HOME STAY in HD Hindi Full Movie  with English Subtitle

HOME STAY in HD Hindi Full Movie with English Subtitle

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Open. Anyone there? Open. We have fun! Give it to me. Girls, give me a break. What a cake! My cake. Thank you all. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Raj. This happened in a
famous city in South India. How did this incident happen? Who were in this party
related to this incident? Who were the people
who attacked them? Today’s topic is Home Stay. Hey, what is going on here? Who are you? Come on. What is home stay? What is the difference
between lodge and homestay? Has our government authorized this? Why is our youth
so inspired by this? Do the people come
here only for lust? Or are they really tourists? The one who are ignorant
this is a hill station. And a meet up place
for the ones who know. Is this true? There is only one answer
to these questions. Homestay. Is it a crime if a boy and
a girl parties in their homestay? Or is it a crime that a
boy and a girl met for a party? Did that boy and
girl attend the party.. ..with their parents’ permission? What has the public
to say about it? Come let’s find out. Sir, such things
happen almost every day. Some are known and
some remains hidden. The one who has fun
is bound to have fun. What was the need to
go there for a birthday party? They can also celebrate at home. Girls nowadays are shameless. This heinous incident shows
that girls are still unsafe. There are some hooligans
who harass girls.. ..sexually and physically
whenever they get a chance. Don’t you have work to do?
Why are you wasting time? Get lost. I go to work in the morning
and return home in the evening. I don’t know anything about it. Who gave them the
right to attack girls? And what kind of group is this? The one who are being so rowdy. Women and girls are
facing increased cruelty. Strict laws should be enacted
and they should be banned. If those assaulters
are not punished than we.. ..the women safety organization
will protest nationwide. No comments. Is this country really
independent or not? Can’t we even enjoy
our birthday party? I say that such groups
should be dealt with strictly. I don’t know much about it. Don’t bother me.
Don’t you have any other work? Whether it’s a boy or a girl,
justice should prevail. And the media should
support strongly. Only the media can
support this case. Otherwise they will
pay money and end this case. You know that we are
busy in the parliament. We know about this incident. The concerned department
is working on it. This case will get solved soon. Who partied there and why? We are investigating the same. Everything will be revealed
in a couple of days. Even before this several
frightening incidents have occurred. So what happened that
night in that homestay.. ..which raises question
on the same homestay. We will resume after a break. Please continue to
watch Live India TV. 3 2 1. Welcome back to Live
India Crime series. Coorg is the Kashmir
of South India. This is a famous tourist spot. It’s natural beauty
has attracted tourist.. ..from around the world. And because of this
we have homestays here. How safe are homestays? What attracts tourists to Coorg? A year ago a scary
murder had taken place. A guest staying in
that homestay was murdered. Who was that girl? Did that girl consent
to go to that homestay? Or was she kidnapped? Who did this?
– I don’t know. Sir! This happened
around 4 o’clock. She was a tourist. Sir. Sir. Only one question, sir.
Please, sir. Sir…
– Sir, please sir. This one year old cruel murder
revealed no clues till date. Come let us find out what
the police has to say about it. Sir, is it a pre-planned
murder or an accident? Sir, are you seriously
going to catch this murderer? Sir, who do you
think is the murderer? Your questions will be answered. Look this happened around 4 am. We have got an id
card from the corpse. The name of the victim is Rashmi. She is a tourist who had
come here with her friends. We are interrogating
her friends now. Once we have spoken
to them and her family.. ..we will be able to
establish the background. Sir, have you found any clue? We have found a dagger
from the crime scene. It has been sent
for forensic tests. Though the police station is nearby
you still don’t know anything. What are you doing? What is going on? Sir. I slapped him. Neither he nor you
know why I slapped him. In the same way nobody
knows the future. The police is not responsible for.. ..everything that is
happening in this city. Anyway you are going
to print whatever you want.. ..no matter what I say.
– No, sir… The investigation has started. And I am confident that
this case will be resolved soon. Such incidents are
common in tourist spots. And such incidents
often occur in homestays. The girls who avail
these homestays.. ..should be careful of
their security. Greetings. Keep watching Live India. Good evening, ma’am.
– Hello. Hey. Hi.
– Hi. How did you suddenly
get a 10 day leave? I am just lucky. I had actually asked for
15 days leave. But it’s okay. Anyway after reading
all these stories.. ..about crime, murder, etc. I know.
– I was sick of it. Anyway Rahul should
have some work to do too. By the way, what is your plan? What are you going
to do in these 10 days? I am going to have a lot of fun. By the way I am going to
surprise my fiancée in Coorg. Coorg?
– Yes. Wow! What a place. But suddenly. Yes, actually I didn’t
get a chance to spend time.. ..with him after getting engaged. Okay so you are going
to do hot stuff in cold Coorg.. ..with your fiancée, right?
– Yes. And tell me one thing. So with whom are you
going to stay with there? No, Coorg means homestay. I am going to avail a homestay. Homestay?
I heard about it. Well play safe. Okay.
– Enjoy the trip. – Yes. I have to go and pack.
So much of work. And now you will work at office.
– I know. Too much work. Only Rahul and work for a week. Manage them well. Okay then.
– Okay. Bye. – Bye. And happy journey.
– Thank you. – See you. Okay. Got it. Hello?
– Hello baby. Hi, how are you? I am fine, what about you.
– I am doing well too. In fact I am very happy today.
Do you know why? Tell me.
– Because my MD has given me a 2 day off. Wow.
– By the way I applied for 15 days but… How cool, so you have got
a 2 day off after so many months. You know I am going to have
a lot of fun in these 2 days. Shopping and partying. By the way what is your plan? Can you come to meet me this week? There is a lot of pressure at work.
I am so busy. But believe me, baby. I really want to come
and see you over there. It’s nothing in the world
more than being with you. I know. I know that you
are very busy. It’s okay. I can understand. I miss you.
– I miss you more. We will meet soon. Okay. Okay.
– Have fun. Bye. Okay. Bye. Anyway I have a surprise for you. Hello Coorg. I am going to surprise my fiancée. “The wind is blowing.” “Even the weather is singing.” “The wind is blowing.” “Even the weather is singing.” “I am in love with this weather.” “What do I do,
I am about to meet my love.” “The wind is blowing.” “Even the weather is singing.” “There is light
headedness everywhere.” “I can see love all around.” “The streams and the mountains.” “The weather and the clouds.” “They are making love.” “Let me speak.
Let me flow in nature.” “The wind is blowing.” “Even the weather is singing.” “The wind is blowing.” “Even the weather is singing.” Hello?
– Hello? Mrs. Thakur?
– Yes. Hi, this is Akshara.
– Yes? I have just reached Coorg.
– Okay. So will you tell me the way?
– Sure. You have to take a
left from the toll gate. Okay.
– Then you will see a circle in 5kms. Okay. Take a right from there
and you will be at the homestay. Okay. Great Mrs. Thakur. See you soon.
– Okay. Yes. Where are you from?
What is your name? My name is Akshara
and I am from Mumbai. Okay. Do you have your
spare parts in order? What do you mean? Do you have your car
spare parts in order, madam? Yes. They are fine. This is a hilly region. You won’t find spare parts here.
Give me your ID. You are from the media? Yes. Do you know about Homestay?
– Yes. I know. Take. Call us if you need any help.
– Sure. Single girl. Homestay. Hello, Mr. Thakur.
– Hi Akshara. How are you? I am good.
Beautiful. Beautiful place. Welcome to my homestay.
– Yes. Hi Akshara.
– Hi. How was the journey.
– Fun. Akshara,
you should be very careful. Fun might lead you to trouble. Yes, you are right.
Just like alcohol. First fun and then trouble. Super. Well said.
I will be back in a moment. Where did she go to? Okay, say cheese.
– No photo. Together.
– Come here. Please. Perfect! Akshara.
– Yes. You are very lucky.
– Why? Today Homestay is completely empty. You can select
whatever room you want. Wow! I will just check out.
– Yeah. Perfect! Superb! Wow. Welcome to homestay. Thank you. He is weird. Wow. What a beautiful house! Wow. It has got
interesting stuff here. Wow. I am already feeling relaxed. Wow! Telescope. Wow. This is good. One can have such
fun only in Coorg. Wow. Much better than a hotel. Is it stable? Madam. Madam. Coffee.
– Thank you. Homestay. Let me check what it has.
My Coffee. There are several antiques here. Wow. Nice. What is this? Let’s see. Books. Interesting. Wow. Nice. What a peaceful place. So relaxing. Yes. Akshara!
– Huh. Coming. What happened, Mrs. Thakur? Rajesh has met with an accident. Rajesh?
– My brother. Oh my god. I am so sorry. We are leaving for the hospital. Yes.
– I don’t how he is. We might need to stay there. Mr. Thakur, will come tomorrow morning.
– Okay. Relax, please. Ask the watchman if you need anything.
– Okay. The phone network
is not proper here. Use the landline for any emergency calls.
– Okay. Our numbers are written there. Okay, Mrs.
Thakur. You should rush now. Food is ready. Have it on time.
– Okay. – Thank you. What kind of sound was that? This is Tina.
She stays at home. Come, Akshara. Akshara, we are leaving. We are getting late. Hurry up.
– Come on. Let’s go. Akshara, another thing.
– Yes. There is a door there.
Don’t open it on any condition. Okay? Come. Bye.
– Good bye. Hello, sir.
– There are guests in Home Stay. Take proper care of them. Okay.
– Yes, sir. Bye Akshara.
– Bye. Hello? Hello? Why are so many accidents
happening in homestay nowadays Hello. Had your food, sir?
– Yes, we have eaten. Yes, fine.
Okay. Okay. He is the watchman. He continues to walk
around the entire night. Whenever a guest
comes to homestay.. ..they both suddenly disappear.
– Yes. And there is only one
watchman to oversee things. Everyday there is
a power cut at this time. But there is none today. Why is there such
a noise so late at night? Are the stories
about Homestay true? Where is… I will have to find
some means of defense like knife etc. There is nothing. Got it. Sir, you? What are you
doing here so late at night? There are a lot of wild animals here.
– Yes. They might come here.
What are you doing? We have to take care
of our safety, right? I thought it was something else. There is nothing
to be scared of. Go now. Who knows what these girls think? Lakshmi and her team
scared me so much. She is more of a horror
reporter than a crime reporter. I was just imagining things. Water. I am felling strange. What to do? What did she make me drink? What have I drunk? The photos came good. Yes. I can take a video. Let me check. Who is there? Where is it? It was here. Down. Down. What happened? I saw a shadow that’s
why I came here. I eat betel nuts
before and having food. Okay. – Got it?
– Yes. Leave now.
– Okay. How did the TV turn on?
I just turned it off. The network is so inconsistent. What happened now? Oh God. Why isn’t it turning off? God. Maybe I need to rest. Madam, food is served. Yes. I am coming in 5 minutes. Wow. Smells nice.
– Madam. Sit. I am excited to eat this chicken. Do you have red wine?
– Yes. Thank you. Please come. You eat.
– Do come. One second. Have it. What happened? Why didn’t you eat? I am done. Did is see the real thing? Strange things are happening here. God. By the way atmosphere is good. I am waiting for tomorrow. Madam. Sit there. Forget it Akshara. It’s just one night. Relax. Tomorrow is a day of surprise. “Lost and breezy atmosphere.” “The wind sings slowly.” “I have to live fully today.” “I am very special.” “I will fulfill dreams today.” “No problem there.” “Lost and breezy atmosphere.” “The wind sings slowly.” “Whenever I see the mirror..” “..I can only see
your glowing image.” “What kind of magic is this?” “Or is the enchantment
of this moment?” “Now I have to
live in this moment.” “Lost and breezy atmosphere.” “Till now I didn’t know about you.” “And then I came to know you.” “I always take your name.” “My eyes are eagerly
waiting for you.” “Darling.” “Darling.” “Lost and breezy atmosphere.” “The wind sings slowly.” “I have to live fully today.” “I am very special.” “I will fulfill dreams today.” “No problem there.” “Lost and breezy atmosphere.” “The wind sings slowly.” What kind of noise is that? I heard from here. I sure something was here. God. Rashmi.. There is no network here. Hello?
– Hi. Hi. How are you?
– Fine. But I am alone there. Are you comfortable? Yes, I am comfortable. But there is some confusion here. If you have any problem
my uncle stays there. You can ask for help. No, relax. It’s just a
matter of one night. Don’t worry. I will manage.
– Okay. Yes. Hello? Hello? The network is lost again. What is happening with me? TV? I had turned off the TV, right? Madam. It’s late now.
– Yes. Go to sleep now.
– Yes. Okay. That danger person.
Watchmen, lady, TV. God Hello? Anyone there? Anyone there? Anyone there? Who is it? Anyone there? Anyone there? Anyone there? Anyone there? Anyone there? Where am I? Watchman! Watchman! Constable. Constable. Why did you go there, madam?
Go and sleep. Who is there? Who is there? Aarti! There is a lot
of power outage here. It is 12 o’clock at night now.
Take. Go. Oh shit! Save me. Save me. Help! Help! Help please. What happened? You? It is half past one now. What are you doing here now? How did I come here?
– Go now. Yes. Be careful. Constable. Constable. Hurry up. Please hurry up. Save me from them.
Save me from them. Please Please hurry up. Come.
– Okay. Let’s go. Ma’am, run away from here. Run away. Go. No. Please. Please. Please. Please let me go. ‘It’s morning.’ ‘Where am I?’ ‘Homestay.’ ‘Coorg.’ Akshara! Hi. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning, Akshara. Akshara, it is 9 o’clock already. You had to get ready at 8.
It’s okay. See who has come to meet you? Surprise. Welcome to Coorg my love. One minute. What happened?
– What happened? What happened? How is that possible? How is that possible? Madam, good morning. Coffee. No, thanks. No. How did this happen? What happened?
Why are you calling me? I am sorry.
– That’s okay. Everything is alright here. Take care of her or
else I’ll put you in jail. Please don’t joke, sir.
– What had happened? Hi Sweetheart.
We are already late. Come. Go and change and then we will go out.
– Yes. Akshara, are you okay? Hurry, all right. Get ready fast. Yes, bro. I am so busy at the department.
– Okay. There is a lot of work
with several cases pending. And look at her. She has got 2 days
leave after 8 months. This is crazy.
– Shall we? Okay, ready?
Thank you so much for the coffee. Welcome.
– See you. See you. Bye.
– Bye. Come, let me take you around Coorg. See you, guys. Bye.
– Bye. Meet you soon.
– Bye. Let’s go. Stop. Stop. There he is.
– What happened? Hello, sir.
– Last night he… What did you do last
night which scared madam? Sir, I haven’t done anything. You must have otherwise
madam wouldn’t have said so. I served dinner to madam
and escorted her to her room. You can ask madam about it. I didn’t do anything else. Why can’t I remember anything? What is all this? You look like a voodoo shop. Sir, a girl died a year ago nearby. My wife had tied all this on my
arm so that I don’t get possessed. Be careful. Go now. What happened to you?
– I don’t know. Akshu, I know you
are an avid reader. But how can you read instead of.. ..enjoying this beautiful place? Show me. Let me see
what is so special about it. A Night At Home Stay. Stay Alive. What is this novel
doing here with us.. ..in this romantic place? Not fair. Come, let’s go. I came here to surprise
you and I got a surprise myself. Darling last night
will be memorable. Nice place.
– It’s too good. – I love it. Yes.
– Let’s stop here. Wow. It’s amazing.
– Let’s go. Yeah. Hey, look at that place. Yes, may be it’s beautiful. It is homestay. I loved that place.
– One minute. Hello? I have been trying
to call you since long. But I was not able
to get through to you. I just reached here and
you know it’s very beautiful. Yes, it’s so nice and peaceful.
Yes. Really. Yes, I will see you very soon. You know,
you have get something so exciting. Yes, I will see you very soon. Bye. 5 minutes? Mansi. Mansi. Mansi,
what are you doing there? Okay, I am coming.


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