How to Set Up a Haunted House : How to Decorate a Haunted House

How to Set Up a Haunted House : How to Decorate a Haunted House

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Hi I’m Matt Cail on behalf of Expert Village.
I’m going to show you how to set up a haunted house. So far, I’m have only talked about
decorations and the contacts in other fright tactics or other decisions that you are going
to be making. But now it is time to specifically talk about a couple nice great decor staples
you can have for your haunted house. First off, there are various skeletons and body
parts you can either buy or design. Again, in most convent department stores. They are
going to have tons of this stuff probably after September fifteen now days. Although,
if you can ever think in long terms and you think maybe it is not going to come of this
year haunted house for you November first, November tenth all this stuff would be about
fifty percent off. It is a great way to get lots of great stuff for the next year at super
cheap prices. Other things that you are going to want are weapons, lots of weapons gloves,
signs, knives, plastic axes; the sky is the limit. You are going to want a tons of various
instruments of deaf if you are going to go for any type of scary haunted house that you
are going to be having. Another great effect is cob webbing this is super cheap. You would
probably need a couple of bags even if you get a house. Definitely more bang for the
buck. Try to focus your effort on whatever you put up the spider webbing. Make sure that
the decorations that you get are going to go along with a certain scene or vibe that
you are going for. If you are going to have a pumpkin patch get a lot of pumpkins, carve
them up, you may even have a pumpkin carving party. Have a pumpkin carving contest related
to your haunted house where even guest can do it if you like. Definitely keep in mind
what you are going for. You are not going to need to have tons of skeletons and body
parts if you are not going to have a graveyard or other kind of muslin’s theme. So go shopping
with some of your scenes already in mind. It would help you focus your efforts, get
you more bang for the buck and have a better haunted house.


  1. Walmart is great this time of year. Spirit halloween is a little more expensive but their really good looking stuff!

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