Horror Movies 2017 English Full Scary Mystery Movie | February 31st | English Subtitles

Horror Movies 2017 English Full Scary Mystery Movie | February 31st | English Subtitles

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Nethra.. We have come to our new house Come on.. Tell something about us Hai..my name is Nethra I am working in an IT company Hey wait wait wait Just tell Nethra Vinod Hey..we haven’t get married yet And why are you adding Mrs? He is always like this He break the conversation I was living a happy life Suddenly this Vinod came to my life Hey..what is this Nethra? Why are you underestimating
our love story? See..how much I am enjoying your
beauty and taking this video Helo..I don’t need your butter talk You got it? I am really careful about
all these things Thats why I brought you here as a
living together life partner Even I also don’t like marriage And she also prefer living together So thats why..we are
in this bungalow Bunglow..is it beautiful like me? Yeah..of course What are your plans for living together? We are going to start our
romantic life here Oh no..you know something? I had promised to my mother In between us, there will not have any
other relationship What? Karpakam.. You have already worked
in this house..right? I worked here? Who told you? House owner send you here,right? I thought you would have
been worked here I never worked here before I am seeing this house for the first time Okay..do you cook well? Yes Okay..then carry on What Karpakam..did you
finish the work? Finished sister They have given me thousand
rupees advance Sister..they asked me whether I have worked there before I said no to them Listen to me Karpakam You have already worked
in that house What happened in that house you should never tell anyone
about that Let it be like that,okay? Hey Nethra.. In morning you shooted
some bit bit video, right? But finally you just like taking
the ex movie and you have fixed camera
in our bedroom You are really genious Nethra Shut your bloody mouth Camera is like vigilence I want to see how you are sleeping whether you play naughty and
nasty games with me Thats why I fixed the camera Your activities and all will be recorded
in that camera Be careful Just for that you fixed
camera there? Yes If I knew this earlier, I would never bring camera over there Vinod..something is there
nearby the camera What is that? See..over there on the cupboard You mean this one? Is this inhaler used by the asthma patient
I think so I think previous tenant..
must have used this Okay..let it be there Nethra..so we are not going
to do anything? Just sleep,okay? Don’t disturb me and sleep,okay? She is so sharp Vinod.. Vinod..Vinod get up I have heard some sound Vinod.. Get up Vinod.. I know..you will wake me up tonight
Come on, lets enjoy Oh.. its not like that I heard some weeping Just go and see What? Get up I didn’t hear any sound I had a super dream Why did you wake me up? Again sound is coming I can’t hear anything
Listen to that Don’t sleep Good morning Nethra Good morning! Good morning! She is such a lazy girl My goodness! I came to know
before marriage itself Shut up you idiot! Last night, I had heard
some sound no? I was waiting to hear
again and again I didn’t sleep at all Early morning only I started sleeping I feel so sleepy yaar So this is your problem, right? First of all we have to clear this Nethra.. Yesterday night.. we have seen one inhaler, right? Yes I think you must have been
thinking about it In the night time, some other
sound should have came You must have confused by
both that sound The pipe is your problem, right? Yes Immediately I’ll dispose that,okay? First, you calm down I can’t hear any sound She is imagining too much She is so scared Helo Rangaswamy.. Why the house owner’s residence
is closed? Sir, that deal has already done What did you say?
Is it sold? Yes How many times I told you to
block that house? I will show you some other
place next week Next week? I just can’t wait for another week Someone else has cut the
deal in between Okay then., I will see someone else Hey Chandhru..what are
you doing here? Hey..he is the only person who gives
house for living together So I just came here Which house.? He has got a bungalow out of the city Just now I knew that someone
has taken that house Thats why I am feeling tensed up I am the new house owner of that house Is it? I spoke to him and finished the
deal with 10 lakhs See bro bro..just do me a favour Just give me a portion in that
house for me I will settle there Dude..it won’t look nice dude Bro..tomorrow is Valentine’s day yaar If I didn’t fix a home within tomorrow, my girlfriend will leave me yaar Please..please bro..
please do me a favour Please talk to him yaar He won’t come to our terms dude Please yaar..please just
talk to him once Seriously you won’t accept it Oh just please try bro Anyway just wait,
I’ll do that Hello.. Sir.. Tell me brother Do you like the house? Do you want me to send a gardener? No sir My friend also want to stay
in that house sir I need your permission for that sir Well then..a girl staying with two boys Is it called living together? Sir sir sir.. Its not like that He will come with his lover Totally two couples,
thats it sir Well then..you are with a girl and
he comes with a girl,right? Then its okay Its not like you think sir We are in living together Say okay yaar Okay sir..I’ll accept your words Do you know something? In our days if we were staying with a girl
without getting married to her it was considered as a big sin But today it is living together Okay sir Oh my god! Just for you only I talk
to him like this Thanks bro..tomorrow is valentine’s day Let us celebrate Hey Nethra.. Are you scared? When did you come back? I went to office,
but I couldn’t concentrate Oh my god! Thats why I
came back here If I took leave, you will also
do the same? Don’t take leave, okay? I don’t need your company anymore From tomorrow Anitha will give
company to you Who is Anitha? She is my friend Chandru’s lover They are also like us They are in living relationship Poor guy! He didn’t get
any place So thats why I told to
stay here,please.. He started, right? You didn’t ask me anything Sorry Nethra.. Helo..don’t try to convince me, okay? Whatever the man says, woman should
say okay for that This is what marriage is, right? Thats why I came to living together Now you too belong to the
same category Nethra.. I am your slave Nethra.. You say..if you want to take an oil bath I will help you to take the bath Please Nethra.. Vinod.. Vinod.. Vinod.. I heard some sound over the staircase What sound is that? Vinod.. I think that sound is coming
from the store room Okay, come Let us go and see there No Vinod I am scared Don’t be scared Nethra Come..lets go come on.. No Vinod
Lets go back I am very scared In this calendar..they have
printed February 31st Vinod.. Yesterday..I heard some sound Today…this calendar A calendar with February 31st means.. I am feeling so scared yaar I don’t like this house We’ll go from here No no Why should we leave for this? I think this is just a printing
mistake, thats it Take it easy..don’t scare for this This calendar won’t do
anything bad to us Will it kill us? Don’t be scared for simple
things, okay? Good morning Chandru.. Hai bro..
Hai.. She is Anitha Hai.. Hai.. Hey..what is this yaar..
February 31st? Yeah.. Even we also couldn’t understand It was inside the house Today is February 14th You are having February 31st calendar,
it seems different Don’t throw it;
give it to me Vinod.. Nethra..he is my friend Chandru And she is Anitha Oh..you told me yesterday, right? Hai.. Hai.. Hai.. Vinod..I told you to dispose that
calendar, right? Nethra..I like this calendar a lot Can I keep it with me? Don’t worry..I won’t bring this
inside the house I will have it in my car I will take it to my office..
its very interesting, thats why Its okay..take it Thank you Come in Are you okay now? Karpakam.. She is Karpakam Cooking, cleaning..she is taking
care of those Hai.. Hai.. Our room is upstairs But your room is here only Thats not a problem yaar Show me the room Hey..do you think this is hotel? Shut up and come with me Wow..its a nice room
Yeah Happy Valentine’s day Chandru.. Happy lover’s day Hey..why are you still standing there? You have taken this house I am going to give you a heavy treat Oh..thats okay Just now we have arrived, right? Hey look When I am in mood, you have to
cooperate with me If you delay like tiffin,
lunch and breakfast then the whole day will be spoiled You got it? Hey..thats why I took the house immediately I want to celebrate the valentine’s day
with you yaar Just tell me Am I beautiful or that
Nethra is beautiful? Leave that first This is not the right time to ask
this question yaar Now you have seen Nethra, right? Now tell me the truth Come on yaar,
leave it Yeah.. I have seen her She is different sort of beauty But you..superb yaar What sort of answer is this? She is a different beauty What sort of beauty she is? You have to answer me Hey..what is this? At what time you are talking about this? Just answer my questions Now tell me Look at me properly and tell Should I say that? Yeah..certainly Look at me properly and say Am I the beautiful woman? Definitely I will say Chandru.. I came here to..give you the remote Why don’t you give it in the
evening yaar? At what time you..? Sorry sorry..sorry Its okay..leave it They are really celebrating the
Valentine’s day I am not like them Happy Valentine’s day..! Vinod.. What are you doing with that? I am just celebrating
valentine’s day Nethra As soon as they come they started noon show..
you know that? Shall we just try
Just leave me okay? They are A certificate We are U certificate
You get that? Nethra..shall we do U/A
certificate,please? For that..censor has to accept Hey..why are you behaving
like a husband? Hey.. I haven’t done anything to you Then why are you comparing with a husband? Thats what I am really asking you Am I boring for you? In the morning I was so
special for you Now I am looking ordinary, isn’t it? Hey..I had a hectic schedule in my company I am just thinking to start
my own company In the morning we have celebrated
the Valentine’s day, right? What you want more than that? Just don’t irritate me
Go and sleep What is this? If I get married to him, only two days
he’ll be working out, I think I have to think twice before I
get married to him Thank god..I came to live together Without knowing him,
I won’t understand him I have to think about it Sister..why you are trying this belt? To have a sexy hip, thats it Hey..don’t fix it more than four What will happen? I won’t be able to tolerate it Okay.. Do you want to try this? I don’t want this Karpakam.. Karpakam.. Oh..my god.. Help me.. Help me..save me..please.. Oh..my god..help.. Karpakam.. Somebody help me..please.. Help me.. Help.. Sister..what happened? What happened suddenly? Its paining..remove it.. Okay..just remove that Okay sister..you hold on Oh..my god! Nethra..Karpakam..its so painful Okay..whatever it is..
I’ll come and see it Its okay I have used this several times It doesn’t happened like this before But today I was not able to
tolerate the pain Its burned all over I have informed Vinod Will go and consult a good doctor For the time being we will set oil,okay? You will feel okay Helo…
Chandru… You know what happened to me today? Whatever it is..just call me later I am just going to Bangalore now
regarding a project We can discuss everything later Please listen to me for sometime I am in a serious condition Hey..I am going to Bangalore for a
very big deal Nothing is important to me
compared to this Just cut the call What happened Anitha? I couldn’t take up the vibaration
what that belt had It vibrated a lot
See how its burned Its so painful Vinod You just apply this ointment,okay? It will be cured Vinod..could you please apply the
ointment for me? Please Vinod..its very painful I am not able to bear it It seems you have come early Yeah..I just went to Anitha’s room Whats in your hand? I applied ointment to Anitha Thats it You touched her and applied
the ointment? Yeah..then how can I apply ointment
without touching her? I applied just like a doctor You don’t pacify the things,okay? You touched her,right? You touched her,right? Why are you getting tensed
of a simple thing? I really care for you darling Why don’t you understand me? Without understanding that you are just
talking about only touching Look For me..taking care means mother,father, brother, sister even friend can also take care But when it comes to touching it should be between
husband and wife only You understand? If you ever touch her again we will certainly end up
with break up Excuse me.. Nethra..I know a doctor and I
have spoken to him He has asked me to come to the clinic Mostly I would be staying there tonight May I leave then? Bye Take care Anitha Thanks Are you happy now? That means..you are worried? Oh..my god! Hai Nethra..would you like
to have a coffee? I don’t want to drink the coffee
you have made,okay? Okay Just a minute Suddenly you dressed up
with a new saree Yeah..its a new one Is this beautiful? Vinod..why Anitha is dressed up
with saree? Anitha..if Anitha dresses saree what
can I do for that? You like woman dressed up with saree Thats why she is wearing saree now Hey..look here If Anitha dressed up in saree I don’t like it at all Please try to understand me Oh..if she is not wearing saree,
you will like her, right? Hey..you are not behaving like a wife But you are questioning like a wife only I think you will kill me with your
questions after marriage If it is like that..I don’t
want to marry Let us end up this living together Even in the bathroom I couldn’t have
the peace of mind Anitha..you better vacate this place Nethra doesn’t like you at all Why are you so tensed up?
Can’t you relax? I really fed up on this You know..always we
fight with each other I have a terrific headache Headache..? First I will solve that
Just a minute Hey..just leave me Just leave me Vinod.. I can’t Vinod..leave me What are you doing? I feel very relieved Anitha.. Eventhough I feel headache,please.. I can understand
your problem Whatever you want..
I can give you that But I want to know one thing Will you leave Nethra totally and
come along with me? I can leave Nethra But..what about Chandru? See..Chandru is not my husband Just like that Nethra is not your wife We haven’t crossed the rules Those who like each other
should live together Thats the best relationship As for me..I like you so much Like that..I want you also to
like me so much I am leaving to my native’s So don’t you like me? I am going to native and will be
back by late night I won’t go straight to Nethra’s room I will come to this room only I like you so much Anitha Bye Where are you going? I am leaving to Pondicherry When will you be back? If I come..what are you
going to offer me? If I wish, I will come back by
late night also,okay? Thats my wish I will do whatever I want How did this come here? I have disposed it already You are looking gorgeous Anitha I am so excited Nethra..? Nethra..she might have taken medicine
and must be sleeping now Nethra..!! What are you saying? She is sitting there Hey..Nethra is not here I think you feel guilty now Vinod.. Come.. I saw Nethra sitting there My god..! You are torturing me in another way I think I won’t get happiness in my life Please..please Anitha.. Stop this..Nethra is
standing there You mean Nethra..? Yes Where is she? I saw her standing here I think you are so confused See..she is not here She is somewhere here only Just check properly I saw her sitting and
standing here I will not leave you I will kill you Don’t cheat me You tried to cheat me, right? I will not leave you I am going to kill you I will not leave you I will kill you Whats wrong with you? You have finished it? You won’t listen to me anymore? December 21st.. The world will end But my desire will never end Never come to an end Never come to an end Never come to an end Anitha.. Sorry Anitha.. Are you still angry with me? If I tell you one thing,
you will be really surprised Regarding a project, I went to Bangalore I told you, right? My MD has opened a new company He made me a partner I am going to make crores and
crores of money What happened Anitha? I am telling you a very happy news But you are not responding at all? What happened yaar? You are so upset No Chandru.. This is a different confusion Nethra keeps talking about as if there
is an affair between Vinod and me And she made a big nonsense about it I think she is going to say the
same thing to you also Thats why I am feeling so guilty But I told her Chandru will never believe us What? what do you say? You said a right thing Who is she to judge your character? I think Nethra doesn’t like our stay
in this house So what? Immediatley I will buy a new house No..will buy this house Relax yaar.. I need to fresh up Today evening we are
going out together,okay? Vinod.. I feel severe headache Can I get a coffee? You want anything else? Nothing else..I just need a coffee Please.. Okay..I’ll get it Anitha..Nethra woke up What did she say? She didn’t say anything She is so cool and normal She asked me a cup of coffee She asked for a cup of coffee? I thought you would be whacked by her She asked for a coffee? Anitha..I thought she will make
a big problem But..I think she doesn’t remember
anything Anitha Anyway..she doesn’t ask me anything I feel a sort of relief Actually..I am feeling so scared Vinod Actually yesterday she tried to kill us And morning she doesn’t
remember anything? No Nothing like that Anitha I think she has got some
mental problem Come in sister What happened sister? Actually I am planning to
come there tomorrow Before that you came here to see me Any urgent work? Karpakam..I want to know whether
you know any magician? Do you mean wizard? Why sister? Just answer my questions As far as I know there is a wizard near jungle But he is a blind man Swamiji.. Karpakam and Anitha has come
to see you Swamiji What is your problem?
Tell me I will see to it It seems to be you are blind How could you look at it? Can we see the soul with our eyes? You can’t do that, right? Why do you need eyes? Yes, I am a blind man Just like the way you can feel
someone’s breathing When there is a soul around I can feel that The sky is my god Now come on
Tell me your problem Actually I feel like there is a
ghost in our house Ghosts and spirits are present everywhere There is a chance..it could be standing
right next to you According to me someone who is lying is like a ghost Now tell me Why are you lying that you haven’t worked
in that house prior to this? Is she lying? You are hiding something
from them, right? If I tell the truth they won’t keep me for that job Thats why I lied to them
Nothing more than that Please forgive me
Sorry sir.. What happened there? We can talk about that later Have you brought anything
from that house? Yes When I put this on my body I got an electric shock From that time I effected a lot Since then I have a doubt Give me madam I can say for sure There is a very dangerous ghost
in that house Before tonight, its going to
kill somebody And drink their blood Is it gonna kill someone? Who is going to be killed Swamiji? Unless and until, they are
destroying to survive Then only I can say who is that If god has decided that someone’s life is
gonna come to an end then no one can save them from death If we leave that house
immediately, then? You are a smart girl You can use your intelligence
and escape But even then destiny comes into play She came to attack you
with the knife and she forgot everything May be it was an acting She will come again to attack you What are you saying doctor? Yes Even if it is acting or there
is a serious problem we have to sort it out For that you have to answer
all my questions Definitely doctor I will tell you whatever I know When Nethra attacked you with knife you and Anitha were dressed up or undressed? Doctor..! That time we were dressed up doctor That didn’t happen doctor Oh..starting trouble! Doctor..my confusion is Nethra…Taj Mahal..world is going to end She is blabbering just like this Is it true that world is going to
end on December 21st? Actually..December 22 is not in calendar So..after December 21 rumour is spreading that the world
will come to the end You know..Taj Mahal is a great
symbol of love So..even if the world come to the end Love will never fails,
thats what she meant I think she must be devoted and
dedicated to love Vinod..above all she loves you
more than anything Sometimes in depression she
will scream a lot After that she will forget everthing To recover this situation, I have
prescribed some tablets You just give it to her regularly For all these problems, there is
only one solution You have to stop meeting Anitha And one more thing You marry Nethra And take her to honeymoon Then only she will become alright Nethra.. I conulted a doctor Our real problem is the
distance between us What we do? We will finish all the
problems today Today? Nethra.. Doctor told me She said to get married and
go to honeymoon For marriage there are lots
of formalities, right? It will take some time But..honeymoon means If you cooperate Shall we start now? You can do whatever you want I like this smell very much darling But..the sound is different I can’t get it clearly Its okay..its okay I really like this sound You come on Just open your eyes and see me What Nethra? I can’t understand Nethra Please teach me Nethra Don’t touch me Don’t touch me Hey..I am only going to
marry you, right? If I touch you, will you
lose your chastity? What happened to you? Helo..where are you going? Helo everyone,
You just go out Just go out
Go out Go..go out You only told me no? You will marry me Then we can enjoy a lot Nethra..why are you behaving like this? You only told me no, you are
going to marry me I have saved my chastity I have saved my chastity Nethra.. Nethra.. Nethra.. Doctor..I am Vinod here I have seen someone in
Nethra’s physique doctor And not only that doctor She is always repeating
same dialogue I have lost my chastity
I have to save my chastity What? she will lose her chastity? That means..I think She is talking about a
character called karp Character called karp? What kind of a name is Karp? Please tell me Some girls will have nick names,no? Sometimes Kanaka called as kanak Sometimes Parimala used to call Bal such nick names are usually
common here,you know? Commonly..Kamala Karpakam Even Karpakam as Karp, you know? There is a dangerous evil spirit
in that house Before tonight..its going
to kill someone And drink their blood Karpakam.. What happened? Why are you so silent? Anitha sister and I went to see a wizard He told us many things What did he say? Karpakam..Is there anyone who
calls you Karp? Tell me Is there anyone who calls you Karp? Tell me Somebody calls you by that name Tell me who is that? You are trying to hide something Who called you like that? Hamsavalli sister Hamsavalli? She was the one who stayed
at that house before How does she look like? I took a photo with her This is Hamsavalli sister It is the same Hamsavalli She is in that house What are you saying? She has gone abroad How she will be in that home? No In the image of Nethra,
she is only there Once I saw her directly I was so stunned What are you saying sir? Even that wizard had told me there
is a ghost in your house And that will kill someone What? Will kill someone? I want to see that wizard
immediately Please take me Karpakam Karpakam.. You need not to go anywhere,okay? I will come with you Hey Anitha..where are you
going at this time? Hey Chandru..there is a ghost
in this house It is inside Nethra’s body Lets move away from this house
Come on..fast Ghost in the form of Nethra? What are you saying? Chandru..Nethra have been possessed
and she is going to kill someone Lets move away from here..
come on, fast Anitha..what are you saying? You won’t trust me, right? Okay fine
You stay here You stay here and die
I’ll leave Anitha..Anitha.. Anitha.. Anitha.. Anitha.. My god..! Shit..! Chandru.. Chandru.. Anitha.. Chandru.. Give me your hand Give me your hand Nethra is trying to kill me Save me Chandru Nethra is trying to kill me Nethra.. Where is she? She is here She is somewhere here Come on Chandru..Lets go We’ll go from here..come You just wait here I will come with the bag Don’t leave me alone Just stay here No no no
Just listen to me I will come with the bag Hey.. Chandru..Chandru..
come away, come away Chandru..please come away Chandru..please..
Help.. Chandru..Vinod..see there
don’t go there Chandru.. Hey..leave him If you say leave him..will I ? Hey..stop that Are you going to leave him or not? Leave him Everyone stay right there Don’t move Don’t be scared and don’t move Don’t move from the place Evil spirit gains strength in darkness Sister.. Why you killed my sister? She has done nothing to you Do you know who was innocent? Hamsavalli..Hamsavalli..Hamsavalli.. Do you know what happened
to Hamsavalli? Do you like this room sister? Yes..I like it very much And then..whats your name? Karpakam Karpakam To make it short and sweet,
can I call you Karp? Karp..that is also nice Okay..call me He is very fond of vegetable soup Can you please prepare it for him? Hamsavalli..you just saw what
happened outside? You believe in these auspicious things? Nikhil..according to you.. it is
just living together But..according to me.. I have fixed
myself as your wife long back Hamsavalli..you are hiding
something from me No.. I am not hiding anything from you I grew in an orphanage I studied with the money
from the trust I have shared all these with you I am not telling about that This dress of yours is covering
your whole body I don’t like that Wear some modern clothes
I like that Will you really love me if I
wear modern dress? Yes sweetheart..I will
marry you very soon Nikhil.. Wow! Hamsavalli..you look so
beautiful in this dress Its a new make over, you know? Hamsavalli..I want to get married
to you very soon Come come come come Sit sit sit Don’t be shy
Sit down Hey Nikhil..why are you playing
chess alone? Hamsavalli..I don’t like
to lose, you know? You should try playing it alone
Its very interesting You know whats more
interesting than this? Making out before marriage Its really amazing Why don’t we try it out now? Hamsavalli.. You asked me when we are
going to get married, right? I have made up my mind I have taken a decision Lets get married at the earliest There is a calendar in front of you I have fixed a date for our wedding I want you to guess what that date is Can you guess that date? Is that your birthday? No Or my birthday? No no no Nikhil..I’ll pick one date But you should definitely marry me
on that same date Definitely I have chosen a date
We are going to get married What the hell is this Nikhil? February 31st it says Such a date would never come It won’t come, right? Our marriage plan is also like that It won’t happen To make you understand that I
created this calendar Nikhil..I like the way you
make fun of me But don’t make a joke on our marriage Hey..am not joking I am telling you the truth I don’t want any commitment What is independence Nikhil? Living without marriage is
independence, isn’t it? And you cheat me always and
is that independence? You have Asthma? Why didn’t you tell me this? It comes very rarely For that..you please..don’t Just for this I won’t tell that I am not
going to marry you I am not such a bad guy I will definitely marry you But on February 31st Karpakam You can have success in your life
only if you take risk Thats why I was trying to
teach you swimming Just leave it sir How can I succeed in life
by learning swimming? Our problems are very big For that I need lots of money Money? Thats not a problem I will marry you and your porblems
will be solved What about Hamsavalli sister? If she falls in love with
some other guy I am sure she will leave me and go I like you a lot So I am going to leave Hamsavalli Once I leave her we both can
have a living relationship So Hamsavalli sister..she will not
create any problem, right? No no Then let me ask her permission, right? Karpakam.. Karp.. You need not go and tell whatever
I just told you I told you I am going to leave her Okay then..I will not ask
Hamsavalli sister I will ask my own sister Shanthi She is the one who has to fix
our wedding date Let your sister Shanthi fix
our wedding date Now come on..lets enjoy this moment Then you will certainly marry me, right? Yes..definitely Nikhil.. Actually sister.. What I mean is.. We both are going to get married Nikhil..are you going to marry that girl? She is just a sevant dear Why should I get married to her? Then why the hell you lie to her? That girl believes everything easily I don’t know why she is like that Unless I cheat her she
won’t understand She will become smarter soon I am giving her a training Unless I teach her physically,
she won’t understand it You are doing a dirty job and you are
trying to justify it? Nikhil You will come to a control only if we
both get married Tomorrow I want us to get married I need to get rid of her She keeps going on about marriage Sister..sister My sister said okay for our wedding Don’t be such a fool I never thought that I will
share your life Hey..I myself have no life with him How do you think that you
can share my life? First you listen what he had said about you Listen to this You get it? How he keeps cheating you He hates marriage firstly Marriage is the most satisfying
thing in life But..but I think it will never
happen in my life Since my childhood I struggled
a lot for money When he suddenly approached me and proposed me for marriage I lost my control Please forgive me sister Hereafter I will not come here You live happily with him in this house Invite me for your marriage, okay? Karp.. We know each other for four days You understand me but Nikhil doesn’t From today I’ll be your sister After tomorrow I wont come here for work You give me my salary However I have to manage my sister Come tomorrow
I’ll pay you in full Hey Karp.. Why are you late today?
Its 5 o’clock Hamsavalli sister has told me to
come by this time From tomorrow I will not
come for work We are going to get married soon You don’t need to work over here She is right You try to cheat some other girl, okay? You are a big cheater and a fraud You better marry Hamsavalli sister
and be happy Please leave me I want to go Please let me go Yesterday your were behaving normally Hamsavalli has brainwashed you I told you right that I am going to
get married to you? I swear I wasn’t lying You should have believed me Why she is doing like this? Karp.. If we cooperate we both can enjoy If you struggle, you will have
a difficult time Just cooperate with me, okay? Hey..you know nowadays one boy
has three girlfriends But look at me I am having a hard time I am begging you, please..
just cooperate with me You will enjoy it Hey..do you think you can run away? Sister.. Karp..you leave..go You please run away Go..please go Are you a devil? You are behaving like an animal And saying that you will marry Hey..why are you acting smart now? I told you that I like you We are having a living relationship You..Barbarians live with animals
and live like animals Only after believing in marriage they
will start living as human I believed you as a human
and came with you Today we should get married Hey..You can’t take decision alone Even I have to He will never come to control I should somehow get married
to him today Sister What happened to you? That engineer in that house tried to
rape me sister Hereafter you need not work with them I know how to deal with them What are you thinking Nikhil? Every human will have weaknesses To overcome that cultures
have been created In all those customs and cultures, marriage
is the most divine thing Why the hell you don’t understand this? I like foreign culture I am going abroad I am sorry I can’t marry you Get lost Is this your decision? Yeah Then let me complain to the police What? You are going to complain
to the police? You have only two choices Either you have to marry me
and change Or go to prison and change Anyhow you have to change to a human I don’t mind going to the jail But I don’t want to get married I can’t Whenever I talk about marriage
you are saying…. Now..I will give you two options Do you want your medicine
or this mangalsuthra? This mangalsuthra is my life Oh..so you don’t want this? You want this?
Take it Die..die I am not going to leave you today You are going to die So much for your marriage Die..you deserve death Hey..you bloody cheat You tried to rape my sister I came here to warn you But you murdered your lover? I told your sister that I will marry her She doesn’t know the value of money She ran away from here What? You told her you will give
five lakh rupees ? But she didn’t tell anything about it Then give that five lakh rupees to me I will not tell anyone that you had
tried to spoil my sister’s life No..I will pay you ten lakh rupees This body has to be disposed I have to go abroad If you give ten lakh rupees to me I will dispose this body for you I just don’t care about it Right now I will make arrangements to
dispose this body You don’t need to worry about it,okay? Just for the sake of money Your sister had concealed a murder Thats why I killed her You people are also doing the
same mistake Without marrying living together Several times I made you to
understand that But you didn’t realize it I am not telling to save the culture I am just telling to save yourself The marriage only will give
the full satisfaction I didn’t get that That’s why my spirit is
roaming everywhere Hamsavalli.. We understood the mistakes
we’ve done We realized it Now..leave Please leave from Nethra’s body I want to marry Nethra I won’t leave Nethra Please.. I told you no
I won’t go Vinod.. You guys leave this place I know how to drive away that evil spirit Do whatever you want But I won’t leave Nethra’s body Hamsavalli is demanding a sacrifice I will not go Unless I drink his blood I will not go She won’t leave Nethra’s body unless
she kills that Nikhil Already she killed Shanthi Its really a very big issue We can throw Shanthi in the ocean What you say Karpakam? No matter who has done the crime Even it is my sister
she has to be punished Do as you wish Swamiji Chandru..for killing Hamsavalli Nikhil is not going to get
punished, right? Let Hamsavalli come and punish him We have to bring that Nikhil here Nikhil is college senior for both of us He is the one who told about living
together culture to us Even recently I have spoken to him Okay then we have to contact
him immediatley Vinod We should handle it carefully He stayed here already We shouldn’t tell him that we
know about this Okay okay Then we call one urgent business matter and then make him come over here Correct Tell me his number Number.. Swamiji..he said that he will be
here tomorrow Why are you doing like this Swamiji? If we drive away that spirit we’ll get
lot of money, right? I’ll only drive away evil spirits I won’t drive away good spirits
just for the sake of money If we keep on doing like this as I haven’t paid the rent My house owner will drive me away
from his house He doesn’t understand my
family problems Nikhil.. Nethra? Yes..of course Vinod and Chandru told me that they are
starting a new business Thats why I came Where are they? Regarding that business both of them has gone out They told me to treat you very well I have never expected this Come, lets sit and talk Nethra.. Vinod proposed a new project Will it be profitable? Yeah..I think so Otherwise I will leave Vinod and go back Very good Smart girls like you shouldn’t be here Come with me abroad If I come…what will I get? You can be a millionaire Even I have a plan To make crores of money I didn’t get the opportunity yet As you said If I can make it over there I am ready to come If you want to work in my company You have to give me company I ask everyone this I know you will ask Only if we give something..
we will get something I am ready to accept it Nethra..Vinod and Chandru.. At what time will they be back? They will come by late night only Why are we wasting time then? I know a guest house nearby Can we go there immediately? Why so hurry Nikhil? But I don’t want to delay your wish We’ll finish it today itself Chandru’s car’s key is in upstairs I will get it and I will get myself Nethra.. Until I come back you can play Chess If you play alone, it will be
so interesting Helo Helo..is it Nikhil sir? There is a wizard here I am his assistant Sabhapathi They called you and told to come
urgently to this house na? There is a problem in this house There is a ghost in that house Hamsavalli’s spirit Hamsavalli? To be killed by that spirit they have
left you in that house alone Just believe me How come I know about your Hamsavalli? Just play alone..its very interesting If you play alone, it will be
very interesting Yes..I believe your words What should I do now? Don’t get scared I will do the Pooja perfectly
than my Guruji I get it, she wants to kill me Do the Pooja immediately Just give me fifty thousand I will drive away that spirit I will give more..take one lakh I will start the Pooja immediately Once the Pooja is over,
give me my payment Helo..Swami.. I have done the Pooja
That spirit must have gone She fainted all of a sudden She has fell unconscious no? Then the spirit has gone Hereafter Hamsavalli’s spirit will
not be in Nethra’s body Oh..so Nethra is stuck with me now Sir..tell me where you are I will come and get the payment I am on the way to the Bunglow Okay..I will come immediately Hey..you are conducting Pooja without
telling me and driving the spirit? You were a good guy Why did you do this?
Tell me Please leave me Using powers for the wrong purpose So you have been possessed? I like your body Hamsavalli..that day I enjoyed you Today..the lady you possessed am
going to enjoy her I don’t care about anything I am not scared of you You can’t do anything to me What are you telling? Now what should we do? I believed you Thats why I send Nethra with him Hey.. Open your eyes Hey.. Unless you open your eyes,
I won’t have fun Swamiji..he said he is going
to a Bunglow But he didn’t say any name Swami..before we go there and save Nethra.. Nethra will be.. Hey.. Get up.. Get up Why are you not getting up? Hey I must have a drink now Only when Hamsavallli’s spirit gets into
Nethra’s body once again we can save Nethra Then you start the Pooja immediately We can only drive away spirits by
conducting Pooja Hey..get me the drinks from the car Get the perfumes as well Get everything Get everything fast Already when Nethra used
Hamsavalli’s inhaler Hamsavalli’s evil spirit was able to
get into Nethra’s body In the same way, when Nethra touches something which was
used by Hamsavalli once again immediately Hamsavalli’s spirit will
get into Nethra’s body Nethra is staying there in
Hamsavalli’s house She could touch the property which
Hamsavalli used But..Nikhil has taken Nethra somewhere else How can there be any property that
Hamsavalli used? Hamsavalli.. You are not a bad spirit You taught us meaning of marriage Please help me out of this Hamsavalli Please get me back my Nethra Please save her Save her I am really horny now You must get up Get up Nethra Oh..so you are getting consciousness You..you You were trying to kill me? You can’t do anything to me You tried to kill me I won’t leave you Nethra.. Hamsavalli.. Hamsavalli? No.. Please.. No..please leave me.. Nethra.. Nethra..Nethra.. Nethra.. Nethra..Nethra.. Vinod.. I am leaving your Nethra with you
and I am leaving Hereafter , this Hamsavalli will not
interfere in any of your lives All of you please get married
and live happily You will not be affected by any incident
that has happened because of me Hey broker.. The house is vacant again There are guys who are living
together, right? Please bring in some parties like that Its a lucky house


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