Horror Short Film “The Last Seance” | Presented by ALTER

Horror Short Film “The Last Seance” | Presented by ALTER

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Who are you? Give me your sister’s… Why do you keep coming here? Just leave us alone. You can’t have her. I can’t! What’s wrong? Who are you talking to? There’s a man floating above us. I don’t see any man. But I believe you. Just close your eyes and I’ll protect you. You promise? Promise. I can feel a presence. We must do it tonight. Oh, and payment is up front. We’ll get that right away. She’s looking for something. Come on. *whispered* Help me! I adore all the wood, and it’s such a perfect space. Your home is absolutely lovely. Stop! Wait! This means a lot to us. Ever since Marybeth’s dead, things just… Thank you. Grace… Something’s not right. They just want to talk to their daughter. No! You don’t understand. It’s like there’s something rotting with inside the house. Like a smell that won’t leave. It just gets worse and worse. Okay, Anna, Anna, if we back out now, people will think we’re frauds. Whatever is in this house could kill us. If we leave now, we don’t even have to… Anna, we’ve been doing this since we were kids. We can’t stop now! You don’t know anything else. All you care about is money. Anna! I am protecting you! Please! If you leave now, you have nothing. No money, nowhere to go, and no family. That’s what I thought. You never protected me! *a sinister man’s voice* Anna… Marybeth? Is that you? *Give me your sister’s pet bear.* Is everything okay? Where do these stairs lead? Mary’s room. If you don’t mind me asking… how did Mary die? She was in her room playing. Then suddenly she was on the ground. Okay, lets do this. In order for this to work, we must open our souls to the dead. We cherish the light within us. And reject the evil that lies without. God, let us follow your divine plan. Amen. Marybeth, are you among us? Marybeth? What’s your name little girl? Marybeth. Marybeth, why do you remain in this house? Because he keeps me here. What does she mean? I don’t know. Who keeps you here? The thin man. Anna? What’s going on? Anna? Anna? Help me. *distorted* Anna? *Anna?* *Anna?* *Please! Please!* Take me to the man. This is my room. Marybeth? Anna. Grace? Is that you? Just close your eyes and I’ll protect you. I promise. He wanted to find you. He made me do it. *Anna…* Just like you promised. *Don’t be afraid.* *Give me the bear.* *And I’ll save you.* *From your sister.* What happened? She’s… She’s happy. She’s in heaven. She just wanted to make sure you guys are okay and tell you that she loves you. Isn’t that right, Grace? That’s exactly right. Anna. Thank you.


  1. We never like to reveal too much of a film's meaning, as in a lot of cases the films are meant to be open to interpretation. However, we will say some of you have the same understanding of the ending as we do. Our interpretation below, with *spoilers*.

    The Thin Man, who promised Anna he would take care of her (like Grace did), has taken over Grace's spirit. Anna let this happen by giving the Thin Man possession of Grace's bear from the real world. She allowed this to happen as she began to see her sister was manipulating her powers to see and speak to the dead to earn money, rather than actually protecting Anna. And in that moment, Anna believed the Thin Man may actually be able to help her. Yet whether Anna's actions work in her favor or not, well, that's for another film.

  2. Umm I’m not partaking in anything that requires me to OPENMY SOUL TO THE DEAD!!! Only thing I wanna open my SOUL to is ? AND FOOD!!???????

  3. My exact words at 10:32

    Ahah. Fuck. That.

    Edit: I still haven't unpaused it I'm having a hard time here

    Edit again: Stop laughing it's not funny

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  5. The thing I enjoy most about these movies is all the theories in the comments.
    I think that’s the whole point.

  6. How is she protecting her she's all like yeah stay in this house with a creepy ass demon that's going to kill us or have no money

  7. Exorcist: Theres a good spirit inside your house
    Me as a father: ok kids pack up were moving out
    My wife: but its a good spirit dear
    Father: bad or good, its still a spirit so pack your things

  8. I think that when the door closes and immediately locks as you run over to it. Just accept you’re absolutely fucked.

  9. This is better than most full length movies. the acting, the set, the sound, all amazing. It makes me want to quit my job and work for you to somehow support your guys 🙂

  10. I dug it, and I jive with the comments below saying she was trading one demon for another in a way.. Still, her "sister" or whatever would prb still be a better option than an actual demon who has been actively trying to link up with you… Jus sayin..

  11. Wow I'm a horror buff and it takes alot to creep me out or give me chills and make me jump but this movie did all 3! ??? two thumbs up! ??

  12. 4:33 What is that small white flash on that picture. Seen that small white flashes in other parts in this movie also, Is that where the hidden camera is

  13. Terrifyingly deep voice: “ANNA.”

    Anna: “Marybeth? Is that you?”

    Me: “Damn, puberty hit Marybeth haaaaard!”

    The edit was I spelled Marybeth wrong so I had to correct it lol

  14. Maybe I am missing something in this video. Great shock value, but I am not surprised this video didn't win an award. Maybe I'm just missing something.

  15. There is a man floating above us…… and I might of shat the bed and pee’d alil seeing that so don’t Oklahoma next to my Alabama …..

  16. Here is my safe place I suggest

    We have food???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☕????????????

    Also bathrooms ????????????????????????????????????????????

    And beds ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    And transportation ???????????????????????????⛟???✈??‍♂️?‍♀️??⛴?⛵???

  17. "In order for this to work, we Must open our souls to the dead."
    Any rational human: Umm, no, I'm pretty sure that's how all this shhh got started.

  18. Marabeth : “The Thin Man…”

    Me : ahem “I think you mean…the slender man…?” ?

    ok, I’ll just see myself out, then…

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