Holidays Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Kevin Smith, Seth Green Movie HD

Holidays Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Kevin Smith, Seth Green Movie HD

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I’m sorry. We’re closed Oh. No, no, no. I called about the … Sorry, pal. Holidays are hell. I’m scared Shh. Time to close your eyes and go to sleep. Someone’s coming tonight. Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Happy Valentine’s day. It’s Christmas Eve. I’m out of time. Daddy? Stop smiling


  1. Anyone who has watched it; what is the name of the intro theme? the one that plays during the opening credits before Valentines Day?

  2. When the trailer gives you the summary of the movie people be like: They showed the whole movie.
    When the trailer gives some clips from the movie: I don't understand what's happening.

  3. Saw this on Netflix last night and basically it's…
    – a girl who gets bullied on Valentine's Day
    – an Irish woman giving birth to a snake
    – the Easter Jesus bunny is real
    – a woman who keeps getting pregnant
    – a girl tries to find her father
    – cam whores teach their boss a lesson on Halloween

    – Seth Faking Green buying a VR headset which implicates his past
    – A man finds a woman on the dating site on New Years and she's crazier than him

    My reaction at the end of this movie was "WTF did I just watch?"

  4. Im watching this movie on Netflix.., WTF IS THIS!?!? I honestly expected this to be a slasher/ serial killer movie buuuut not.

  5. hab mir grad angegugt…noch nie in mein leben hab ich so ein kranken ekligen sinnlosen unlustigen scheis angegugt 😂😂😂😂😂😂 der film ist so ein mülll des ist zu arg

  6. Diese kurzen Horrorgeschichten funktionieren irgendwie nicht. Ein guter Horror muss schon eine gewisse Stimmung aufbauen und dann ab-und zu mit paar guten Schockeffekten kommen. In diesen Kurzgeschichten ist überhaupt keine Zeit vorhanden um irgendeine Stimmung aufzubauen und nur mit paar Theater-Effekten stellt sich dann eher Langeweile ein. Ich denke auf diesen Film kann man verzichten.

  7. Not sure if this was just horribly bad or meant to be funny.
    Or both.. the only reason I kept watching because it was just so bad it became funny.

  8. To anyone saying this movie sucks doesn't understand the concept. It's a bunch of small movies in one and each movie represents a holiday. I honestly think it's great, its super weird and thrilling! but The St. Patrick's day one could've been better.

  9. Gente esse filme e muito pesado
    quase desmaiei Vendo Agoniante e angustiante
    Chega a passar do Terror Normal Fica muito pesado

  10. i watched the movie it wasn't bad but all the holidays take place in a different time its weird but it not bad

  11. I watched this movie with my friends and we will never get our childhood back…. the Halloween one screwed me over the most

  12. The movie was better than i thought it would be, i liked Mothers Day, Fathers Day, St Patricks, Valentines Day and Halloween,

    the others… meh :/ i wasnt so impressed.

    Halloween i only liked because of what happened to the guy and the bad pun at the end.

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  14. Valentine's Day
    St. Patrick's Day
    Mother's Day
    Father's Day
    New Year's Eve

    Yeah,Yeah,We Know That 😒

  15. Saturday February 14,2015:"Happy HEARTLY Valentine's Day!"

    Tuesday,March 17,2015:"Happy SNAKY St. Patrick's Day!"

    Sunday,April 5,2015:"Happy CREEPY Easter!"

    Sunday,May 10,2015:"Happy SATANIC Mother's Day!"

    Sunday June 21,2015:"Happy MYSTERIOUS Father's Day!"

    Saturday,October 31,2015:"Happy BLOODY Halloween!"

    Friday,December 25,2015:"Merry SPOOKY Christmas!"

    Thursday,December 31,2015:"Happy KILLING New Year's Eve!"

  16. The only good segments in this movie are Easter and Father's Day, the rest are just utter garbage, as is this movie

  17. اللي عنده رابط هذا الفلم ي ليت يرسله هنا. م حصلتو كامل مقاطع فقط

  18. okay, yeah, it’s bad. the only good one in my opinion is saint patrick’s day. the rest aren’t worth the watch, but please watch saint patrick’s day; i think it’s great.

  19. for the people saying they don’t understand, it’s multiple different stories that aren’t connected. it’s like black mirror, but pretty bad. Also, for everyone saying they’re watching for the cam girls, you see them for about a second. there’s tons of boobs in the mother’s day one, but in pretty disgusting context

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