HOSTILE Official Trailer (2018) Horror Thriller Movie HD

HOSTILE Official Trailer (2018) Horror Thriller Movie HD

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  1. I love post-apocalyptic movies like many out there but not gonna lie,
    this looks like a movie made by some youtuber.

  2. I'm interested. But I Want To see what the reviews think about this movie when it comes out.

  3. Having looked at the video pre-view picture, has anyone else had a thought it had something to do with "watch dogs" game ?

  4. Maaaaaaaaaaan my ass just got clickbait I thought this s*** was Watchdogs the movie for a second but when I went into the video I was like man this s*** is a Resident Evil want to be and why she sounds like my baby girl Selena Gomez WTF ???

  5. I survived the apocalypse…so here are some shots of me driving in a desert 10 miles outside of LA because…we couldn't afford sets like "I AM LEGEND"

  6. The only person to survive the apocalypse is a woman? Good to know that in advance cause if the apocalypse does happen I know not to team up with any men then.

  7. Why don’t they make an apocalyptic movie with consequences and realistic story telling
    Not fuckin Zombie movies, thats so like 5 years ago, only works with comedy now.

  8. Awesome movie ! I loved it ! For once the trailer does not reveal the whole movie (and it's very nice), and so much more happens / is said, so cut the non-constructive cristicism, people. It's a movie made with a small budget but by people with a passion for genre films and it deserves your attention.

  9. 4 1/2 stars. A must watch. Pretty emotional and has a lot of tension but the main part of this movie is the climax which sums up everything. worth watching till the end.

  10. Loved ending so sad..i wish i could have had a man like that too love me that much in my life.

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