Horror Short Film “Riley Was Here” | ALTER Exclusive

Horror Short Film “Riley Was Here” | ALTER Exclusive

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– Hey.
– Name. Uh… I was told to come to this address. Name. Carlos Ramirez. Junior, just call me Junior. Look, this isn’t a hoax or anything is it. I met this guy, he gave me this card, he didn’t say… Give me the card. 2500. It’s nice. This place. It’s trending you know, that old ghost house style. Would you please stop talking? I’ve lost count, I have to start again. Sorry. Take off your jacket and your shirt and your pants and socks and shoes… The more skin contact the better your chances. Relax, have a seat. Are you here for the high? Most do it for the high. Yeah. Yep, here for the high. Who’s Riley? My son. Swallow, just a little. Did he survive? No, he was pre-vaccine. I’m sorry. Everyone lost someone. Open your mouth. How old was he? 6. Don’t spit. Swallow. Now lay down. You must miss him. Roll around in the sheets. Now stand up. You remind me of him. Is that why you chose me? The guy who set this up, he said … He said you were picky. And then he sent you a picture of me and said it was part of the process… The incubation period is approximately ten minutes. If you would please, follow me to the attic. I don’t know if I can do this. Why are you here? I told you, I’m here for the high. Look, I don’t know, it’s weird. It’s always weird. I lost my boy too. And my wife. She had gotten sick, and we didn’t know. And she turned. She attacked my, she attacked my son. I hate her. I try not to. I thought, maybe, if I could feel what she felt, I can understand. I can forgive her. Maybe, I don’t know. Climb the ladder. Have a seat. The restraints are for your protection and mine. All the sores on your arms… Is it vaccine shots? How often do you infect yourself? Almost every day. That can’t be good for you. I’m careful. I heard that people who use too much get like anuerysms or some shit. I don’t know. Little to no warning. I’m sure it’s just an internet rumor or something. No. I’ve seen it happen. First you get a headache. And then your nose bleeds. And then your dead. No time for an ambulance. No time to say goodbye. Just dead. And you still do it. Must be a hell of a high. What does it feel like? It’s beautiful. After the ten minutes are up, I’ll give you the vaccine whether you’re experience symptoms or not. If the virus is in your system too long, whether dormant or active. The vaccine becomes less effective. Come on! Do you like meat? Yeah. Brisket, chicken on my pizza, but I can’t say I like human flesh too much. When the virus kicks in, this arm will look like the most beautiful fucking brisket you’ve ever seen. Why? Excuse me? Why do you do this? Which part? All of it. Why do you sell all of this? It’s always weird right? My son lives in that virus. The germs in that room, are Riley’s. When a client is infected, it’s like he’s here with me. I can see him in the eyes. I swear I can almost feel him. Sometimes, I can even hear him calling my name. I can take care of him again. Nope. I want out, I’m calling it. I want out, I’m calling it. You’re so close. I changed my mind, give me the shot. Hang in there, let me see Riley. You can have the money, just get me out. Please. Just give me the shot. Please. Please, Raquelle, give me the shot! Get me out! Raquelle, get me out. There you are. Get me out, get me out, get me out! Please give me the shot. What are you doing? Give me the shot! Shhh. Now now. Calm baby, calm. Momma’s here. Get the syringe and get me out! You fucking crazy bitch. Oh my God. Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry baby, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I love you, I would never… I’m so sorry, I’m sorry. Hey! Hey get up and give me the syringe.


  1. The filmmakers' statement on "Riley Was Here":
    We love zombie films but they never seem to touch on what happens after the dust has settled from a global trauma. How do those who survived move on? Could they ever? We wanted to explore the psychological damage one would have to endure, the survivor’s guilt one would feel and the forgiveness one would have to find. 'Riley Was Here' is about tragedy and how we deal with it.

  2. Wow! It was such a different Zombie movie with an emotional touch in it. I was waiting for this once I got your notification ….always a fan of Alter 💕

  3. Alter: movie to release on 14 ..they informed on 13 th

    Me from South INDIA : first i am the person to watch the movie in Ofce in fornt of Manager #dare levels via ALTER 😇

  4. That was a perfect short. As a movie it wouldn't work but as a short exploring an untouched aspect of a zombie plague, excellent. A good portion of these shorts are just literal snippets from a horror movie with no context or depth. Nice to see some good ones like the last few.

  5. I liked the part of how he sees the hand after being a zombie but the movie was long and boring and that woman was getting on my nerves 😑

  6. It's really upset to see..she was infecting others.. Actually that woman became mentally zombie.. After loosing her child… & unfortunately that innocent guy also got infected 🤯

  7. Damn…..I'm speechless. This was amazing….I have no words beside Alter know what the people want and give it to us without fail. Amazing!

  8. Wow alter you really outdid yourselves with this lovely tribute to a zombie apocalypse slash virus outbreak film , I love all your films and I would love to be there when your channel reaches 1million subs , sincerely yours JayMajesty 👍🔥🔥

  9. Oh, meff and alcohol. Ive seen the combo. Very similar. But as a virus in the future? Well addiction is a disease. Viral like.

  10. +Alter and The Creators Thank you My
    Antisption was indeed peeked.🎶🎵 Just ask Alice 🔴🔵🎶By the the yesterdays tease now what's behind demented door 823 ~Let where you take us we shall See.🖤

  11. Me: *Watching in room on my T.V.
    Mom: Comes into my room when the man strips and gets onto the bed
    Me: 0-0 It's not what it looks like….
    Mom: steps outside my door slowly and shut door okkkkkkkkk 0-0

  12. i didn't like this one that much but then again I don't usually like zombie stories they just aren't scary enough

  13. Holy mother of all things evil and psychologically disturbing! The movie is triple the terror with 1.75x speed! Alter, thanks foe night chills.

  14. "Relax" she says…as you're standimg there in your tighty whites and she's in decked out biohazard suit! It'll be ooooookkkkk…"promise"!
    Great film!!!

  15. Normally I find virus zombies boring as all get out. Give me a good old fashion voodoo zombie – a living person who's had their free will stripped away, far more terrifying. But this was pretty good. About the only thing I dislike is the part about the vaccine potentially causing aneurysms. If only because we have so many anti-vaxxers in real life bringing back deadly diseases like measles and abusing their children with bleach enemas, Jilly Juice, and essential oils. Maybe find a different out like a rival "dealer" killing her via sniper or something, no mention of the vaccine causing problems at all. Because like it or not, people are influenced by media.

  16. Really loved how this took a dark turn into the personal loss territory. I caught it on the fest circuit and loved it! Really great job, Jon! Super cool to see it out in the universe!

  17. I been awaiting this. Ahhh i just love love this channel and the actors and actresses. Yall are amazing. Xoxo

  18. Okaaaay! WOW! This was badass! I love the concept. A different kind of zombie movie. Again what a badass movie.

  19. SORRY I AM A LITTLE LATE ALTER, anyways I didn't get my notification for some reason, well it's o.k. 👌 bc now it's time for us to get ALTERed, this movie was GREAT 👍 as always ALTER, also the whole entire deal was AMAZING, the director did a FANTASTIC job, and the writers and the ppl that even shoot the film 🎥 as always… as always love u ALTER another HIT!!! #foreveraltered

  20. A sad and poignant zombie short?! I loved it. It was like it was exploring how people deal with their grief. She seemed full of survivor's guilt, while he was being eaten away by his anger towards his infected wife. Very well done.

  21. Wow. I can be a tough critic but this short was amazing! Loved it. I was interested the whole way through. Love all the zombie shorts but this is one of the greats!

  22. I live for horror films and this film had me from the start! When it went zombie……You guys premier the best of the best and I am always impressed!

  23. This is an amazing film. So many layers of twisted psychology – loss, addiction. Maybe the hardest part as the viewer is admitting that yes, this is exactly what we humans would do if disease could be used like a drug. We would use it. We would push the limits of danger. We would devour ourselves.

  24. I definitely would have banged that guy on Riley's bed without minding all the germs in that room, one last good fuck before turning into a zombie lmao

  25. 😮 WOW! What else can I say.. But..

    GREAT! ❤

  26. Love ittttttt!!!! I want a full length and then some on this plot. Yes agreed. Gotta show some of the stories of rebuilding and that can keep the genre fresh. Really good production all around.

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