform
me as soon as possible okay hey wait
let us have drink hey what is this?
why police van has come here what is all this? it is crime to drink at hogenakkal
public place.. – sorry sir just before we came just for jolly
which place? sooriya giri sir whose son in sooriyagiri
Chandra Kumar MLA
what are you MLA son sir? I will call to my dad
will you speak no no it is okay have you come here before three years
sir we four of us were in
Singapore before three years this is first time we are
coming to hogenakkal why asking sir
nothing much a girl was raped by four guys we have got complaint on you
sir what’re you talking?
who gave complaint on us? how could we?
that too a girl keep quite
what inspector?joking? did we rape after
all a fisher girl? may be it’s group who will choose rich
guys like us to blackmail and get money sir you inquire them
hey ask that girl who gave
complaint to meet sir sir have you caught that
criminals?whch jail are they in where?
hey hey wait those for whom you gave complaints ,they
said this is the first time for hogenakkal sir I clearly said they
have already come he is son of sooriyagiri MLA’s son we cannot fight with them commissioner called me and said they have all the evidence for they have
been in Singapore before three years though he is the criminal
we cannot do anything only your god should
come to help you keep bindhi
for what me and anand got married in front of this god now this god take
my anand from me when this god will punish
the one who spoiled my life on that I will keep this bindhI sir What?
some scenes are missing in between what?some scenes are
missing in between hey shot will be at 6’o clock take out fast
sir you gave our scene paper to prithvi where is prithvi? no idea
search him prithvi
prithvi hey what are you doing?
look here have you take the notes where is prithvi
you mean prithvi? at every night he is started to sing and he is keep on walking he is going some
where here and there no idea where he is going yes sir ♫you are my better half♫ ♫i am your better half♫ ♫if you leave me , how my
heart will tolerate it♫ ♫you are my better half♫ ♫i am your better half♫ ♫if you leave me , how my
heart will tolerate it♫ ♫like a child I am walking in the
middle of the forest at mid-night♫ ♫i could not see you
so my heart broken♫ ♫love! oh my love♫ ♫will I get your affection♫ ♫i am your better half♫ ♫you are better half♫ ♫if you leave me , how my
heart will tolerate it♫ ♫you have vanished like a fog♫ ♫i melted because of you
like, glacier on summer♫ ♫you have vanished like a fog♫ ♫i melted because of you
like, glacier on summer♫ ♫where have we gone♫ ♫that place is disturbing me♫ ♫without the knowledge of my eyes
my tears have gone beyond the limit♫ ♫your memory is following
me like a shadow♫ ♫my present life is
burning like a fire♫ ♫i am your better half♫ ♫you are better half♫ ♫if you leave me , how my
heart will tolerate it♫ ♫you broken in
front of my eyes♫ ♫everyday I struggled
with the painful heart♫ ♫you broken in
front of my eyes♫ ♫everyday I struggled
with the painful heart♫ ♫if there was another generation
I need you♫ ♫without my knowledge my
eyes are searching for you♫ ♫i am your better half♫ ♫you are better half♫ ♫if you leave me , how my
heart will tolerate it♫ ♫like a child I am walking in the
middle of the forest at mid-night♫ ♫i could not see you
so my heart broken♫ ♫love! oh my love♫ ♫will I get your affection♫ ♫i am your better half♫ ♫you are better half♫ ♫if you leave me , how my
heart will tolerate it♫ hey take the water
yes,give some water hey pour water
on his face where am I now? hey,come come
come inside hey take this
come on come on
hey,lie down first give him water first
yes,take it lie on me drink
hey what happened nothing is for me sir
no something happened to you yes something happened sir may be some spirit
has attacked him correct this hogenakkal,may
be you’re right correct Ar morning we have to search for good
swamy and should tell prithvi’s problem he’ll send the
ghost off no sir
you don’t worry everything will be alright sir
what man please at least take this bag
it is okay keep with you sir sir please
okay I will take it sir is stubborn
okay bye sir you are good fellow okay don’t worry next time
I will bring some more okay bye..
bye very good fellow ♫this world has born for us♫ ♫flowing river is also for us♫ ♫tis country will do
everything for us♫ at last new moon day this girl came to your foot oh god those who spoiled her virginity you should be punish them surely she will punish them it is promise hello hello here signal problem
hello hello vanaja can you hear me take a taxi come to hogenakkal come to natramalai road who is there?
hey hey don’t play I am scared hey who is there he went to call a girl
where he went? no idea
he is not picking up the call try one more time
did he said anything?.- no Krishna Krishna Krishna hey dude Krishna Krishna
Krishna Krishna I saw some shadow?
is that ghost hey it is our imagination what is happening
dude our imagination nothing.hey dude go and search there
you go there I will be here
go he is idiot no idea where he went
Krishna somebody went there no please
are you trying to escape I will not leave you hey I’ll not leave you I’ll not leave you
don’t do anything what are you starring? I will not leave you
you spoiled my anjalI I’ll not leave you hey go die in my station in my are
you guys are eve-teasing don’t you fear
will you do it? where?♫let us run off
after getting marry♫ are you touching the girls
I will break your hands go in
sir please save me what happened? in the forest some shadow
killed my two friends it came to kill me,but I ran and came
where? nartamalai road sir
hey it is a risky place what were you doing there whenever we come
we will stay there there will be no disturbance sir
what you said now? come again? natrambalai road sir hey at morning what have
you said to our guys this is the first time we
are coming to hogenakkal you said that you guys haven’t
seen hogenakkal before but what you said now
so before three years you guys
only spoiled that girl not me sir
tell me the truth I will kill you tell the truth
sir don’t beat me tell me I said
yes sir send him in prison tomorrow morning between 4-6 submit him in dharmapuri station
goddess khali you have proved your power you punished two of the guys how will you punish
rest of the two people who is in the middle of the road
hey hey who are you? what’re you
doing in the road hey.. what? are you
beating the police hey hey
who are you who?
hey we have seen him before I will not leave you you spoiled my anjali in front of my eyes you guys raped my anjali what?? attitude of rich guys though we begged a lot,but in front
of my eyes you raped my wife I will not leave you..giants like
you should not live in this world run!run! run wherever
I’ll not leave you help me dude hey god god please save me please save me god
hey you cannot get into
goddess khali border goddess khali will
always save good fellows you can’t do anything come
god… send that bad fellow out or give permission to enter into border god.. kill the bad guys you saved justice why are you silent now? punish him or give permission to
enter into border give god though you shout you
cannot do anything do you know
the time now? 5’o clock within few minutes
devote of god will come people will start to come even police will come with the police custody I will go with respect you cannot do anything god give permission to enter into border he should not win god give permission to
enter into border let me in
hey you can’t do anything hey go go
kill him anjali kill him kill him
what you said ,we can’t do anything? kill him
evils like you shouldn’t live anjali..
anjali.. anjali where she gone anjali anjali come here have you seen anjali
no no idea where she went
hey anjali anjali anjali stop where’re you going? I am going where should I have to go
anjali stop don’t go there don’t go there stop
don’t come go back
anjali wait anjali I am coming wait
I am going to my anand anjali please
stop,listen to my words please forgive me mom
no please stop anjali listen to me
I am there for you hold this anjali
I cannot live without anand somebody come and help if there is another birth,i
will born as a daughter for you please forgive me anjali but anjali she did not listen my words she dead so only I am telling if you come to tourist spot like
this,please enjoy and go safe enjoy the nature scenes and we are here
to cook delicious food for you guys enjoy bathing but please don’t come to this
place to lost your lives these all not normal lines
all the lines are golden laws very happy
go safe see you
okay bye aunty..
bye okay bye

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