Horror Movies That’ll Blow You Away This Halloween

Horror Movies That’ll Blow You Away This Halloween

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Hollywood has lined up plenty of high-profile
horror projects in 2018, and no surprise, most of the best ones are slated to hit theaters
right around Halloween. From jungle predators to freaky nuns, the
future looks very dark indeed, in the best possible way. Here are all the horror movies that’ll blow
you away this Halloween season. Slender Man Lovers of creepy internet memes have a pretty
good idea of what to expect with this upcoming horror film. The Slender Man has stalked the Web since
2009, when a Photoshop contest produced a picture of the tall, thin, faceless stalker
of hapless children. The forum poster who made the image even has
a writing credit on the film, a development he probably didn’t expect when he set out
to freak people out with his Photoshop skills. “Then that’s what I will say, unless Slender
Man commands me to say something else.” The film’s plot involves teen girls performing
rituals related to the Slender Man, and stars Joey King and Jaz Sinclair. Sony and Screen Gems have slated Slender Man
for release on August 24th. Cadaver Audiences may know Shay Mitchell best from
her role on TV’s Pretty Little Liars, but this Halloween season, the Canadian actress
is making the jump to horror with Cadaver. Mitchell stars as a morgue technician and
disgraced former cop with a drug problem, whose late-night shifts at the morgue take
a turn for the sinister when she receives a badly brutalized body. Veteran Dutch director Diederik Van Rooijen
makes his Hollywood debut with this feature. Although Cadaver has wrapped principal photography,
audiences will have to wait until August 24th to get a look. The Little Stranger Writer/director Lenny Abrahamson spent several
years quietly making a name for himself in his native Ireland before making a huge splash
with the 2015 international production Room. Despite receiving only a limited release in
the U.S., Room was nominated for a slew of awards and snagged a Best Actress Oscar for
lead Brie Larson. For his follow-up project, Abrahamson has
taken on an adaptation of the well-received 2009 novel The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters,
a film which took about ten seconds to get snapped up by Focus Features for worldwide
distribution after going into production in summer 2017. The post-World War 2 ghost story boasts a
strong cast which includes Domnhall Gleason, Ruth Wilson, and Will Poulter. The Little Stranger is slated for release
on August 31st. The Nun The series that New Line is now officially
calling the “Conjuring Universe” is getting another spinoff this Halloween season. The franchise scored yet another box office
hit with Annabelle: Creation, a pre-prequel exploring the origins of the sinister doll
from The Conjuring 2, pushing the series’ worldwide box office take up over the $1 billion
mark. Hitting those kinds of numbers can only ensure
plenty more films in the pipeline, and first up is The Nun, which will add some backstory
to one of Conjuring 2’s most terrifying characters. American Horror Story’s Taissa Farmiga, the
younger sister of main Conjuring series star Vera Farmiga, has been cast in the lead, with
Bonnie Aarons reprising her role as the demonic nun Valak. Creatively, the spinoff appears to be in good
hands, Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation screenwriter Gary Dauberman penned the script, and Corin
Hardy has been tapped to direct. Hardy used practical effects whenever possible
on the shoot, portions of which took place on location in Romania and Transylvania. He told Entertainment Weekly: “I always want to say, ‘Let’s do everything
as much as we possibly can for real, including in-camera stunts, effects, and then use the
CGI to be a beautiful, original, invisible tool.'” The Nun will return to scare your pants off
on September 7th, 2018. Slaughterhouse Rulez Horror comedy is notoriously difficult to
pull off, but if any filmmakers have earned the benefit of the doubt, it’s Simon Pegg
and Nick Frost. Their 2005 classic Shaun of the Dead remains
a sterling example of the genre, and Slaughterhouse Rulez promises to deliver shocks and laughs
in equal measure. The the first effort from the pair’s new Stolen
Picture banner takes place in a British boarding school that “…becomes a bloody battleground
when a mysterious sinkhole appears at a nearby fracking site, unleashing unspeakable horror.” With Pegg and Frost serving as producers,
the film is certainly in good hands. Writer/director Crispian Mills also directed
Pegg in 2012’s horror comedy A Fantastic Fear of Everything. The film is backed by Sony Pictures, which
should ensure a fairly wide release when it hits theaters on September 7th. The Predator Attempts to reinvigorate the Predator franchise
have not historically fared well. The Alien vs. Predator mashup series failed
to do justice to either franchise, and the 2010 sequel Predators garnered mixed reviews. But the forthcoming sequel The Predator appears
to be in very good hands, Shane Black will direct from a script he co-wrote with Fred
Dekker. The two previously collaborated on 1987’s
The Monster Squad. Featured in the cast are Keegan-Michael Key,
Olivia Munn, and Jacob Tremblay, who’s apparently really getting into the role. “Jacob!” “Get to the chopper. We have to get out here! Go! Now!” And if all of this isn’t enough to get fans
excited, then maybe the words of 20th Century Fox CEO Stacey Snider will do the trick. She said: “We’ve got a Predator film coming out that
is unexpected and utterly fresh. […] From the first page, it didn’t read
like a Predator film.” The Predator sneaks into theaters on September
14th. The House with a Clock in Its Walls In this upcoming film, a 10-year-old boy moves
in with an eccentric uncle, only to find his house full of secret passageways and strange
goings-on. It turns out that his uncle is a warlock,
a witch lives next door, and the house is a conduit for weird black magic rituals. “You’ve told Lewis everything?” “Well not everything.” The House with a Clock in its Walls is an
adaptation of the 1973 gothic horror novel of the same name, and there’s already some
serious talent on board. Notorious horror filmmaker Eli Roth will direct
a cast that includes Jack Black and Cate. With its strong fantasy horror vibe, this
movie is bound to be a unique addition to the 2018 Halloween season. Find out when it premieres on September 21st. Hellfest This upcoming horror movie is set at a Halloween-themed
amusement park where a psycho slasher decides to have a little holiday fun of his own. Gregory Plotkin, editor of Happy Death Day
and Get Out, has taken over as director, and Amy Forsyth, Reign Edwards, and Bex Taylor-Klaus
have joined the cast. Expectations are high for this one, with former
James Cameron partner and Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd also involved. CBS Films president Terry Press has been championing
the film for years, believing it has the potential to start a new Purge-like horror franchise. You can judge for yourself when Hellfest debuts
on September 28th, 2018. Something in the Dark This tech-based thriller has a unique premise:
a blind woman has her sight restored by a pair of high-tech eyeglasses. Unfortunately, her vision may turn out to
be a little better than she bargained for. The glasses apparently let her see ghosts,
and she can’t tell the difference between the ghouls and the living. Even worse, she begins to suspect that a lurking
entity she keeps glimpsing might be coming for her. The film’s website states that it will contain
no dialogue, with the goal of creating “…a more involving and creepy experience
which plays exactly the same to any audience, regardless of what language they speak.” “In other words, there is literally not a
single word spoken throughout the entire film.” The first feature for visual effects artist
turned debuting writer-director Steven Aguilera, Something in the Dark will definitely be a
unique experience. It’s currently slated for release on October
15th, 2018. Halloween Remakes and reboots of classic horror franchises
haven’t exactly been cinematic gold in recent years. With yet another Nightmare reboot struggling
to get off the ground and a planned second Friday the 13th re-imagining still up in the
air, fans could be forgiven for not getting too excited about the prospect of a new Halloween,
but they should be. Eastbound & Down star Danny McBride and producer
David Gordon Green came together to work on the concept for the new film, which they pitched
directly to original director/co-writer John Carpenter. Carpenter’s reaction, posted to his Facebook
page, was enough to get any fan’s heart racing: “David and Danny both came to my office recently
with Jason Blum and shared their vision for the new movie and… WOW. They get it. I think you’re gonna dig it.” He also told CBS that the new movie would
essentially retcon everything after Halloween II. “It’s pretending the other sequels didn’t
happen.” McBride echoed that idea, saying: “It’s gonna continue the story of Michael
Myers in a really grounded way. And for our mythology, we’re focusing mainly
on the first two movies and what that sets up.” Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle, the original
Michael Myers, are reprising their roles from the 1978 film. Miramax will release Halloween on October
19th, 2018, just in time for the scariest night of the year. Overlord From J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot production company,
Overlord is a World War II-set horror flick about a group of American soldiers who make
a horrifying discovery in a Nazi-occupied village. Since this is a Bad Robot production, there’s
been a lot of speculation that Overlord may be yet another stealth entry in the Cloverfield
universe, a theory which was apparently confirmed. How will it tie into the franchise? We can all find out when Overlord debuts in
theaters on October 26th. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Actually something in the dark might suck. She's blind not dumb or deaf. Hush was good because she was dumb.

  2. I have been waiting for a new Predator movie since AvP2 and I really hope it lives up to the first 2 movies.

  3. So, about The Predator flick… How the heck can "it didn't read like a Predator film" make fans excited? O_o And have you seen the trailer? It's awful!

  4. slenderman is 5 years late where was it when everybody was interested? and im not even into that anymore and the movie looks like a typical horror movie with some girl who sees something that her parents cant see then they take her to the hospital like any other movie

  5. Haven't they made "something in the dark" before? It's called "The Eye" starring Jessica Alba. Come on Hollywood, STOP rehashing the same old ideas.

  6. Hereditary is going to be the scariest movie if this century if not every .. can't wait to see it this weekend

  7. Is no one gonna mention that the kid in “The house with a clock in its walls” looks exactly like Clay from 13 reasons why, or is it just me

  8. Well uh abrahms pretty much only does things consisting of simultaneous universes of you ever seen any movie has made or fringe which he also made. It's safe to say this next one will have that reoccurring theme

  9. people dont actually realize how much horror movies make. they are all low budget, extremely easy to make and produce but reap huge returns.. much much bigger returns than super hero films if you compare budget vs profit. no matter how bad the movie is, people will go see them so studios keep making them.

  10. I’m looking forward to Halloween the most. When I was younger, I felt sorry for Jason..I found Freddie funny.. but Michael Myers?…?… I had mad nightmares about him. They were terrifying!. He used to chase me around my school. Then my mum bought me a dream catcher and I had only one more dream.. I helped catch him and he was put away in an unbreakable clear box. Haven’t had one since lol.

  11. I'm Really Looking Forward To "The Nun"!!! I'm going to Wait Awhile, So I Can Rent It!! Just got done w/Quuja ( sp.?). From 2005?? The 1st One!!! See Ya'll In The Little Box!!! I Really Enjoyed It!!! Blessings from northern New Mexico mountains!!!

  12. I thought you guys would promote “The House That Jack Built”. Lars Von Trudy’s movies are either hit or miss but his new one looks interesting. The way it portrays rural America in the late seventies and eighties looks awesome and gritty.

  13. i wanna see THE NUN, THE LITTLE STRANGER, & HOUSE WITH CLOCKS. Something In The Dark is very promising. reminds me of the movie 13 Ghosts.

  14. I can’t wait to see The Nun! I’ve been waiting for something like this for like forever. I’m gonna be 12 in July. So I might be able to go see it with my mom. I’m so excited! Can’t wait to be scared like there’s no tomorrow.

  15. There is wrong information here… Halloween 2018 doesn't take place after Halloween II, it takes place after the original Halloween.

  16. They all look good!!!!!! I'm super excited for the Shaun of the Dead crew's movie too!!!!! Shaun of the Dead is Still one of my favorites!!!!!!

  17. Slaughterhouse Rulez will be the best of the lot and maybe Halloween other than that most of these are average.

  18. i started scream laughing over the fact that a fucking slenderman movie is being made
    good god thats indescribable

  19. i thought its james wan .. so i guess the nun is different, hope its not that bad last prequel by other directors seems to ruin stuff

  20. Conjuring universe in chronological order: The Nun, Annabelle prequel, Annabelle, The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2

  21. I think The Conjuring 2 is better than The Conjuring even though The conjuring was loved way more and cost more to buy than The conjuring 2 even though it was released before

  22. I heard slenderman is a bomb and that's not in October… it'll be coming out on Blu-ray probably for being so bad

  23. Slender man was the worst movie ever created. I’ve never seen worse actioning and storyline. At least it was so bad it was hilariously funny to watch with friends.

  24. @ the 6:28 mark ,it looks like the scene from the latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre where Leatherface runs through an amusement park. Am I right or wrong?

  25. slenderman is no hoax he is very real there are sightings and encounters with him all over and is even shown on ancient tablets a human with tendrils coming out of it's back

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