Horror Movies in Real Life 6

Horror Movies in Real Life 6

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Katie Katie Katie Katie your parents are
really worried are you out here Katie Katie Katie what the Katie what’s wrong I vow to never Gilligan
that’s good Slendy but slender where’s Katy oh I ate her oh well that’s okay
nobody really liked her anyways friends yeah Oh – Georgie who are you
food Georgie lots of yummy foods I’m not allowed to take things from strangers
well we’re not strangers Georgie you’re Georgie I am pretty wise now we’re
friends yeah I guess so what kind of food you
get out wakey I have toys which are very nerds Snickers you peanuts oh my gosh I love
popcorn Georgie come in the closet take my hand I do a love popcorn hey hey hey your phone beat you hard
Bobby Wow cloud cloud


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