How to Set Up a Haunted House : How to Use Fake Walls for a Haunted House

How to Set Up a Haunted House : How to Use Fake Walls for a Haunted House

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Hi I’m Matt Cail on behalf of Expert Village
I’m going to show you how to set up a haunted house. Now I’m going to cover three popular
fright tasked. The first one of these are fake walls. How do you build fake walls? Fake
walls can be very useful if you have a very big space in your haunted house. It is not
very freaky when you can see fifty feet in each direction unless you have a lot of fog
which can be very expensive. So you can also build fake walls to break up the space. You
can make fake walls quiet easily. It is by going to any hardware stores and getting yourself
some two by fours; actually two by six preferably. You know bigger long sturdy boards. What do
you do with these boards? You basically are going to assemble a rectangular shape and
then have some diagonal bracing at the corners. This would make a nice solid sturdy rectangle.
Now you are going to have to use at least two of these at any given time to make a L
shape. This would add this would give additional stability. You don’t just want one of these
guys freestanding all alone or it is going to fall over on you or on other people which
is not good. After you have your bracing ready, get yourself a big roll of black plastic.
Again, you can get these at hardware stores. Then take a staple gun, stream out the black
plastic over the fake wall and cu-ch on the sides. There you go strings and a couple of
these together you have a really nice fake wall behind where people can hide, can jump
out of. It can break up space like I have already said. Short, they are really great
for kind of taking the space that you have and making it even better to get frights and


  1. Yes and then when it starts to burn after a few seconds of some punk putting a lighter to it and as you pass out from the fumes you say, "Wow, I am glad I didn't use cardboard or wood for my covering! I really wanted to be a part of my haunt forever as a corpse!"

  2. For walls I use clothes line rope,,$2 for 100 ft..tie it 10 ft off the ground and pin plastic to it,quick easy and doesnt take up much room in storage…this will be our 7 year of our free haunted house.

  3. Pretty Cool, but when people go into the home haunts, they are stupid and always bump into the walls on purpose, no L shape is gonna hold not freaking over excited teenager in your house. Most likely they will knock them down, so you should had added to make the walls secure either from the ceiling or the ground by screwing them down.

  4. Please don't use black plastic – it is flammable and you will fail your fire inspection. Use black sheets(maybe with a fire-retardant treatment) or painted (latex paint) plywood. Tie the walls together at the top edges with more 2x4s to make all the walls a single unit, to prevent toppling. Great ideas, keep it up!

  5. @slimjimwt
    In Anderson County S.C.
    We do one every year in our yard,my wife told me this year 2011 will be our 10th year.We are free and open oct 30-31 only.So this year she wants to expand it and go all out,if u are in the area e-mail me and I will send u directions.We do it for free because people can not afford to take a family of 4 through a spookhouse that charges $20 a head,we do it for family fun and not for greed.

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