How IT Should Have Ended

How IT Should Have Ended

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Nooooo! Hiya Georgie Aaah! Stranger Danger! Stranger Danger! Awe Nuts. Psst. Beverly? What? Down here Beverly. Who said that!? What’s going on down here? Put your face close and find out. Nope!! Come on. Don’t you wanna like stick a tape measure down the drain? Did she leave? Turn it off! I can’t! Turn it off!! This is freaking me out! Make it stop!! I got it. That was a close one. I’m magic remember! Alright losers, it’s got Beverly trapped in this house. Now I know your first instinct is to stay
here and let me go in all by myself, but what did I tell you? Everyone sticks together. That’s right! We all stick together. Is everyone ready? Ready! I’m serious now I don’t want to turn
around and see you guys wandering off by yourselves. Everyone sticks together to
fight the crazy shape-shifting clown. Right? Right! Let’s do this. I said we all stick together!! I’ll take him. I’ll take all of you! And I’ll feast on your flesh as I feed on your fears. So you like fear huh? Then you’re gonna love me. Who are you?? Batman?1 You’re real? I believe he’s real! I’m real when it’s useful. Maybe that’s it!
Quick! Think of something else that could help us! Ninja Turtles!! Turtle Power!! Yes! This is awesome! Radical! Tubular! What up dude? Cowabunga!! Ugh. I hate turtles. King Kong! This couldn’t get any worse. Not by our calculations. Well, poop. We wouldn’t want you to come back in 27
years and kill more people. Now that’s for sure right! Hehe. Okay kids, that’ll be $5000. You just leave us be and I’ll take him and only him… You know what? This is dumb. I’ll just take all of you right now. That was easy.
Why didn’t I just do that earlier. Hey everyone! It’s Tina from How It Should
Have Ended. There now we’re not strangers. We want to thank Audible for sponsoring
this episode and offering all of you With a 30 day trial membership. Here, take it! Summer is road trip time for HISHE because
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  1. Bro! That's so funny! How the guy says the they wouldn't want pennywise to come back after 27 years and now he has! Anyone here after IT 2?

  2. Like all of use IT's greedy & that's why like the witch in Hansel & Gretel he doesn't just eat the kids as they leave the school. Before a test I would have been very tasty.

  3. So much energy if kids scream, but uuuh it could have been different, in the novel everything has sense but when u watch it.

  4. Bill has a stutter…Don't you morons remember? Oh wait that's right. You people think that you can make cheap jokes instead of actually telling a story.

  5. Just thinking of Batman, Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters doesn't make them real. IT survives by fear
    That's honestly insulting to people who take Stephen King seriously

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  7. Yo u guys rememeber optimus from how should end transformer the red shirt kid and optimus say the same thing ( everyone sticks together )

  8. 4:00 I dunno. The audiobook for Stephen King's THE MIST was a complete dud. I'm not much of a King fan to begin with, but the voice acting was atrocious.

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