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All right, so today I’m gonna be showing you my horror DVD blu-ray collection I don’t have a lot at all I just start collecting like last year, but I’ll show you what I have and Yes, it started. So first I have all the nightmare and um streets 1 through 8. This is including Freddy vs. Jason I don’t have the remake, but I do want to get that soon Friday the 13th 1 through 8 the real fire the 13th movies on blu-ray Those are the real ones. I don’t even care people say and these are just a to stupid ones Yeah, these are trash. I hate these two. I hate them The remake I don’t like this one that much either but I have it all the Halloween movies Halloween 1 2 3 4 5 6 h2o resurrection and the two remakes They’re all on blu-ray. This is a really cool set got that at Walmart one time. This is a producer’s cut to six honestly I hate them both. I know people like them This one a lot more but I really does I hate Halloween 6 is my least favorite and I just I hate That movie so much. It might be worse than resurrection to me. Like I hate Halloween 6 And it seems like I hate all moves. I love Friday the 13th Halloween. I have a poster like right there So I love Halloween just that one. That’s terrible the Texas Chainsaw Massacre the original and Texas Chainsaw Massacre – I like this one as well, but the first ones obviously better The Shining fantastic horror movie love that Exorcist it’s like one of my favorite horror movies of all time. Probably. Yes. My favorite. I’d love the answer says great movie Poltergeist the original good movie I guess gremlins and gremlins – that’s not really hard. But you know, who cares? Roaming the companies to the new batch Alien, 1 through 4 a cool box that digibook type thing Alien vs. Predator Both of those second ones awful and I saw the part of the movies predator and predator 2 because alien vs. Predator The original it I love this one. I think it’s better than the remake that’s just me, but you have that one blue, right and then 2017 remake on blu-ray. I didn’t think it was a bad move but really I just it wasn’t as good as people were saying it was and But I do like it but I like the original better, but that movie is still good I liked it kind of a little bit of whatever Lost Boys good movie Salem’s Lot Good the thing by John Carpenter really good movie the fly Blu-ray good movie the remakes those two. It’s not the originals but The remakes are good jaws, the original poster over there Jaws, 2 3 and the revenge truth. The every range is awful What’s this Teen Wolf? Yeah, Teen Wolf really good and back up a little bit. You could yeah Yeah, cool cover for that. And then this is Teen Wolf 1 & 2 together. So I have both of those killer Klown so matter space I Like that movie it’s kind of enjoyable movie Scream on this side actually ice cream one through three. I haven’t seen the forth one, but I want to see that soon The Sixth Sense Not a big fan of it But you know, I don’t hit every movie I swear prom night pretty good Beetlejuice with Michael Keaton Batman Young Frankenstein really funny movie Mel Brooks film. I like that movie a lot Rocky Horror Picture Show and then like the King Kong movies. That’s not really hard. But King Kong sonic on King Kong mightyjoyoung King Kong 97 sees 1976 remake the King Kong remake I can’t convert to Godzilla kicking escapes and then new one contour on. Those are really horror movies But I just have them in there because they’re monster or whatever And that’s about it. That’s like my whole entire horror collection. I don’t have a lot at all. But I might as well show these two I guess I’ve stranger things right there and Strangest things season 2 And I also have Friday the 13th DVD collection I also have Tales from the Crypt right there the DVD collection kind of hard to see but yet that’s Catholic rental So yeah, that’s about it for my horror movie collection. I don’t but that’s all I got. Hope you enjoyed the video and that’s it Halloween

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