Hot Wheels STUNT RACE- Slow Mo (2500 FPS)

Hot Wheels STUNT RACE- Slow Mo (2500 FPS)

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So, Here today, in my house with my buddy Robert but as a fair warning, this video is a slight departure from my usual sciency build stuff. But I’ve wanted to make it for a really long time, so I hope you guys enjoy it. It’s basically an epic Hot Wheels race between the A-Team van, the Night Rider, the Ghostbusters wagon, the Delorean from Back to the Future, and the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine. So place your bets in the comments below and let’s see who wins! Robert actually made a behind the scenes video if you’re curious how we got some of these shots. I actually learned a ton about how to be a real filmmaker by working with him, so go check that out because his channel is awesome. I also want to thank the cool people at 23Andme for their support on this video. These guys are a huge part of the story of where the future of medicine is headed. They analyse your actual DNA, in your actual chromosomes, hence the name 23andme because humans have 23 chromosomes, and then they tell you things about your actual ancestry, health, and traits. And the way it works is super simple, they send you this box in the mail, then you spit in this tube in the box, and then you send it back in the mail, and in a few weeks you get your report back. So I actually did this, and I got the results back, but I haven’t seen them yet because I’m waiting to view them for a future video I’m working on. If you want to learn more about what 23andme does, or even better, learn what your DNA says about you, you can use the link in the description, or go to Thanks for watching.


  1. i think the delorian should have won it has more air resistance and its light weight, but it may have a lack in weight which the scooby doo van have and may have more speed at the start but at the end it also should get more friction, but the delorian had more resistance and had its weight i think about an inch before the axle so it should be faster right? Mark?
    ohh who cares this is the actual science.

  2. The A-team car gets eliminated first by the victory mousetrap and comes back later to become the victor of the race.

    I see what you did there

  3. Who else kind of instantly knew that a team was going to win, I was thinking that it was going to be Knight Rider or a team. I'm surprised it wasn't the DeLorean.

  4. Omg look at 2:54 there’s a grenade under water referencing to his previous video of surviving a grenade blast under water vs on land! Like so people can see!

  5. Had my $$$ on K.I.T.T. Now, don't let my name fool you, I totally wanted the DeLorean to win (and it should have because it could time travel to the end of the video). However, I mean … it's K.I.T.T —> K.I mother friggin' T.T. !!!!!

  6. The only reason the a-team van would have won was because unlike something that is self powered when it comes to gravity, the heavier vehicle is going to win and i know the a-team van was all die cast metal.


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