How to Hunt Deer : How to Quarter a Hunted Deer

How to Hunt Deer : How to Quarter a Hunted Deer

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Now that we are ready, we are going to cut
off the actual bottom part of the legs here. Once again, you can do it right above the
joint and you just saw it through. You can use a knife to cut through that part if you
would want to. But just saw through it and then you are off the quarter behind the shoulder
blade here and just cut your way down. Now we have finished the front quarters. Now we
are working on the tenderloin here. I mean you can see cutting around this side and cutting
in against the bone here and working around. You’ve got two tenderloins, one on each side.
In lack of mention, this is one of the best pieces of the deer meat both for steaks and
most tender. Okay so now that we got the tenderloin we will move to the back of the deer, get
the back strap and cut across right below the hindquarters here. And once again, you
also have a back strap on each side. And you cut down along the backbone along the vertebrae.
And then along the top part of the ribs as well. And then once you can get a finger hold
inside of it, it just peels and you can cut down along that back part here. You just work
away along right above this rib cage cutting right above the ribs. And you will cut all
the way down to the end of the neck. Into the neck here until this muscle plays out
and then you are done with the back strap. Once again one on each side. Now that we have
gotten the meat off the bottom half of the deer, we will cut this off. You use your knife
and cut around to the bone. Once again just use a saw to cut through the top part here
and then you are left the two hindquarters which is very simple in which you just cut
through this tailbone here through it and you cut off the legs similar to the front
quarters as well.


  1. Dang…. what kind of round blasted through that to leave a 4" hole? lol. That's bigger than the last .30-06 damage I've seen.

  2. yeah thats the point of impact alittle more to the rear and he would have gut shot it and trust me from expereance it sucks cleaning out an animal when the guts are leaking and stinks like shit

  3. 1:45, a bag randomly rolls by. also, to the person talking, uhm uhhh umm ahh uhhhh ummmm umm ah ah um uhm.

  4. lmao… I think he hunts with a .50 bmg

    I have a feeling that im gona make a mess of my first deer… ahh well

  5. thtas looks like what a razorback free spining blade hole looks like.. I just put a vid up on how to 1/4 and leave on the bone for pet food ,, nice to see a rot in your vid .. one in mine too .. happy huntin

  6. you dont need such a big caliber i shoot red deer (if ur not sure wat a red deer is google) with a .243 and 100grain softpoint federals and that dus the job cleanly out to 300/400 yards with a shoulder shot

  7. iam looking how to cut butthole out and this is not a joke i wana hunt but will not until i learn how to use the meat for food i hear you have to cut butt out

  8. Youre such a sportive guy…not!

    Go fight a real opponent instead of innocent animals who are much nicer then you will ever be.

  9. got to love the bullet hole lol what rifle and caliber do you use for hunting deer(big game)?
    Thanks for the vids man

  10. @MsIkbenleuk hes not fighting an opponent he's getting food you pus. that deer would try to kill your dog on sight shut the fuck up

  11. Its weird this is allowed… and no im not here to cry i found it interesting to watch somehow but its an animal wtf xD

    its just weird to see 😛

  12. @zxa900 There is nothing incorrect about this meat. Just because we didnt sing "Huya hinga hunga huya" while we slaughtered it doesn't mean theres anything wrong with it.

  13. hahahaa i know this is old but i just read it. I mean I'm a Muslim and I try to eat halal meat, but that's kind of hilarious, lol.

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