How To Make Paper Haunted Houses // BOOtorial 🎃

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Hi everyone, today I’m showing you how to create these paper haunted houses that you can fill with candy. For this project, you will need: The patterns at the link below Scrapbook paper Glue A pencil Scissors Some ribbon and an Xacto knife Start by printing the patterns, cutting them out, and folding on all the fold lines. Next, take the Xacto knife and cut out the windows. Next, trace the patterns onto the scrapbook paper. Make sure you trace all the windows. Cut that out and carefully take the Xacto knife and cut out those pieces. I wanted to use an accent color of purple paper, so I traced the front and back of the house onto purple paper. And then cut that out. And glue those on. Then put the house together, so put glue on each of the tabs and glue them together. For this lower roof piece, cut a slit in the middle of the tab, fold it, and put glue on it. Then stick it to the house. For the shutters, draw any details you want on them, then put glue on the tab and glue them on. For the door, put glue on the tab and glue it to the inside of the house. For the columns, fold a little bit at the top and bottom, put glue on that, and glue them on. Then glue the door mat on. On the roof, cut slits with the Xacto knife on each side. Fill the house with candy Pull the ribbon through the slits on each side. Tighten it around the house Tie a bow on the top That’s it!

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