Horror Movies That Will Blow Your Mind In 2018

Horror Movies That Will Blow Your Mind In 2018

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Hollywood lined up plenty of successful horror
projects in 2017, from Jordan Peele’s breakthrough hit Get Out to the revival of Stephen King’s
IT to the Groundhog’s Day redux Happy Death Day. Looking ahead to 2018, there are already quite
a few flicks poised to satisfy fright fans — from fact-based stories to supernatural
scares and the reemergence of at least one classic character, the future looks very dark
indeed, in the best possible way. Insidious: The Last Key Demonologist Elise Rainier has been a staple
of the Insidious series despite meeting her end in the first entry. After appearing only as a spirit in the second
film, the character was given the full prequel treatment with Insidious: Chapter 3, which
focused on one of the “case files” from her early days and explored how she came to meet
partners Specs and Tucker. Now, Insidious: The Last Key is expected to
return to Elise’s story, picking up where Chapter 3 left off — only this time, she’s
investigating a haunting of her own family home. From the looks of the film’s trailer, it’s
going to be just as chock full of jump scares as the rest of the series when it hits theaters
January 5th. Day of the Dead: Bloodline Reimagining George is quite a tricky proposition,
especially when we’re talking about 1985’s Day of the Dead, which is one of the more
controversial entries in the Night of the Living Dead series, for its unprecedented
level of violence and gore. Spanish writer/director Hèctor Hernández
Vicens will attempt to make it work, though, with a loose adaptation titled Day of the
Dead: Bloodline. Vicens made a few waves in 2015 with his controversial
but well-received The Corpse of Anna Fritz, but the bodies should be a little livelier
this time around. The new Day will drop on January 5th, with
a simultaneous theatrical and Digital HD release. Strangers: Prey at Night The Strangers was a surprise hit in 2008 thanks
to its slow-burn brutality and subversion of certain plot expectations. “Why are you doing this to us?” “Because you were home.” And even though the first sequel was announced
shortly after the film’s release, it’s taken the better part of a decade to make it happen. The new film takes place at a trailer park
in the middle of nowhere during a power outage and features Christina Hendricks as the head
of a family whose road trip takes an unfortunate turn. Count on this one to creep everyone out when
it lands in theaters March 9th. The New Mutants Writer-director Josh Boone is probably best
known for his adaptation of the romantic drama novel The Fault in Our Stars, but not for
long. A longtime fan of the Marvel comic book series
The New Mutants, Boone apparently blew away Fox executives with his pitch for a film adaptation
of the property—a straight-up horror movie based on a particularly dark run by legendary
writer Chris Claremont and artist Bill Sienkiewicz. Unlike other Marvel mutant films, The New
Mutants is much less sci-fi centric and much more focused on the fright factors of its
characters. And with a cast that includes Split and The
Witch alum Anya Taylor-Joy alongside Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams and Stranger Things
star Charlie Heaton, The New Mutants should be one to watch when it hits theaters on April
13th. Slender Man Based on one of the notorious internet memes
of all time, Slender Man is expected to give cinematic life to the viral villain that has
stalked the Web since 2009. The character was first born when a Photoshop
contest produced a picture of the tall, thin, faceless stalker of hapless children. The forum poster who made the image, Eric
Knudsen, even has a writing credit on the film under his forum handle “Victor Surge”—a
development he probably didn’t expect when he set out to freak out a few people with
his Photoshop skills. Sony/Screen Gems has slated Slender Man for
release on May 18th. The Purge: The Island The ending of 2016’s The Purge: Election Year
seemed to shut the door pretty firmly on the idea of more sequels. But the series has garnered such a huge fan
base that The Purge: The Island is now expected to explore the beginnings of the title slaughterfest. Creator James DeMonaco told Vulture that it’s
set in Staten Island, New York, where the first experimental purge took place, and that
it’ll begin with people being paid to participate, which incentivizes very poor people to try
their luck at surviving the night of mayhem and violence, as DeMonaco said: “…so you see the inception of how grotesque
the idea of the Purge is, and the manipulation upon the society.” The Purge: The Island is set to hit theaters
on July 4th. The Nun The series that New Line is now officially
calling the “Conjuring Universe” scored another box office hit with Annabelle: Creation, a
pre-prequel exploring the origins of the sinister doll from The Conjuring, pushing the series’
worldwide box office take up over the $1 billion mark. Hitting those kinds of numbers can only ensure
plenty more films in the pipeline, and first up is another spinoff—The Nun, which will
add some backstory to one of Conjuring 2’s most terrifying characters. The story will center on the character’s backstory
as a Romanian nun who ended her own life, and the film will star Taissa Farmiga in the
lead, with Bonnie Aarons reprising her role as the demonic nun Valak. The Nun will return to scare your pants off
on July 13th. The House with a Clock in Its Walls It sounds like a rather Harry Potter-esque
premise: a 10-year-old boy moves in with an eccentric uncle, only to find his house full
of secret passageways and strange and creepy goings-on. It’s eventually revealed that his uncle is
a warlock, a witch lives next door, and the house is a conduit for weird black magic rituals. But J.K. Rowling won’t be calling her lawyers anytime
soon—this is the plot of the 1973 gothic horror novel The House With a Clock In Its
Walls, and an adaptation is forthcoming with some serious talent on board. Notorious gore-master Eli Roth will direct
a cast that includes Kyle MacLachlan along with Cate Blanchett, Jack Black and Renee
Elise Goldsberry. This has out-of-left-field horror smash written
all over it, as long as Roth can keep his more exploitative tendencies in check. Look for this film to hit theaters on September
21st. Something in the Dark This tech-based thriller has a unique premise:
a blind woman has her sight restored by a pair of high-tech eyeglasses, but unfortunately,
her vision may now be a little better than she bargained for, as she can now see ghosts. Further complicating matters, they look just
like normal people, which means she can’t tell the difference between the dead and the
living. Even worse, she begins to suspect that a lurking
entity she keeps seeing might be coming for her. The film is expected to be dialogue-free,
but if the super-creepy trailer by is any indication, Something in the Dark could be
a breakout horror hit when it’s released on October 15th. Halloween The Halloween reboot series by Rob Zombie
was so-so at best, but with funnyman Danny McBride and producer David Gordon Green coming
together to work on the concept for the new film, the new version of the holiday favorite
might just work. The duo pitched directly to original director/co-writer
John Carpenter, and Carpenter’s reaction was enough to get any fan’s heart racing. He wrote on Facebook: “David and Danny both came to my office recently
with Jason Blum [rhymes with plum] and shared their vision for the new movie and…WOW. They get it. I think you’re gonna dig it.” McBride has since explained his vision like
so: “The first Halloween just works on such a
gut level of there’s someone who’s escaped an asylum and he’s in this town.” “That’s what we were wanting to do with this.” Rather than being a reboot, it’s expected
to be more of a sequel to the original film. Miramax will release the film on October 19th,
just in time for the scariest night of the year. Nosferatu The Witch is widely considered to be among
the scariest films of 2015, a unique and ambitious picture that was the directorial debut of
production designer-turned-director Robert Eggers. The film grossed ten times its budget, and
for his follow-up, Eggers isn’t scaling back on his ambition. He’ll be helming a remake of the seminal 1922
horror classic Nosferatu, an undertaking only attempted once before—in 1979, by acclaimed
German filmmaker Werner Herzog. Eggers’ gift for atmosphere should serve him
well on this project, which even he admits is daunting. Briefly tempted to table the remake, he told
Collider that he reconsidered: “It feels ugly and blasphemous and egomaniacal
and disgusting for a filmmaker in my place to do Nosferatu next. I was really planning on waiting a while,
but that’s how fate shook out.” It’s safe to say the remake is in very good
hands—and if The Witch is any indication, fans might be in for the creepiest vampire
flick in years. Deep Blue Sea 2 The 1999 cult classic Deep Blue Sea is a film
that has everything. There’s giant mutant sharks, a Bible-quoting
LL Cool J and his parrot sidekick, and a thundering Samuel L. Jackson monologue that ends in the
most hilarious and inevitable way possible. “We’re going to pull together, and we’re going
to find a way to get out of here.” “First, we’re going to seal off this hole!” It’s one of the most fun popcorn movies of
the ’90s, and it even turned a decent profit, but plans for a sequel have repeatedly fallen
through—until now. The Syfy Channel, purveyors of the finest
shark-based schlock of this or any age, reportedly took on shooting the long-awaited Deep Blue
Sea 2. It may not be getting a theatrical release,
but Syfy seems like a good home for the project, which will hopefully live up to the fantastically
cheesy legacy of its predecessor. ​Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich Puppet Master didn’t seem destined to crank
out sequel after sequel when it made its direct-to-video debut in 1989, but the franchise has proved
to have remarkable staying power. Focusing on evil puppets animated by an ancient
curse and the man who created them, the film has already spawned no fewer than ten sequels. This year’s Puppet Master: Axis Termination—the
first installment since 2012—debuted in September on Amazon, but the team behind next
year’s The Littlest Reich have assembled enough talent that fans are crossing their fingers
hoping for a theatrical release. The film will star stone-faced veteran actor
Udo Kier as the deranged puppet maker Toulon, and genre queen Barbara Crampton will also
make an appearance. Most of the action is expected to take place
at a convention, where killer puppets will run amok, and producers have promised a bloody
good time with plenty of practical gore effects when the film arrives sometime next year. Piranha JPN: Teeth of the Piranha 1978’s Piranha has the distinction of being
hands-down the best Jaws rip-off in a sea of ripoffs, and it also launched the career
of director Joe Dante in much the same way that its less-loved sequel gave a boost to
future Hollywood titan James Cameron. The modern reboot series, which began with
2010’s Piranha 3D, has nobly carried on the tradition of delivering maximum cheese along
with copious amounts of gore and bare bodies. So, we’re pleased to report that the next
installment—titled Piranha JPN: Teeth of the Piranha—is expected to drop sometime
next year. Polaroid Although unrelated issues with The Weinstein
Company and Dimension Films have caused delays in the release of Polaroid, a supernatural
thriller originally slated for a Thanksgiving 2017 release, the film still looks bonkers
enough to survive the executive changes underway at the studio. First-time feature director Lars Klevberg
adapts from his own short film, telling the story of a teenage loner who discovers an
old Polaroid camera in a mysterious store. The budding photo enthusiast soon finds that
anybody she takes a picture of is in line for a horrific death at the hands of some
malevolent force. While the premise might seem a touch familiar—or,
specifically, like a mashup of The Ring and Final Destination—Klevberg’s film won Best
Short and Best Cinematography awards at the prestigious Los Angeles Horror Competition,
and all signs in the trailer point to a stylishly shot and creepy flick. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Horror fan? Check out 'Ash VS Evil Dead'. It's a horror/comedy staring Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Lee Majors etc. The first two seasons are up on Netflix with season 3 airing on Starz. It's one of the most original shows I've seen in years and it's on the bubble as not a lot of people are even aware that it exists.

  2. Polaroid doesnt sound like a mashup of anything, it sounds like that one goosebumps book with exactly the same premise…

  3. The whole horror industry is deranged. Mentally ill people with a camera brainwashing the masses into thinking this level of violence and torture is entertainment.

  4. I'll watch most of them….and I'm actually hoping that I find at least One of them, Quasi-Scary…LOL
    However….I thoroughly ENJOYED Rob Zombies remake of Halloween!!! He actually Explained a lot of things missing from the Other Others…AND at least HIS Movie managed to Pronounce Samhain CORRECTLY!!!
    That's a Major I've found in movies that use certain (Celtic) Pagan themes/rituals/Sabots in their movies…they Never seem to do Any actual Research, before just slapping them into their movies.
    As to Puppet Master…the Puppets aren't actually *evil*, or at least they didn't start out that way. More like Tiny Vigilantes….LOL

  5. Hey that last one you mentioned was an exact rip off of the Goosebumps book and episode “Say Cheese and Die, “ and “Say Cheese and Die Again…”

  6. Tyler Young seems like he’s too young (pun intended) in his acting career to be starring in a movie that’s basically a rip off of Goosebumps. He has more potential than a cheesy (pun intended) cliche horror film. I loved his acting in the tv show Eyewitness.

  7. The witch is widely considered to be among the scariest films of 2015…….uh really. It was awful and put me half to sleep. Just kept waiting for something to happen. Nope. Weak.

  8. Wasn't the nun a demon? A demon is a evil spirit that has never existed in physical form so how could the nun be the spirit of a Romanian nun that has taken her own life?
    Guess we'll have too see

  9. So tomorrow is Friday the 13th. New mutants comes out that day so I’m hoping to go see it. There’s nothing better than watching a horror movie on a cursed day of the year (sarcasm)

  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Polaroid is a either an homage or a blatant rip-off of the Goosebumps book, Say Cheese and Die

  11. The days of good horror movies is over ,they simply can't come up with any good ideas for scary movies anymore, everything already has been done some times three or four times like Halloween, Friday the thirteen, and the list goes on, anymore there just stupid. The last halfway good ones I seen was the Others and the frist conjuring.

  12. Soooooo…..Polaroid is basically the goosebumps book Say cheese and die. Like exactly it. Time to see if a movie with a budget beats a 22 minute goosebumps episode

  13. Does anyone know the name of this new movie coming out … I saw a trailer and cant remember the name …starts off 2 guys gonna row boat and shows sumthinf really big under them then i remember sumone holding a rope leading into the woods …supposedly about a cult or sumthing

  14. No, no the witch was not one of the greatest horror movies of 2015. It was a boring piece of crap. The trailers were scarier than the actual movie

  15. I LOVE Rob Zombies Halloween!! i have both of them… and Witch was HORRIBLE! No suspense nothing but great scenery and pretty boring acting.

  16. Looper is trash…you said that people walked out of the movie The Witch but then called it one of the scariest movies….it actually sucked
    Also The Last Key wasnt scary at all

  17. Wait a minute! You say the last one only remins you of the ring? Hello its straightout of ghostbums!!

  18. Doesnt even mention the best horror movie of 2018 so far, Hereditary. The rest of these movies wont even come close to that.

  19. Is it just me or does no one remember RL Stine's Say cheese and die which Polaroid is definitely copying off of

  20. It's funny looking at this list now with no mention of Hereditary which probably ended up being the scariest movie in decades.

  21. Polaroid is literally an R. L. Stein novel…. "Say Cheese… and Die!" It was one of the best ones! I hope they at least credited it. Exact same plot.

  22. When James Wan starts the good movie and the sequel coming up, The sequel suck (handle by other director)

  23. The plot of Polaroid seems very familiar. Anyone else read goosebumps books as a child? I hate to say it but this film is just going to bring the plot of "say cheese and die" to a more adult level.

  24. Hell boy needs to bring prince & princess back! (By magic spell or time machine/Abe?!)
    And have him fight for the greater good with hell boy's crew!

    Prob won't happen tho!
    Jus like aliens 3 when they killed off newt & hicks!
    Messing up the rotation!!!!!

  25. I thought The Witch was boring af….. I keep hearing it called one of the scariest films of all time though. What am I missing!??

  26. yeah polaroid sounds familiar because it's literally the same plot of say cheese and die lol which pre-dates both the ring and final destination!

  27. Yeah, many of the mentioned movies are blowing my mind……but that´s because they are so extremely bad in every aspect. And the rest of the movies mentioned were not even released yet (today is December 2nd 2018) – which includes Piranha JPN and Nosferatu

  28. Hindsight is an interesting thing. =) Some like Halloween delivered, others bombed (Day o/t Dead), others weren't horror at all despite assumptions (The House With A…), and others have been pushed to 2019 (Polaroid, but sort of expected) or languish in limbo (Something in the Dark). And not a peep about Hereditary, inarguably one of the bigger horror hits of 2018!? =D

    Still an interesting list, now to wait for 2019's predictions. ^_^

  29. But The House With a Clock In Its Walls is a comedy with the tiniest bit of horror themes, just based on some of the creatures in it. It's less horror than Lesbian Vampire Killers is. It's more like Pagemaster, but with warlocks and not animated.

  30. Well this list is messed up not every of this came out in 2018 and some sucked real hard (looking at you Nun)

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