Horror Short Film “Skintight” | Presented by ALTER

Horror Short Film “Skintight” | Presented by ALTER

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That southern breeze That air that has a strong metallic like scent We are breathing in poison now rising from the roots of the soil The field is still lush and the wind still blows just right I can’t wait till you see Robin This is all quite hard to fully describe Hey mama, what you doing here? Man came to pick up my last check. You quit? Is there anything I can help you with today sir? These people Literally just talk into the man’s Came to beg for your job back? Actually I came to pick up my last check I know Nah hold up What is this? Your paycheck. This doesn’t even have my last two shifts on it. What am I supposed to do with this? I don’t know. It’s not my problem I’m gonna report this. You can’t keep playing me. Let’s be glad you’re getting something. Take it or leave it, you know, there’s nothing else If I’m being honest with you honey, this is me helping you out. What happened? She’s being an asshole, that’s what happened? Look you got to sit down and talk with her. I’m over it. I don’t even have the energy You got a second? Yes, bounced off my break anyway. Come on. I don’t know how you stay working here Gotta pay the bills man. So I think someone’s stalking me. Hmm? They’ve been sending me these confusing ass letters. I don’t know how to describe it. Here, just look at this It’s like a kid wrote it fam. You probably just overreacting. Someone could be messing with yours, especially since we just moved out here No, I just don’t feel right. Just relax a bit, getting worked up over nothing. I don’t know. I try not to let it get to me, trying to ignore it, but they’re worse shit than this, you know. The whole point of me moving out here was to start my life over I thought maybe moving would be a breath of fresh air way from the bullshit. I don’t know. I just needed someplace smaller My mom, she always like “Robin, you never know what you want to do. Damn near 30 and you always moving. She’s right, though Now I’m stuck Stuck and broke, ain’t that some shit. Robin I’m telling you just relax This this is nothing just ink on paper Whoever this is just playing games with you There’s no reason to stress about it Jimmy Hey stay safe, alright. Hey mama How are you? How’s work fine? I’m fine We’ve got a cousin Tatiana, right? Yeah, that’s a distant cousin. She passed away 5 years ago. Why? No reason. What’s going on? I don’t want you to worry mom, I’m handling it Baby, what is going on? Been getting a few letters with a double triangle symbol on them. Most of them have my name on it, but … this one says Tatiana. What kind of letter? Double triangle symbol? I need to call Reverend Johnson. This sounds real familiar. Look, I need you to lock all your doors. I am on my way. I need you to call 9-1-1 baby now! Okay, hold on mama. Wait 9-1-1 dispatch, what’s your emergency? I think someone’s stalking me. I don’t know what they look like I think it could be more than one person Are you home mam? Yes Is it possible they are inside your house? No, nope It’s taken years and years to get to this point Decades. Centuries of… Blood, sweat and tears. But here we are. Keeping the sacred tradition alive and well. So much more. You’re in this. The deepest strongest quality that skin can have is power. It’s here, and here, and here. It’s everywhere. And only inside. Why do you keep looking away I understand your place Understand that there is no way out of it You can’t break the chain. No one can. Skin-tight It’s just a circle Robin. That’s it. I’m so happy you’re finally about to be perfect. So do me a favor and just smile. You people need to get together. Come on now


  1. For more about the filmmaker Ciara Boniface: https://artandseek.org/2018/04/23/disney-studios-next-visionary-filmmaker-ciara-boniface/

  2. i have no idea what the point was, why they are a cult of chain worshipping pl and why she's taken, why the skin in the baggies? Can someone explain?

  3. Are the chains symbolic of slavery and the southern accent woman? But what about the black man at her job… And what happened to her cousin who for some reason had the same apartment with notes left behind?? And what the hell is the torture room for? And cutting chunks of skin, OMG, are they a melanin harvesting cult? Damn it, black don't crack… While folks have really lost their shit now

  4. Very Interesting….but what was the point of the few seconds of Traci? If the main character eventually escapes….? At first I thought it was just the future..that the main character was dead and the cult horrors continued….but then it jumps back to this story…and I thought well maybe this was a flashback to her cousin Tatiana and we were going to see how the cult started and why they were going after members of her family….but then her name is Tracy…..and then it jumps to the main character again and then we see her hopefully getting free…so once again..WTF was the point of showing that clip?

  5. For those wondering what this short was all about the creator Ciara Boniface (19 yrs) won a contest by Disney where she received $100,000 and a car. She plans to make Skintight a full feature film with the winnings . Also she wanted the short to be open ended to spark conversation. I can't wait to see what this story is about in full! Great job Ciara you has me waiting!!

  6. Okay, so were they taking the skin and putting it on? Because many of them were white. Then the black guy looked okay, not patchwork or anything. I’m trying to get this one.

  7. I need this to be a full length film. Now my mind is spinning with curiosity. I want ALL the details… you know background info, character development. I am SO ready to see the protagonist go HAM on that "doctor" now that the chain broke. I'm so hear for this Alter!

  8. The quote at the beginning is from this guy – Albert Montgomery Kligman (March 17, 1916 – February 9, 2010)[1] was a dermatologist who co-invented Retin-A, the acne medication, with James Fulton in 1969.[2] Kligman is also known for the medical research he performed on inmates at Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia and the scandal it generated years later.

  9. The Tuskegee Experiment enrolled 600 African Americans who were placed under a study for treatment of syphilis, but were never actually treated for the illness. Of the 600 399 had syphilis. The study was, according to the scientists, supposed to last only 6 months, but lasted up to 40 years, having wives becoming infected, and children being born with congenital syphilis. Even though there was penicillin available at the time, the scientists refused to treat any of the test subjects and made certain that they had no access to any sort of syphilis treatment programs. They also continued lying to the subjects, and the promises of burial insurance, as well as the distribution of free food and supplies to impoverished African Americans was what kept these people shackled in this study, even when funding was cut off and there was a cure available to help them. The study continued anyway. I really loved this short. It was very beautiful and symbolized a lot of things which has occurred throughout history, and still represents how shackled race has made us.

  10. So a centuries old cult stalks , torments and abducts light skinned black women for the melanin in their skin? Why are they not going after darker skinned people so , who have a higher degree of Melanin already activated?
    I really dont get the concept behind this .. the girls all look similar , but the guy is light skinned too yet he is part of the cult , so what's the point? What is she bagging up bits of skin for? what do they want with it? have the white cult folks developed a need to eat this skin type and just keep Male light skinned blacks as workers? is that it?
    Too much left unanswered in this,….and the chain coming loose at the end , is she gonna wreak revenge now all alone!

    Sorry , I don't like this one.

  11. Her mom should've explain and tell her what going on of the double triangle symbol that black people are getting killed for their melanin. Her cousin Tatiana was killed. She the first person who breaking free from those chains.

  12. So what type of BS movie is this😕 she just going around kidnapping black pretty girls, for their beautiful skin. Yeah I know😏

  13. I think that the guy from the hardware store has already been broken and the reason that he wears the double triangle symbol is because he is one of them now.

  14. How PC of you, of course white people are ripping blacks off every day and dragging them around bound by chains. I've seen shit before but this is the whole sewer. Now why don't you make a video of how BLM called for the genocide of all whites and the murder of all cops. What I and my grand children ever did to blacks is beyond me, except having to listen to their repetitive lies.

  15. Having a hard time reconciling this film with the comments. As long as the sun's out we aren't going to see a black market in melanin. Also, the tools displayed in the lab are just silly.

  16. This comments section is bizarre. Basically a mountain of "terrible acting", "she's cute", "left me hanging", "huh? what?", "race/melanin?".

    But 1.2k likes & 50k views, in one day? Horror fans are special. They watch movies they love AND hate =)

  17. …. Other than an under-toned smidge of racism, this made no sense what so ever.
    C'mon #ALTER – You can, and HAVE done better!

  18. The main plot of the movie started at the end of it. Great movie! I can't wait to see what will the girl do now when she has released herself from chains ⛓️.

    – What and who are the peoples with a triangle symbol? A janitor from the store has one.
    – Why are they take skin from the people? …

  19. Hm, looks a bit like the novel I'm currently reading that LeVar Burton wrote, where white people harvest the skin of black people because of a type of skin cancer that only really affects white people. So they have black skin grafted onto themselves as a way to survive.

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