How To Install [Custom Zombie Mods] Call Of Duty WaW [In Depth] (2020) ☑️

How To Install [Custom Zombie Mods] Call Of Duty WaW [In Depth] (2020) ☑️

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Blitzkrieg tactics here again for
another awesome tutorial video so today I’m gonna show you guys how to install
custom mods or zombie mods for Call of Duty World at war for PC so the
first thing that you want to do obviously you want to purchase call of
duty world at war okay and for this to work you have to install or you have to
install the game and at least launch it once so what I recommend doing is
launching the game at least once and then you can close out of the game and
then you can continue and continue so first thing you want to do is open up
your web browser okay and you want to go to a website called
all right so it’s gonna look like this there’s other websites but this one has
been by far the most the best one so you want to go to this website and then you
want to click on world at war downloads alright now once you get here there is a
whole list of the custom mods that are available for world at war so find the one you want any other one you want it doesn’t matter whatever one you think
looks awesome to play go ahead and click it and then it’ll take you to you click
on one and it’ll take you to its download site here okay now there’s just
usually two links so the first one is media fire the second one is mega now
what I recommend is using the mega link because it actually I think it goes a
lot faster and hold on I’m just gonna go back in and do
one for you guys it it goes a lot faster for sure try the mega link okay and when that’s
finished downloading you’ll see there will be a folder that pops up on your
desktop and with so you want to save the file
when you download you want to save the file to your desktop and the folder you
get will be it’ll be a zipped folder so what you’re gonna want to do is you want
to extract all or if you can open the folder and there’s a unextracted
folder inside of it or they’ll be an extract or a zipped folder but if you
open that up on the inside of that folder you’ll have an unzipped file so
you want to find that unzipped file inside that folder okay now what you
want to do is you want to go down to your search bar your Start bar you want
to type in exactly as follows %appdata% ok and you want to find this file
folder right here alright then you want to click on app data up here in the top
part of this folder top part of this window there’s a button that says app
data go and click that go ahead and click local activision then you’ll find
call of duty world at war folder ok and then you’ll find the folder called mods
so now if you don’t have a folder that’s named mods in here already what you want
to do is just create a new folder name it mods all lowercase open that up now
from this screen you want to make sure that you open up your download file or
the folders that you downloaded the map go ahead and open that up and there
should be an unzipped folder inside of the zipped folder just open that up and
drag the unzipped folder into this folder called mods just copy it right in
there and then you can go ahead and delete the original file all right so
now if sometimes when you download the file it comes in a zipped folder and you
actually can’t open it so what that all you want to do is just right click the
file and hit extract all so when you extract that it’ll actually send it to a
new location and then just go ahead and grab that folder paste it in this in the
mods folder for world at war alright and then all you have to do from there guys is launch
the application so I’ll just go ahead and do that right now all right guys
welcome back so once you actually start the application okay I got two final
tips for you first one is now all you have to do is look through your mods
list here okay and so simply just look through there and you know look the mod
that you downloaded should come up in this list just go ahead and click it and
from there yeah click it and hit launch should take you to this mod page okay so
and now there’s some mods that don’t actually have a single-player mode you
know listed so to fix that just go to the mods and click the little squiggly
line first of all you have to have go to your settings
game options 30 your settings game options enable console again you
have to have an console enabled for this to function alright go to mods and type
in the little squiggly line that’s right below the escape button on your keyboard
alright if you want to play this in solo and there’s no button so what you
want to do is you want to just type in map space Nazi Zombies Nazi underscore
zombies sorry space and then you want to type in the name of the map exactly that
you want to play solo ok list it here and then just go ahead and hit enter and
it should start your game in solo so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope
this guy you guys can now enjoy mods on Call of Duty world at war
like share and subscribe this video guys I hope you guys can support me as much
as possible take it easy guys have a good one


  1. When i go my Cod folders i only see a few folders… I still cant see any place for mods (this is thr cd version of the game)

  2. i just tried to install 2 maps and they didnt work they were exe files that were allready cleared by my anti virus how do i do it with thoes files

  3. Is it work on cd version of the game?
    I have some mods in "mods" folder, but when I open the game and click "mods" in menu I see nothing
    halp plz

  4. Thank you so much dude i didnt know i had to go back and click on another folder in appdata….. damnit thanks again

  5. Every time I load a mod I lose my sound. Any idea how to fix. Sounds works perfectly until a mod is loaded

  6. Hey when I go to launch my game the resolution is messed up and when I change it in the game my game crashes and when I go to launch the modded map it also crashes I have no idea what is going on

  7. Interesting. I have been modding waw zombies for years but now every time I start a mod it zooms in the screen (as if its gonna go fullscreen) but just crashes the game and I have to restart my pc. what do I do?

  8. so everytime i try to install the file it says the program didnt install correctly and wont install the

  9. ignore all of these people man. your video was the only one that helped me still to this day. love it that you even liked their comments lmao.

  10. thank u brother u where very good at explaining what to do and how to do it im now a sub just because u did everything very well

  11. When i download mods from UGX, they work, but when i download mods and that are a zip and i extract them into a folder and put it into the mods folder it doesnt work. So even if i extracted the zip, i wont let me get those mods only. My friends got the same mods, and it worked for them.

  12. I have a question I can see my maps and everything but Everytime I start it up I don't know how to start up the map is there a way to simply just log it the game a play without stress

  13. basically, to launch the map dont enter nazi zombies. this is bullshit, enter map then the map name. and most mods come with an executable that installs it.

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