How to Set Up a Haunted House : How to Design Doorways in a Haunted House

How to Set Up a Haunted House : How to Design Doorways in a Haunted House

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Hi, I’m Matt Cail and on behalf of Expert
Village, I’m going to show you how to setup a haunted house. With several interesting
haunting possibilities turning through your brain it is time to move to the front of the
house, the entrance. This is where people are going to be going in to see all the various
cool set things that you setup. It is very, very important to make some big decisions
at the entrance. First off do you want to have a doorman out on your entrance, do you
want to have somebody in a creepy guard ushering people in to the hauted house? This will also
be the place where you separate people into groups to kind of keep group size in mind.
You don’t want to have probably two people going to the house at a time or forty. Especially
depending on the size of the haunted house that you have, in addition this is a place
where if you were charging any money you would collect it. Or if your collecting for a charity
that you would like wise collected this is also a great place to go over the rules. There
are a lot of houses that don’t go over the rules and people go in and they don’t understand
sort of the parameters of the house. One of the most common biggest best rule to have
is that nobody touches the actors, and the actors do not touch you. That is very important
I heard of a couple bad stories where and actor got socked. Somebody got scared and
this quickly lashed out and that is not good, so you need to make sure you stay a couple
of feet barrier. The actors are going to know this because you are going to tell them, but
also to make sure that you kind of mention that to the people going into the house too.
Lastly, you can also leave out anybody your worried about. For example, if anyone is underneath
the influence of alcohol, you don’t want them going through your house that can go for a
very bad scene.

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