How to Sell your Haunted House – Trick or Treat!

How to Sell your Haunted House – Trick or Treat!

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How to sell my haunted house. Oh let’s see what
we got here. Hi there I’m Cindy-lou Schmidt REALTOR and thanks very much for
joining me. Today I’m going to talk about the top five ways that you can take
advantage of your curb appeal and presentation to help your at home sell
with less trouble, less time, and help you net more money. Ready to get started?
Let’s do it! Alright so before we get started I do want to remind you if you
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I do appreciate and welcome you when you join me every week for my videos where
we learn a little bit about real estate, a little bit about Waterloo Region and
where it’s all fun. Now let’s talk today about what’s happening this weekend.
We’re going to have a lot of festivities here in and around Waterloo Region for
the Halloween holiday and of course there’s Halloween on the 31st where
ghosts goblins ghouls and witches will be wandering around the streets of your
neighborhood with their parents. So what is someone to do… What was that?
I’m going to go investigate. Yes that is my listing at 696 Creepy Hollow Way.
Absolutely it is the most haunted house in that neighborhood mm-hmm. Oh you know
Mr. and Mrs. Femur –they’re great aren’t they.
Yes well I’m happy to give you a private showing tonight at 6:30. Does that work
for you Ellis? Excellent okay see you then. Bye bye now So the interesting thing is that we’re
coming up on one of the biggest home selling days of the year– Halloween so my
clients often ask me what are the best things that they can do to sell their
home. Let’s start with number one. The number one thing that you can do to make your
house super appealing to all the ghosts and goblins are those creepy trees that you
have hanging over your house with those branches. It’s a hazard, you know, on those
dark and stormy nights it’s perfect when those branches just scratch up
against the window, scratch up against your roof and if it’s windy enough fall
in and cave in while you’re sleeping. Fabulous. Number two: make sure that you
leave your garbage outside– not in a plastic Tupperware container or plastic
bin that is fully contained because rats and other animals and maggots and all that
good stuff can get all over your garbage and make the area outside your house
smell really really really rancid. Number three. Make sure that you always
leave old rat traps out so that when the buyers come they can recognize that your
house is just infested with rat traps or bug traps or mouse traps.
The bigger the rat— the bigger the trap the better— am I right? Number four: The number
four thing that you can do to make sure your house is super appealing to
ghosts and goblins is not rake or maintain your lawn. Leave those dirty old hostas
out in your garden leave all those leaves in the walk away. Let them rot all
over your lawn; don’t even bother mulching. Definitely. Number five: The most
frightening thing that you can do to attract
buyers this holiday season for Halloween— the biggest moving day of the year for
ghost goblins ghouls and witches—- is by pricing your house to let it sit on the
market. What was that? Well what do you think? These ghosts and goblins love
going to open houses they love going and checking out all the best haunted houses
in the neighborhood— obviously! So you’re doing them a huge favor by making sure
your house does not sell quickly obviously so that they can keep touring
through your home and you know eventually you’ll drop the price and
they’ll get a deal and it works out for them
I’m joking— obviously you want to price your house right whether you’re a ghost
goblin ghoul or skeleton! Sorry about that. You know it was just like the wind or something like that and yeah but you
know what I actually have to go I have an appointment to get to but I hope you
have a super fun time in our neighborhood this weekend. There’s lots
of Halloween events going on and have a happy happy Halloween bye-bye now!


  1. Hope you enjoy this trick and treat! Remember that these are tips for how you can increase your chances of selling a haunted house to goblins, ghouls and more! If you'd like to sell a regular house to regular people…you'll want to do the opposite!

  2. LOVING the skeleton hands intro, LOL! You must have had so much fun dressing up for this one. I love your tip about not raking or maintaining the lawn – sounds like so much less work! 😉 Happy Halloween!

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