Holiday Horror Movies to NOT Watch With Your Family | NowThis Nerd

Holiday Horror Movies to NOT Watch With Your Family | NowThis Nerd

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– Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m Moose. and there’s no shortage of heart-warming holiday classics out there,
but if you’re looking for something a little less saccharine, we’ve got some recommendations to start to start your holiday season with a scare. – Now that’s what I call fowl play. – So while your grandma’s
spreading conspiracy theories she found on social media,
and your siblings are fighting over the Switch, why not
cozy up with these extremely messed-up holiday horror movies to not watch with your family. (chuckles) (cries out in pain) And since we’re so close to
turkey day, lets start off with “ThanksKilling.” Everything thing you need to
know about this ultra trashy, extremely low budget
slasher flick is pretty much right on the cover. (squelching sounds) – Gobble gobble mother (beep). – It’s one of those movies
where the tag line was clearly thought up before the actual plot. Which centers around turkey, with an ie. An infernal fowl summoned to
our world to wreck havoc on who else, a group of college
kids home for the holidays. – Daddy! You look different. – Oh. – Oh, you got a hair cut. – Yeah. – “ThanksKilling” is extremely
sleazy, campy and cheap. It was made for only $3,500. But if you can get past
the terrible puppet, and you have a strong stomach,
it’s certainly the most violent movie involving killer turkeys since “Jurassic Park”. Besides, it’s barely over an
hour long, but if you still want more, there’s also a
sequel called “ThanksKilling 3,” because reasons. – Do I smell sequel? (yells) – It’s refreshing to see a
celebration other than Christmas represented in horror movies,
but if your inner Scrouge is a true holiday humbug, you can
enjoy some non-denominational snowy slaughter, with “Jack Frost.” – No, not the sappy Michael
Keaton movie of the same name and bizarrely specific premise. This Jack Frost is a serial
killer who crashes into a truck full of gene juice on
his way to death row. (ghoulish sing song voice)
And there must have been some magic in that mutagen he found. Because when he doused it on his head, (returns to normal speech) he
transformed into an abominable snow monster, who brutally
murders people with icicles. (suspenseful horror music) – What the hell are you? – (raspy voice) World’s
most pissed off snowcone! (horror music intensifies) (yells) – Today, “Jack Frost” is
best known for its iconic lenticular VHS cover, but it’s
largely been forgotten in the annals of holiday horror. Unlike, “Black Christmas.” One of the first slasher
movies ever, and definitely the first one focused on the holidays. 1974’s “Black Christmas” laid
the foundation for Halloween. Not to mention “Santa’s Slay,”
“Silent Night, Deadly Night,” and so on. It’s director, Bob Clark, went
on to make the most beloved holiday movie of all, “A Christmas
Story,” but before he was concerned with BB guns
and the Bumpuses’ dogs, (quirky music) – Son’s of bitches! Bumpuses! – He crafted the simple story
of a sorority under siege from a silent stalker. It’s a little quaint these
days; honestly “Home Alone” is probably more violent, (loud explosion) than the original “Black
Christmas,” but you can check out the 2006 remake if
you’re thirsty for gore. Or, the brand new take
coming to theaters soon. Finally, let’s dial back the
death and embrace insanity, because we’ve saved the
weirdest film for last: “Santa Claus.” (joyful holiday music) – Santa Claus, you love me don’t you? Say you love me, Santa. – We’re focusing on this 1959
Mexican film for two reasons. One, it’s in the public domain,
so we can use as much b roll as we want. And two, it is strange beyond description. – (yells inaudibly) – [Narrator] Apparently no one is in Santa’s magic observatory. – Instead of the North Pole,
this Santa Claus lives in a castle in outer space with his
best friend the Wizard Merlin the Roman God of Blacksmiths Vulcan, and an army of robot reindeer. Santa’s arch nemesis, Satan,
sends an emissary to Earth to disgrace and murder jolly
old St. Nick, and things just get stranger from there. Let’s put it this way,
the phrase nightmare fuel was literally coined
to describe this film. (startling dramatic music) – (whispers) There’s a prowler out there. He’s come to kill your
wife, and your children. – And it must be seen to be believed. Preferably with some MST3K commentary from Mike and the bot. (Santa creepy laughs) – [Mike] Whoah, now this
is good old fashioned nightmare fuel. (creepy laughter continues) – Now I realize we’ve only
scratched the surface of strange seasonal cinema. We could go on for hours, but
I really really need to see about some mashed
potatoes and pumpkin pie. So, until next time, have a
wonderful Thanksgiving and a happy holidays from all
of us at NowThis Nerd.


  1. I remember santa claus, it was kids movie here in south America. I remember watching that whem o was like 8 or 9 and oh boy, the scene were the dolls said that they don't have a heart and the little girl shoul steal things to get one.

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