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hello family we are back
they will remember that we were in malaysia being there they taught us
a game called gasland the game he’s very very father and it’s very interesting
because you have to make a vehicle post-apocalyptic depending on how
you have armed you are qualified as to defense and attack that is if you have a lot
armament is going to be very powerful in your attack and if you have a very armor
powerful is going to have enough defense is very interesting because this vehicle
you put on a board roll the dice and starts the game
so family we were invited to next gasland tournament representing
to mexico that’s crazy because of that today In custom Mexico we will do our
own gasland vehicle and has to be awesome since we go with everything
and we are going to bring this trophy to the country welcome to this epic custom video
Mexico good family well here we have this
monster truck that is super raffled is very nice but we have to occupy it
this truck that we found in the chacharitas is fine very nice and
we have a powerful v8 a vocho can’t missing in this monster truck of these
three we have to make a gasland truck let’s start with the first one
is this monster truck this puppy is well curly is very collectible but it will
have to be sacrificed let’s open it and for this we will occupy
our drill this we have already done in all videos it’s just
find where the rivet goes and drill these teeth are also
raffled so we’re not going to waste it let’s go to make another custom, with him the drill
again we occupy it to open our truck this trailer too
it’s pretty is already old in had better years and we will also occupy it
everything about us here too we will occupy to make another cost no
nothing will be wasted from this trailer we will occupy only the cabin
well now we are going to start work hard and bushy and for that I go
to help mother we are going to remove this seat that is here and also the engine
from the front But Ghana wondered what gas is
I will leave you here in the description how the game is played which is what
they really need is a very game fun is something like the career of
death but on a board with dice they have a great time
very father and I like to see how they played it and well we can’t stay behind we go
to make our kushner vehicle and let’s go for everything to that tournament let’s
continuing to work at the base is very important that we remove everything that we
hinders it has to be perfectly smooth this
part to be able to assemble them with the part of the trailer this part of here is
where the rivets were going we also hinder so we are going to have to
remove it and again it helped me get m family write about how the state
how they put their hunts I was a a little sick for this teacher but
Well, we’re here with everything my voice is returning I hope soon
they are next I also ask for a sorry if you hear me half claws
Carlos or but it is a problem with the throat that I can’t solve well
we will continue cutting the whole part below remember to use
protective gloves what happens when they cut withrew tights that
heats up then it is very important that wear gloves what am i
doing now is that I’m doing more big hole where the rivet goes
because it doesn’t look exactly the same here you can notice the part of the rivet that
it was further back then we have to accommodate it to then be able to close
our car now let’s work on this 8
they will remember that this beautiful too we found in the chacaritas
we are going to make a vehicle very post apocalyptic or something like mad max
this this spend game is interesting because it’s a game of
apocalypse type mad max but also involves with zombies and all tarps
also interesting is fine father and to help me cut this car
I’m just doing it with the following is very simple from all the
cut and now let’s move it a little to finish chopping see how cool the votes up
cut look beautiful let’s join the bocho something like that let’s introduce it and
good to make it perfect is the cent I’m going to make a little between that
I don’t know what his name is but well I’m going to cut this part so that it makes perfect
with the part of the trailer something like that should be
that looks well armed I will do what same is going to be a little further back
I’m going to mark it because I wanted to do it to eye of good cubero and it did not fit me
so let’s cut it perfectly
I apologize again because if my voice goes away I will have to
talk a little less because I already it’s sore throat let’s
start cutting it I’m just cutting to make it perfect for
measure ready family here is the cut
we are going to help ourselves with these tweezers that they are painted all here in this house
It is painted only to remove the part we have left and now if you see
how beautiful is the beauty already in bonn or perfectly we will do the same
on the other hand even a post apocalyptic vehicle
they will remember in the mad mad movies that everyone is symmetric is very
important that the vehicles remain symmetrical and that can move in gas
great take into account that you can walk the car so it is very important
that the vehicle has a good mobility and make it look aesthetic too
because not now we are going to remove all the burr with our lime or lime tone something that also doesn’t count families that
they also had to cut the part of down and now we are going to put it together let’s see
how are they flying and it looks great by the way this much
that we cut is from teacher and the truth is that it gave me pain but I think it will
worth the result see what pretty in bona very very father and in this
kind of car we always have to be proving that it puts everything perfectly that
between the penny it looks good now what I’m going to do is I’m going to sand a
little bit with a sandpaper we are going to move away the whole part i’m not going to
to despise does not make sense that sprinters in fact the painting I’m going to
let the texture rise so let’s leave it like this here the part of
I’m going to make it up five pretty holes a hole is where I’m going to put a
very powerful four hole machine gun is where I’m going to put a fence of
protection for the bato to go up here I have a very good vision and
can give it to everyone with everything let’s give him
this bit that I have is very very Delgadita I got it in a place where
come this tool for jeweler and what I do very carefully to avoid
to break the eyes are ready let’s go
see how they stayed to do the protection is very easy i’m just going to
put here these four cuts of dental wire and I’m going to put a mesh or
mosquito net and with that it will be a protective mesh so you don’t
stock the first one who goes there up climbed this same mesh of
we will occupy the mosquito net to put the protection that goes in the windows
here again is cut it measure it and paste it this is very very simple why
I do not put the whole procedure it’s very easy family if you don’t have
greater science is only cut measure and paste with a little crazy tail
obviously this we have to do in the two windows and on the windshield no
we want to get a zombie or something strange out there
we get in there will be very painful so it doesn’t happen
absolutely nothing for that we put this protection fence we can also
occupy dental wire and put it in diagonal or horizontal is also going to
completely cover the windshield already we have almost everything ready family already
they could see that we put protections we cut around here now let’s join
our truck with our super botxo
I was impressed with the whole level they have there in malaysia is
awesome quality and quantity of just though they did Enrique said that
for them the one that will be is a lifestyle and if it’s a way of
live much of your time much of people who are from malaysia a long time ago
I spend almost almost all collectors makes a face that is super father and
they have a very very high level that I think What can we simulate here in Mexico if
we put the batteries we are going to seal it let’s close it
I’m going to do it with glue glue crazy and with a little carbonate
you can also occupy epoxy this part is very interesting
familiar because we are going to make it look as weld that looks welded and
for that we have to put a crazy tail small lines and a little bit of
carbonate and shape it so it looks father to make a vehicle look like
the ones from the mad max movie that you see aesthetic that of aesthetics in these
cars is weird but if it carries certain aesthetic and well this we are going to do
very calmly I’m putting the complete procedure for them to see
how I do it is to put you with the crazy and then carbonate and with your fingers and you
Forming there it stays when I mean a
stick I am not going to grab it with the fingers because if it burns it doesn’t burn strong
but yes a little bit once I know how we can occupy
our sandpaper and again we are going to do very carefully let’s
give it the shape that looks like a cord welding seems to me to be called already
our welder is very important that let’s do it carefully so as not to take us
completely all the material is already ready and good family let’s work
now with the accessories we will give a piece of wire subscribe on
any hardware store and we are going to mold it we are going to make a
square or a rectangle as you prefer it will depend on
car that you want to do is like can these accessories occupy these
things that I’m going to put as they could see let’s make a monster
post-apocalyptic truck so it’s very important to carry many accessories
that they look very thug that they look very very strong but also what I’m doing
this I wanted to ask for your support for to help me choose the name of
this monster truck you have to arrive with his name already to the event I had thought
in goliad or in sant are something like that something very very strong you who don’t
could you write me here in the comments what name would they give to
this monster truck I’m going to choose the one I like the most
those that you have put the name you are going to put it to come
so help me please here in the comments to put the name you
they would put this monster truck like they could see is a square square
Swedish but well I made a square and what what I’m doing now is to cut it
I’m helping myself again in Bremen if you realize the drama is very useful
for these projects it helps a lot that’s right I recommend that you make a
dremel so they can do very good beaver again we will occupy the web
of mosquito netting is only to cut and hit him what I did to a family is to put a
little bit of contact glue on the part of here of the defense and
forward they will see why let’s wait for it to dry while
let’s work in the front I thought it would be enough as
sacrifice three cars but let’s go for a room
this is a car opener and you they know him and we will only occupy
the back the part that is for I don’t know or I can’t think of these ideas
crazy it occurred to me to put these of defending
for the front we are going to cut it very carefully again
helped from our bremen and we will clean it perfectly
I insist that dremel is a very very good tool already thought of some name
family go thinking go thinking at end of the video they will see how cool
what a beautiful monster truck I hope thank you
we will continue cleaning the part of opposite that was heard weird but let’s go
to continue cleaning our casting once we have finished cutting
now we are going to sand this is very simple we have done it
several times so let’s continue again help me limit
the mosquito net a little glue contact and let’s paste this part
from here this part will look good Matona I’m already imagining it’s amazing these cars are very of
a lot of wit real family do this type of cars with your family with
your friends believe me it’s a lot ingenuity and worth it a lot when
they told me that there is a game called Carmen Heras, I loved it and I think
are what we can do would be father you write less comments if
they want us to do a tournament spend here in Mexico it would be father believe it and
well the part we just cut and of cleaning we are going to put it in the part
from the front a little glue of contact and let’s wait for it to dry
then put carbonate and that follow perfectly and that we do not go
to fall is already ready let’s put a a little more crazy tail and now yes
carbonate so that it is completely stuck neither anything nor anyone can throw it
it looks weird right now you see it weird but later they will see what it was
that occurred to me and is very important family that has resistance and that
look tough because that’s how they’re going to give more points we are working now
in the resistance part of the defenses I don’t know how they grant you
points but I think if the car is quite quite well done is to say
that has something that covers it that I don’t know damage so easily it will be easier
that have defense something that is very important is that you can roll me
I noticed if the tires don’t stick because glue worries a lot but they don’t roll
they perfectly look great and like you can see I also put a spring on
the back that is going to help us that have more cushioning or so
unless it looks more powerful it looks more brutal look more
more more but more but more thug removes what what occurred to me what they are seeing
here in front is a syringe we are going to putting in the front is what
it was left of an old syringe obviously not we use it only let’s cut
the back and we will make an adaptation
if they noticed, all I did was cut the back and let’s
cut a little of the part of opposite and it’s going to be something like a
trunk as a metal defense like a round defense that we will have
to embed in the front and they shrunk how many cars it occupies not
invent now if family we are going to paint what I’m going to do first is anchor
of black with my airbrush let’s put a little background
black if you look is the same paint that I had in factory cars
I’m only blacking him and I will leave certain parts of the color
original so that the rust red too what are we going to put after
different that is not seen in uniform that look in several shades so you can see of
an aging aspect of an aspect that even scary to look very very
dark now yes family let’s put a little bit of rust red don’t
let’s paint completely let’s paint it in certain areas only I apologize again because
my throat is not very well indeed just get your voice back then it’s a
bit difficult some words right now it’s costing me work because
I have a very tight throat I have the very hurt strings then it’s
complex that I am narrating the video but I know you like it a lot
that I explain and good family as you can see now
also paint the bottom the base part looks father too
I put all pieces of metal in the opposite that simulate two
pocket knives and now I’m not going to talk about chopsticks to put some peaks kills
zombies in front of something like that that looks very scary as there was
I said earlier I realized familiar that the peaks can fall like them
I commented the car must be seen and has be strong so I put a
little bit of environmental in the part of below to help me have more
resistance as to the chopsticks and that I am amazed with this
game because if you have to think to Making your car is not a car you make
and paint just like that post-apocalyptic has to have a lot
wit let’s stick all the chopsticks to continue here I have
glued already all the sticks looks father come on you have to paint it again
and it is very important that the car rolls we have to make sure it rolls well
that moves well so does it moves slow but it moves well as I say it
move slowly is figuratively because it runs pretty well now yes
family we will proceed to the final assembly they saw everything we put it already going
grabbing shape already looks different me I really loved the red oxide as it looks
looks very father and well what do you see here is a rivet that will help us
close it only i’m going to put a little contact glue
I’m going to fold it and I’m going to close it to pressure that must be enough to
that our car is closed by complete see how cool it is going
grabbing form but we are missing many many details yet
this is a long family video not I wanted to divide in 2
so stay because it’s worth it the result as you can see moves
quite well you have no major problem let’s put a chain here
string that goes on top and hold the bottom part that simulates
which is holding the fence where the fuel remember that the movie of
mad max and also in the game you take very much in mind how much of
fuel can load the car that’s right that we are going to put many accessories
many fuel tanks so that also have energy which is something that
it also gives you the game you have to have enough energy let’s put many
fuel canisters everywhere everywhere that looks good good
bully obviously the fuel has to
travel to the carburetor to the part of in front and for that I’m going to help
these hoses these hoses the let’s put all this side and
we will connect all the tanks of fuel with hoses also in the
upside then a tire where it goes to go a bitch it’s important that I go
people up because they are the ones who are going well let’s say let’s say that depending on
car or attacking the enemy to do make it look more realistic I’m going to help
of this piece of cloth this cloth the they sell in word mar is the one that deals
to clean the cars it costs 40 pesos to the roll and this father because we put
a little white glue glue we are sticking it and simulate as it is
the old one like a cover I don’t know if the father is they helped us a lot in
other projects I’m going to leave you here top 5 videos of things we have
made with rust and what we have done with these fabrics to be seen too
be an idea of ​​how you can do this video is a bit fast because
We have already dealt with these techniques in other projects but well there are more
videos where we have occupied these techniques are going to see those that now don’t
we can a lot if you watch the videos too it would help me a lot if you share this
video also subscribe to the channel if they still don’t do it is very important for
me and really most many if what they do now let’s work on the
weapons because something that is very important it’s the attack the two more things
important in nand gas is the attack and defense so let’s give it with
the armament I’m going to help myself with this valve to inflate balls and many
only syringes I made was to cut the valve and I will fill it with spikes
syringes these syringes can get in any pharmacy them
they are very cheap the only thing i’m doing is that I’m hitting him
syringes to the valve and now I am going to give
a twist with a little wire depending on the weapon you want
they will put the amount of wire is say I’m going to put 3 because it’s not
such a big weapon if it were one more weapon long then put 4 or 5 laps on
wire but how pretty it looks what nice looks in our armament how cool how cool I am
putting a little glue to that is not moving is going to be a weapon
movable is to say that it will be able to move really but the part where it goes
assembled that is not going to move like this is that we are going to paste it completely
now let’s fix it to the car see what cool as I told you is movable in
the back I put a trigger so you can see bully good family
Now we will see how it is going see how cool we already put another weapon
more powerful in front of the peaks are very well painted
we also paint the car again we put color to everything rather we put
rust to everything else we also put a little land we connect all
tanks and well come the touch the touch teacher are you calaquitas the
they gave away at the event there in the city from mexico in the sports palace
thank you very much thank you very much family it was a gift that they gave me precisely
they told me they wanted to see him in a met-mex vehicle and well it was presented
the occasion this vehicle is going to go until malaysia so we are going to
put them in the front and in the back
this is very simple only the we put with chopsticks and we hit them but
family we almost reached the end of this video I know everyone wants to see
the end result so I I invite you to see the before and after
it was personal that is amazing me I really liked the result I stayed
amazed when I saw it at the end I think that we can play a very good role in
the next gas tournament I am not going to give some details to not see a little
more on the part of the tires please it would help me a lot if you write to me
here in the comments you think If you did not like this, you are fine
good family I will leave greetings here on screen if you liked this video please give away
a line or subscribe to the channel activate the notification bell
that they would really support him a lot and remember that we are about to reach
100,000 subscribers and a mega draw so that toño alva this
castro mexico 2 soon in another new video will go


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