How to Make a Haunted House

How to Make a Haunted House

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How to Make a Haunted House. Ditch those namby-pamby clichés like skeleton
decals and peeled-grape eyeballs. This year, give your guests a real scare. You will need A theme, materials, and sound
effects Volunteers A scary location (optional) and blindfolds or flashlights (optional). Pregnant women, people with heart conditions,
and those who are photosensitive to flashing lights, like some epileptics, should not visit
haunted houses. Step 1. Base your design on a theme. Classics like “insane asylum” or “serial killer-plagued
campground” will give you lots of material to play with. The more thorough and specific your details,
the scarier your haunted house will be. Step 2. Consider holding your event at or near a scary
location, like an old graveyard. Make sure it’s a safe — and legal — location. Things will be less scary if the cops shut
you down halfway through the night. Step 3. Liven up your haunted house with live-action
stunts. Enlist a few costumed friends, and have them
grab onto guests, create eerie effects, and make stationary tableaus come to life. Step 4. Incorporate different unidentifiable textures. Create sudden mists using spray bottles and
force guests to walk through black thread or clingy cotton webbing, which is available
at craft or convenience stores around Halloween. Step 5. Instead of the same old cackling witches and
clanking chains, tailor sound effects to your theme. Give each room a different soundtrack, and
work in a few unexpected noise triggers. Use silence to your advantage. A lack of sound can help to build suspense. Step 6. Use a fog machine, which you can rent or buy
at a stage or lighting store, to create a ghoulish creeping mist. Step 7. Use strobe lights to disorient your guests. Set the lights to make the action seem to
take place in an eerie slow motion. Step 8. Consider blindfolding your guests and having
them feel their way through parts of the house. Alternately, keep things dark, and make your
guests find their way with flashlights. Step 9. Let guests know at the start that there’s
only one way out — the exit at the end of the tour. This single-exit strategy will help to ratchet
up the excitement and tension, and keep your guests eagerly pushing forward through your
house of horrors. Did you know In 2005, a four-story haunted
house named Erebus in Pontiac, Michigan, was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records
as the world’s largest walk-through haunted attraction.


  1. Honestly, take out the saw in a chainsaw and start it up. That scared me so much when I was younger.

  2. If you're gonna run fog machines in a closed space, better add asthmatics to the list of people who can't play in your haunted house. And, do I have to warn people if one of the performers eats peanuts?

  3. A few years ago two parentes went out for dinner.A few hours later,the babysitter was calling to see if she could cover up the clown statue in the kid's room, the father said'.get the kids and get out of the house,we don't have a clown statue'.the "clown statue" was actually a killer that escaped from jail if you dont post this on 10 videos tonight the clow will be in your bed at 3:00am whith a chansaw in his hand.sorry dont want this to happen to me.

  4. A few years ago two parentes went out for dinner.A few hours later,the babysitter was calling to see if she could cover up the clown statue in the kid's room, the father said'.get the kids and get out of the house,we don't have a clown statue'.the "clown statue" was actually a killer that escaped from jail if you dont post this on 10 videos tonight the clow will be in your bed at 3:00am whith a chansaw in his hand.sorry dont want this to happen to me.

  5. me and my friend went trick or treating last year with her little brother too and we went to this house omg it was amazing it looked like a real haunted house but it was only their everyday home and they had like hired actors and everything and there were statues outside and after we rung the bell one of the statues ran up to us with a chainsaw thing cus it was an actor in a costume we all screamed lool then other actors were answering the door like pretending to be witches omg it was amazing!


  7. alot of original haunted houses with out most special efftects are the ones that are most scary. I can remember walking through the kind that are 100% pitch black with narrow hall ways you pretty much had to feel your way through. THATS what makes it scary. Most haunted houses use just a bunch of strobe lights which makes it alot less scary :/

  8. make a haunted maze step a big place with narrow halls and broken light fictures step2. make it pretty much pitch black step3. covor tha walls with blood (real blood not that fake crap) step 4. make people feel there way through and have music from csi also have pop ups in unexpected areas

  9. You will need:

    1. Rebecca Black and her "Friday Song"

    Optiomal: Justin Beiber "Baby Song"
    You will need to turn up the volume at high volume for the guest to hear the horrible autotune.

  10. Step one: Live in Compton, Detroit, Mexico, Philadelphia, or Brooklyn.
    Congrats. They may not be haunted but it'll sure scare the shit out of you.

  11. Why don't people make a zombie one where the people as zombies either walk or run after u and it could be in a city based place with things to sneak past zombies with and you have to try and get out of the city as the ending plus you could find weapons like.. Well I don't know anything that can't cause anyone to go to hospital xD

  12. Umm, no. don't use a graveyard. A graveyard is where people come to remember lost friends and family not to use as a haunted scenery.

  13. Once I went to a haunted house well three becouse it was i think a church thing or somthing and there where these insain aslums, and girls in jails holding dolls asking "well u play with us?" and haha, this is kinda funny, there was a little kids one (for like totalers) and I thouched a skelatine (you know thoso black and grren suits pl wear) and the dude shot up, and one of the other ones reached out to shake my hand and he yanked me back and I ran away screaming. It was the scarest one. ……

  14. 1:04, Um, rule number one of haunting is that you NEVER touch a visitor. In fact, it's pretty standard to post the rules of your haunt at the door, and warn guests, "Don't touch the monsters, and they won't touch you".

  15. Hurricane, you are correct it is illegal to physically touch guests in any haunted attraction. You can however have an actor who plays as a guest to give the illusion gusts are being grabbed. I have been studying the industry for over 20 years.

  16. Great! Now my house is haunted. Guess I better leave before something knock me in the heajklsdfjkdsfsdjkdfjkhdfxcfggcfgfdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  17. Graveyards AKA cemeteries are better than haunted houses, because scary effects are seen outdoors. Kids all over the neighborhood shouldn't be here, because things will scare them to death.

  18. Having only one exit in a haunted house is really not a good idea. I work at one, and there's an exit in nearly every room. You never know when someone's not going to be able to go any farther, and a real dead person really kills the mood.

  19. Step 1: Call Miley Cyrus
    Step 2: Get Justin Bieber
    Step 3: Get Amanda Bynes
    Step 4: Get Robert Pattinson
    Step 6: Get Rebecca Black
    Step 7: Put them in a room with your guests

    It is sure to be the SCARIEST haunted house eevvverrrr!!!!!!

  20. How to make a haunted house, haunted?
    you will need friends

    get homeless people

    Step neo: Drink all the alcohol out of your parents' cabinet, and have everyone lose function, you will invite many things, don't forget; if, not you will be stuck on a drinking binge. 

    Step 2. If you survive step 1, move out and don't go back, but this way of living is quite common

    Step 3. Enjoy being on the show, close encounters, they won't ever find evidence but you will know They were there

  21. The comments section : Inviting Rebecca black , Justin Beiber and Miley cyrus . I just saved you a whole lot of time

  22. I have some tips for this-
    1) if it is based on historical events go for a something similar to the York or London dungeons.
    2) try not to theme it on a mental asylum. Because you may get protesters outside your haunted house or scare maze.
    3) if you have an immersive experience bbfc to check it out and give it an age certificate.
    4) try not to breach copyright (theming it on a film)
    5) try hiding a camera to take photo's of visitors.

  23. Jeez stop saying invite Justin bieber invite Rebecca black and invite Miley Cyrus it will be more torture for you

  24. easy. paste alot of papers with bloods on it on the wall near the entrance, and put an old rotten carpet. also, put afew boxes near the wall and some of the boxes are included bloods inside

  25. How to make a Haunted house
    You'll need
    1. More money than Bill Gates
    2. A silent place which in really less crowded!
    3. A scary Theme

  26. How to make a Haunted House:

    Turn of all light in your house and add random patches of red,grey,tan,and black sharpie

    BOOM 💥 DONE ✅

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